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Museum Anthropology in California, 1889-1939

    1. R Introduction: Museum Anthropology in California, 1889-1939
      1. Ira Jacknis

Museum Anthropology in California, 1889 -1939

    1. R Scholars and Collectors Among the Sierra Miwok, 1900-1920: What Did They Really Find?
      1. Craig D. Bates
    2. R Roland Dixon and the Maidu
      1. Bruce Bernstein
    3. R Alfred Kroeber as Museum Anthropologist
      1. Ira Jacknis
    4. R C. Hart Merriam: The Naturalist as Ethnographer
      1. Suzanne Griset

Museum Anthropology in California, 1889-1939

    1. R Isabel Kelly: From Museum Anthropologist to Archaeologist
      1. Grace Wilson Buzaljko
    2. R Collecting Pomoan Baskets, 1889-1939
      1. Sally McLendon
    3. R Basket Weavers, Basket Collectors, and the Market: A Case Study of Joseppa Dick
      1. Sherrie Smith-Fern
    4. R Lila M. O'Neale and the Yurok-Karok Basket Weavers of Northwestern California
      1. Margot Blum Schevill

Exhibition Reviews

    1. R From the Land of the Silk Dragon: An Ancient and Exquisite Art Tradition of Textiles and Silver Adornment at the Mingei International Museum of World Folk Art.
      1. Louisa Schein
    2. R Creativity is Our Tradition at the Institute of American Indian Arts Museum.
      1. Bill Mercer
    3. R The Ancient Americas: Art from Sacred Landscapes at the Art Institute of Chicago.
      1. Jonathan Haas
        Winifred Creamer

Book Reviews

    1. R The Early Years of Native American Art History: The Politics of Scholarship and Collecting
      1. Marsha C. Bol
    2. R Foreign Bodies: Performance, Art, and Symbolic Anthropology
      1. Virginia-Lee Webb
    3. R Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes: The Anthropology 89 of Museums
      1. Aldona Jonaitis
    4. R Big Eyes: The Southwestern Photographs of Simeon Schwemberger, 1902-1908
      1. Ira Jacknis
    5. R Acoma and Laguna Pottery
      1. Lea S. Mcchesney
    6. R Land, Spirit, Power: First Nations at the National Gallery of Canada
      1. Susan Berry
    7. R East Asian Art and Material Culture: A Study of International Relations
      1. Hai Ren
    8. R Paracas Art and Architecture: Object and Context in South Coastal Peru
      1. Karen Wise
    9. R After Tut'ankhamun: Research and Excavation in the Royal Necropolis at Thebes
      1. Joan Knudsen
    10. R "Art and Material Culture of the North American Subartic and Adjacent Regions," Arctic Anthropology 28(1)
      1. Nelson H. H. Graburn


    1. R Current Exhibitions
    2. R Conference Report
      1. Allen F. Roberts
    3. R Conferences & Symposia
    4. R News and Notes