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    1. R "Side Effects": Cultural Constructions and Reinterpretations of Western Pharmaceuticals
      1. Nina L. Etkin
    2. R Female Suffering, Local Power Relations, and Religious Tourism: A Case Study from Yugoslavia
      1. Mart Bax
    3. R A Medical Anthropologist's Ruminations on NIH Funding
      1. Laurie J. Price


    1. R Power and Patronage in Medical Research
      1. Nigel Paneth
    2. R Ruminations on "A Medical Anthropologist's Ruminations on NIH Funding"
      1. Cheryl Ritenbaugh
    3. R When Social Science Confronts Medicine: "A Medical Anthropologist's Ruminations on NIH Funding"
      1. Barbara A. Cohn
        Theodore E. Cohn

Research Report

    1. R Cultural Determinants of Sexual Risk Behavior for AIDS among Baganda Women
      1. Janet W. McGrath
        Debra A. Schumann
        Jonnie Pearson-Marks
        Charles B. Rwabukwali
        Rebecca Mukasa
        Barbara Namande
        Sylvia Nakayiwa
        Lucy Nakyobe

International News and Comment

    1. R Beyond Gramsci and De Martino: Medical Anthropology in Contemporary Italy
      1. Mariella Pandolfi

Book Reviews

    1. R Anthropologies of Medicine: A Colloquium on West European and American Perspectives. Beatrix Pfliederer and Gilles Bibeau
      1. Lola Romanucci-Ross
    2. R Historia general de la medicina en México. Tomo I. México Antiguo. Alfredo López Austin and Carlos Viesca Treviño
      1. Bernard Ortiz Montellano
    3. R Next of (non)Kin: The Importance of Primary Relationships for Older Adults' Well-being. Pearl A. Dykstra.
      1. J. Neil Henderson
    4. R Confronting Ill Health: Medicines, Self-Care and the Poor in Manila. Anita P. Hardon.
      1. John M. Donahue
    5. R The Politics of Public Health. Meredeth Turshen.
      1. Hans A. Baer
    6. R Korean Elderly Women in America: Everyday Life, Health, and Illness. Keum-Young Chung Pang.
      1. Charlotte Ikels
    7. R The Illness Experience: Dimensions of Suffering. Janice M. Morse and Joy L. Johnson
      1. Agnes M. Aamodt
    8. R Caring for Patients from Different Cultures: Case Studies from American Hospitals. Geri-Ann Galanti.
      1. Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts

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