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    1. R Working for Them: Essays in Honor of Diana Forsythe
      1. Linda Hogle
        Gary Downey
    2. R Ethics and Politics of Studying Up in Technoscience
      1. Diana E. Forsythe
    3. R Critical Practices
      1. Lucy Suchman
    4. R Ethnography and Internet Time: Ethics, Politics and Poetics
      1. John Sherry
    5. R The View from The Basement: The Ethics and Politics of Teaching Engineers While Studying Them
      1. Jennifer L. Croissant
    6. R The Autonomy Question and the Changing Conditions of Social Scientific Work
      1. David Hess

Book Reviews

    1. R Book Reviews
      1. Naomi Katz
        Eric McCuckin
        Linda Marie Small
        Scott Simon
        Richard Zimmer