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    1. R Medical Conditions and Conventional Domains of Knowledge
      1. Alan Harwood


    1. R Neonatal Jaundice: A Disorder of Transition or an Adaptive Process?
      1. John A. Brett
        Susan Niermeyer
    2. R Requiem for RSI: The Explanation and Control of an Occupational Epidemic
      1. Janice Reid
        Lyn Reynolds
    3. R Hypoglycemia: Portrait of an Illness Construct in Everyday Use
      1. Linda M. Hunt
        C. H. Browner
        Brigitte Jordan

Book Reviews

    1. R Biomedicine Examined. Margaret Lock and Deborah Gordon
      1. Sue E. Estroff
    2. R Other Healers: Unorthodox Medicine in America. Norman Gevitz
      1. Hans A. Baer
    3. R Doctors and Diseases in the Roman Empire. Ralph Jackson.
      1. Francis Zimmermann
    4. R Capacity for Work in the Tropics. K. J. Collinsand D. F. Roberts
      1. Barry Bogin
    5. R An Error in Judgement: The Politics of Medical Care in an Indian/White Community. Dara Culhane Speck.
      1. William E. Mitchell
    6. R Child Survival: Anthropological Perspectives on the Treatment and Maltreatment of Children. Nancy Scheper-Hughes
      1. Patricia K. Townsend
    7. R AIDS: Sexual Behavior and IV Drug Use. Charles F. Turner, Heather G. Miller, and Lincoln E. Moses
      1. Ernest Drucker
    8. R AIDS in Africa: The Social and Policy Impact. Norman Miller and Richard C. Rockwell
      1. Douglas A. Feldman
    9. R AIDS: The Burdens of History. Elizabeth Fee and Daniel M. Fox
      1. Norms G. Lang
    10. R Dreaming: Anthropological and Psychological Interpretations. Barbara Tedlock
      1. Erika Bourguignon
    11. R Community Health Systems in the Rural American South: Linking People and Policy. Carole E. Hill.
      1. Jacquelyne Johinson Jackson
    12. R The Politics of Health Care in India. Roger Jeffery.
      1. John Willigen