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    1. R ERRATA


    1. R Intracultural Diversity and the Sociocultural Correlates of Blood Pressure: A Jamaican Example
      1. William W. Dressler
        Gerald A. C. Grell
        Fernando E. Viteri

Original Article

    1. R Toward an Anthropology of Senility: Anger, Weakness, and Alzheimer's in Banaras, India
      1. Lawrence Cohen

Articles and Commentaries: Cultural Perspectives on Organ Transplantation

    1. R Organ Wars: The Battle for Body Parts
      1. Donald Joralemon

Original Article

    1. R Organ Transplantation as a Transformative Experience: Anthropological Insights into the Restructuring of the Self
      1. Lesley A. Sharp


    1. R Transcending Mortality: Organ Transplants and the Practice of Contradictions
      1. Margaret Lock
    2. R Organ Transplantation (Re)Examined?
      1. Barbara A. Koenig
        Linda F. Hogle

Original Article

    1. R Authors' Responses to Commentaries
      1. Donald Joralemon
        Lesley A. Sharp

Review Article

    1. R Bioethnography: Fieldwork in the Lands of Medical Ethics
      1. Bette-Jane Crigger

Book Reviews

    1. R Women's Medicine: The Zar-Bori Cult in Africa and Beyond. I. M. Lewis, Ahmed Al-Safi, and Sayyid Hurreiz, eds.
      1. Ellen Gruenbaum
    2. R Community Participation in Health: The Politics of Primary Care in Costa Rica. Lynn M. Morgan
      1. Linda Stone
    3. R Weaving the Threads of Life: The Khita Gyn-Eco-Logical Healing Cult Among the Yaka. René Devisch
      1. Robert G. Carlson
    4. R Diet, Demography and Disease: Changing Perspectives on Anemia. Patricia Stuart-Macadam and Susan Kent, eds.
      1. Gail Harrison
    5. R Aboriginal Health and History: Power and Prejudice in Remote Australia. Ernest Hunter
      1. Stephen J. Kunitz