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    1. R Message from the CMA President
      1. Thomas H. Wilson

Trade, Ethnicity, and Material Culture

    1. R Introduction: Thinking about Things
      1. Enid Schildkrout
    2. R Commoditizing the Vessels of Identity: Transnational Trade and the Reconstruction of Rarámuri Ethnicity
      1. Jerome M. Levi
    3. R "My Potteries Can Be Used in a Microwave": Indigenous Constructions of an American Indian Art
      1. Lea S. McChesney
    4. R The Power of an "Absent Ethnicity": Social Value and Medical Commodities in Rural Haiti
      1. Paul E. Brodwin
    5. R Houses, Clans, and Cloth: Modeling an Inter-Ethnic Economy in Zaire
      1. Roy Richard Grinker
    6. R The Invisible Face: Masks, Ethnicity, and the State in Côte d'lvoire, West Africa
      1. Christopher B. Steiner
    7. R Epilogue: Art and Material Culture
      1. Stephen Gudeman

Exhibition Reviews

    1. R Bridges and Boundaries: African Americans and American Jews at the New York Historical Society.
      1. David Rosen
    2. R The Gift of Birds: Featherwork of Native South American Peoples
      1. Robert L. Carneiro
    3. R Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast
      1. John H. Falk
        Linn D. Dierking

Book Reviews

    1. R Museum Economics and the Community
      1. Eric Gable
    2. R The Isaac Cowie Collection of Plains Cree Material Culture from Central Alberta
      1. Ira Jacknis
    3. R Tradition, Trade and Transformation: Southeast Asian Textiles;Michael Hitchcock: Indonesian Textiles
      1. Sandra A. Niessen
    4. R Entangled Objects: Exchange, Material Culture, and Colonialism in the Pacific
      1. Anna Laura Jones
    5. R Costumes of Morocco
      1. Sherifa Zuhur
    6. R The Conservation and Technology of Musical Instruments, Walter Kaufmann. Selected Musical Instruments: Selected Musical Terms of Non-Western Cultures: A Notebook-Glossary
      1. Thomas Ross Miller
    7. R Skeletal Biology of Past Peoples: Research Methods
      1. Jaymie L. Brauer


    1. R Current Exhibitions
    2. R Museum Research Notes
      1. Diane Dittemore
        Marie-Paule Robitaill
    3. R Conference Report: Museums and Collecting, Colonial and Postcolonial
      1. Corinne A. Kratz
    4. R News & Notes: Accounting Board Relents On Rules For Museums