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    1. R Shona Sculpture's Struggle for Authenticity and Value.
      1. Jonathan Zilberg
    2. R Imperfect Translations: Rethinking Objects of Ethnographic Collections
      1. Julie Cruikshank
    3. R Nineteenth-Century Cochiti Figurines: Commodity Fetishes
      1. Patricia Fogelman Lange

Review Essay

    1. R Field Notes: Reimagining Africa
      1. Sidney Littlefield Kasfir

Exhibition Reviews

    1. R A Zuni Artist Looks at Frank Hamilton Cushing: Cartoons by Phil Hughte. Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
      1. Ted Jojola
    2. R Hall of Human Biology and Evolution. American Museum of Natural History, New York.
      1. Kathleen D. Gordon

Book Reviews

    1. R John Eisner and Roger Cardinal, eds. The Cultures of Collecting; and Werner Muensterberger. Collecting, An Unruly Passion: Psychological Perspectives.
      1. Sally Price
    2. R Douglas Crimp. On the Museum's Ruins.
      1. Estrella De Diego
    3. R Flora S. Kaplan, ed. Museums and the Making of "Ourselves": The Role of Objects in National Identity.
      1. Eric Gable
    4. R Jeremy Coote and Anthony Shelton, eds. Anthropology, Art, and Aesthetics
      1. John Forrest
    5. R Eugenia W. Herbert. Iron, Gender and Power.
      1. Jane I. Guyer
    6. R Abdellah Hammoudi. The Victim and its Masks.
      1. Peter Mark
    7. R Rick Dillingham. Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery.
      1. Lea S. Mcchesney
    8. R Gaylord Torrence. The American Indian Parfleche.
      1. Richard Conn
    9. R Gustaaf Verwijver, ed. Kaiapd, Amazonia: The Art of Body Decoration.
      1. Kenneth M. Kensinger
    10. R Margot Blum Schevill. Maya Textiles of Guatemala.
      1. Carol Hendrickson
    11. R Margot Blum Schevill, Janet Catherine Berlo, and Edward B. Dwyer. Textile Traditions of Mesoamerica and the Andes.
      1. Sandra A. Niessen
    12. R Mattiebelle Gittinger and H. Leedom Lefferts, Jr. Textiles and the Tai Experience in Southeast Asia; and Sandra A. Niessen. Batak Cloth and Clothing.
      1. Monni Adams
    13. R Liza Dalby. Kimono: Fashioning Culture.
      1. Dale Carolyn Gluckman
    14. R Philip J. C. Dark and Roger G. Rose. Artistic Heritage in a Changing Pacific.
      1. Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk
    15. R Barbara Lawson. Collected Curios.
      1. Deborah Waite
    16. R Odette Leroux, Marion E. Jackson, and Minnie Aodla Freeman. Inuit Women Artists.
      1. Janet Catherine Berlo
    17. R James W. VanStone. Material Culture of the Chilcotin Athapaskans of West Central British Columbia.
      1. Kate C. Duncan
    18. R David Dean. Museum Exhibition: Theory and Practice.
      1. Phyllis Rabineau

Education Curriculum Review

    1. R Fowler Museum, UCLA. Elephant: The Animal and Its Ivory in African Culture and Royal Tombs of Sipán
      1. Beth Steinhorn