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    1. R The Spread of Intravenous Drug Use and AIDS in a Neighborhood in Spain
      1. Juan F. Gamella
    2. R Change and Continuity in the Medical Culture of the Hmong in Kansas City
      1. Lisa L. Capps
    3. R Sacred Healing and Biomedicine Compared
      1. Kaja Finkler

Research Reports

    1. R Possible Role of the Pessary in the Etiology of Toxic Shock Syndrome
      1. Lynnette E. Leidy
    2. R Understanding Depression among Elderly Korean Immigrants through Their Folk Illnesses
      1. Keum Young Chung Pang


    1. R Reply
      1. Lauren Clark
    2. R Whiting-Out Difference: Why U.S. Nursing Research Fails Black Families
      1. Eileen M. Jackson

Review Essay

    1. R Recent Italian Literature in Medical Anthropology (1989–92)
      1. Roberto Beneduce

Book Reviews

    1. R A Simple Matter of Salt: An Ethnography of Nutritional Deficiency in Spain. Renate Lellep Fernandez.
      1. Luis Alberto Vargas
    2. R Health and the Rise of Civilization. Mark Nathan Cohen.
      1. Corinne Shear Wood
    3. R Paths to Asian Medical Knowledge. Charles Leslie and Allan Young, eds
      1. Alan R. Beals
    4. R The Context of Medicines in Developing Countries: Studies in Pharmaceutical Anthropology. Sjaak Van Der Geest and Susan Reynolds, eds
      1. Marlene Dobkin Rlos
    5. R Expected Miracles: Surgeons at Work. Joan Cassell.
      1. Mary-Jo Delvecchio Good
    6. R Shamanic Healing and Ritual Drama: Health and Medicine in Native North American Religious Traditions. Ake Hultkrantz.
      1. Edith Turner
    7. R Portals of Power: Shamanism in South America. E. Jean Matteson Langdon and Gerhard Baer, eds
      1. Beth A. Conklin
    8. R The Taste of Blood: Spirit Possession in Brazilian Candomblé. Jim Wafer.
      1. Jessica B. Harris
    9. R Health and Health Care in Latin America during the Lost Decade: Insights for the 1990's. Connie Weil and Joseph L. Scarpaci, eds
      1. Carole E. Hill
    10. R Hunger in History: Food Shortage, Poverty, and Deprivation. Lucile F. Newman, gen. ed. William Crossgrove, Robert W. Kates, Robley Matthews, Sara Millman, assoc. eds
      1. S. P. Reyna

Style Guide for Medical Anthropology Quarterly

    1. R Style Guide for Medical Anthropology Quarterly