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    1. R A Systematic Approach for Using Qualitative Methods in Primary Prevention Research
      1. Dennis G. Willms
        J. Allan Best
        D. Wayne Taylor
        J. Raymond Gilbert
        Douglas M. C. Wilson
        Elizabeth A. Lindsay
        Joel Singer
    2. R Toward an Anthropology of Immunology: The Body as Nation State
      1. Emily Martin
    3. R Cooptation and Control: The Reconstruction of Inuit Birth
      1. Patricia A. Kaufert
        John D. O'Neil

Brief Research Report

    1. R "Psychic Surgery": Close Observation of a Popular Healing Practice
      1. Philip Singer


    1. R Comments on Four Biocultural Articles
      1. Beatrix Pfleiderer

Book Reviews

    1. R The Origins of Human Disease. Thomas McKeown
      1. Bonnie J. McCay
    2. R The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats: An Ecological Theme in Hindu Medicine. Francis Zimmermann
      1. Daniel E. Moerman
      1. P. B. Roscoe
    4. R The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World. Elaine Scarry
      1. Jean E. Jackson
    5. R A Descent into African Psychiatry. Joop T. V. M. de Jong
      1. John M. Janzen
    6. R Unnatural Emotion: Everyday Sentiments on a Micronesian Atoll and Their Challenge to Western Theory. Catherine A. Lutz
      1. Charles Keyes
    7. R The Sickled Cell: From Myths to Molecules. Stuart J. Edelstein
      1. Fatimah Linda Collier Jackson
    8. R Women's Power and Social Revolution: Fertility Transition in the West Indies. W. Penn Handwerker.
      1. Carolyn Sargent
    9. R Women as Healers: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Carol Shepherd McClain, ed
      1. Carol Laderman
    10. R Childbirth in America: Anthropological Perspectives. Karen L. Michaelson, ed., and Contributors
      1. Margarita Kay
    11. R New Approaches to Human Reproduction: Social and Ethical Dimensions. Linda Whiteford and Marilyn L. Poland, eds
      1. C. P. MacCormack
    12. R Heavy Drinking: The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease. Herbert Fingarette
      1. Craig R. Janes
    13. R Living with Difference: Families with Dwarf Children. Joan Ablon
      1. Thomas S. Weisner