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    1. R Kate Peck Kent: 1914-1987
      1. Margot Blum Schevill
    2. R The Legacy of Kate Peck Kent: A Museum Curator's View
      1. Anne M. Spencer
    3. R Pueblo Embroidery
      1. Ramona Sakiestewa
    4. R Kate Peck Kent: Friend and Observer
      1. Maria Vergara Wilson
    5. R The Study of Material Culture: The Case of Southwest Textiles
      1. Suzanne Baizerman
    6. R Woven Holy People: Navajo Sandpainting Textiles
      1. Susan Brown McGreevy
    7. R In Pursuit of Style: Kate Kent and Navajo Aesthetics
      1. Ann Lane Hedlund
    8. R Discussion
      1. Joe Ben Wheat
    9. R Discussion
      1. Andrew Hunter Whiteford
    10. R Bibliography of Kate Peck Kent
      1. Jonathan Batkin