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    1. R Topics for Special Issues
      1. Ann V. Millard


    1. R The Snake in the Stomach: Child Diarrhea in Central Mozambique
      1. Edward C. Green
        Annemarie Jurg
        Armando Djedje
    2. R What Do Women Want?: Issues of Choice, Control, and Class in Pregnancy and Childbirth
      1. Ellen S. Lazarus
    3. R W. H. R. Rivers Prize Essay (1992). Stories of Pain and the Problem of AIDS Prevention: Injection Drug Withdrawal and Its Effect on Risk Behavior
      1. Margaret M. Connors

Research Reports

    1. R Professional Identities of Young Physicians: A Finnish National Survey
      1. Esko Kumpusalo
        Liisa Neittaanmäki
        Kari Mattila
        Irma Virjo
        Mauri Isokoski
        Santero Kujala
        Riitta Luhtala
        Manu Jääskeläinen
    2. R Socioeconomic Status, Gender, and Risk of HIV-1 Infection in a Rural Community in South West Uganda
      1. Janet A. Seeley
        Sam S. Malamba
        Andrew J. Nunn
        Daan W. Mulder
        Jane F. Kengeya-Kayondo
        Thomas G. Barton


    1. R Racial and Gender Inequalities in Health and Health Care
      1. Faye V. Harrison
    2. R Comments on Race, Gender, and Class Bias in Nursing
      1. Lee Ann Hoff
    3. R Identifying Racism Is Necessary but not Sufficient for the Future
      1. Pamela Trotman Reid
    4. R Stirring the Pot of Differences: Racism and Health
      1. Cornelia P. Porter
    5. R The Politics of Representation in Racism and Gender
      1. Rebecca Hagey
        Robert MacKay
    6. R White Public Space and the Construction of White Privilege in U.S. Health Care: Fresh Concepts and a New Model of Analysis
      1. Helán Page
        R. Brooke Thomas
    7. R Reply
      1. Evelyn L. Barbee

Book Reviews

    1. R AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame. Paul Farmer
      1. H. Jean C. Wiese
    2. R Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk: An Ethnography of a Drug Abuse Treatment Facility. Geoffrey R. Skoll
      1. J. Douglas Uzzell
    3. R Native Society and Disease in Colonial Ecuador. Suzanne Austin Alchon
      1. William T. Vickers
    4. R The Health of Women: A Global Perspective. Marge Koblinsky, Judith Timyan, and Jill Gay, eds.
      1. C. H. Browner