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    1. R Gender Politics in the Distribution of Therapeutic Herbal Knowledge
      1. C. H. Browner
    2. R Living with Cystic Fibrosis: The Well Sibling's Perspective
      1. Myra Bluebond-Langner
    3. R Reproductive Decisions among HIV-infected, Drug-Using Women: The Importance of Mother-Child Coresidence
      1. Anitra Pivnick
        Audrey Jacobson
        Kathleen Eric
        Michael Mulvihill
        Ming Ann Hsu
        Ernest Drucker


    1. R On van der Geest and Whyte's Article "The Charm of Medicines: Metaphors and Metonyms"
      1. Filip Boeck
    2. R Reply
      1. Sjaak Geest
        Susan Reynolds Whyte

Book Reviews

    1. R A Continuing Trial of Treatment: Medical Pluralism in Papua New Guinea. Stephen Frankel and Gilbert Lewis
      1. Shirley Lindenbaum
    2. R Public Health in Papua New Guinea: Medical Possibility and Social Constraint, 1884–1984. Donald Denoon.
      1. Gilbert Lewis
    3. R Epidemiology and Health Policy. Sol Levine and Abraham Lilienfeld
      1. Linda Duffy
    4. R Health Care in Peru: Resources and Policy. Dieter K. Zschock, ed.
      1. William W. Stein
    5. R Contaminated Communities: The Social and Psychological Impacts of Residential Exposure. Michael Edelstein.
      1. Gregory Button
    6. R From Menarche to Menopause: Reproductive Lives of Peasant Women in Two Cultures. Yewoubdar Beyene.
      1. Patricia A. Kaufert
    7. R Hispanics and Mental Health: A Framework for Research. Lloyd H. Rogler, Robert G. Malgady, and Orlando Rodriquez.
      1. Janis H. Jenkins
    8. R The Cultures of Medicine. Kathryn Allen Rabuzzi and Robert W. Daly
      1. Donald K. Pollock
    9. R All of a Piece: A Life with Multiple Sclerosis. Barbara D. Webster.
      1. Susan M. DiGiacomo