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    1. R Beyond Child Survival: Anthropology and International Health in the 1990s
      1. Mark Nichter
        Carl Kendall


    1. R Flesh, Blood, Souls, and Households: Cultural Validity in Mortality Inquiry
      1. Marilyn K. Nations
        Mara Lucia Amaral
    2. R Maternal Time Allocation in Relation to Kind and Domain of Primary Health Care
      1. Jeannine Coreil
    3. R Saving the Children for the Tobacco Industry
      1. Mark Nichter
        Elizabeth Cartwright
    4. R Urbanization, Dengue, and the Health Transition: Anthropological Contributions to International Health
      1. Carl Kendall
        Patricia Hudelson
        Elli Leontsini
        Peter Winch
        Linda Lloyd
        Fernando Cruz


    1. R The Violence in Female Circumcision
      1. Peggy McGarrahan

Book Reviews

    1. R Series in Ethnicity, Medicine, and Psychoanalysis. 3 Volumes. Context and Dynamics in Clinical Knowledge. Volume 1. 1985. From Metaphor to Meaning: Papers in Psychoanalytic Anthropology. Volume 2. 1987. Clinical Stories and Their Translations. Volume 3. 1990
      1. Charles W. Nuckolls
    2. R Current Health Policy Issues and Alternatives: An Applied Social Science Perspective. Carole E. Hill
      1. Judith Justice
    3. R Gender, Health, and Illness: The Case of Nerves. Dona L. Davis and Setha M. Low
      1. Constance M. McGovern
    4. R Capital Crime: Black Infant Mortality in America. Margaret S. Boone.
      1. Lucile F. Newman
    5. R Silent Voices Speak: Women and Prohibition in Truk. Mac Marshall and Leslie B. Marshall.
      1. Joan Weibel-Orlando
    6. R Births and Power: Social Change and the Politics of Reproduction. W. Penn Handwerker
      1. Carolyn Mason
    7. R The Medicine Men: Oglala Sioux Ceremony and Healing. Thomas H. Lewis.
      1. Michael F. Brown
    8. R Herbal Medicine Past and Present. 2 Volumes. John K. Crellin and Jane Philpott.
      1. Nina L. Etkin
    9. R The People's Remedy. Francisco Metzi.
      1. Alan Goodman
    10. R Health and the Rise of Civilization. Mark Nathan Cohen.
      1. Paul U. Unschuld
    11. R America's Forgotten Pandemic: The Influenza of 1918. Alfred W. Crosby.
      1. Naomi Rogers
    12. R The Deadly Legacy: Australian History and Transmissible Disease. John Goldsmid.
      1. Bryan Gandevia