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    1. R Anthropological Contributions to AIDS Research
      1. Patricia A. Marshall
        Linda A. Bennett


    1. R Sending Sickness: Sorcery, Politics, and Changing Concepts of AIDS in Rural Haiti
      1. Paul Farmer
    2. R The Cultural Construction of AIDS and Its Consequences for Prevention in Botswana
      1. Benedicte Ingstad
    3. R Male Clients of Female Street Prostitutes: Unseen Partners in Sexual Disease Transmission
      1. Terri L. Leonard
    4. R Intravenous Drug Use and HIV Infection in Miami
      1. J. Bryan Page
        Dale D. Chitwood
        Prince C. Smith
        Normie Kane
        Duane C. McBride
    5. R SIDA: The Economic, Social, and Cultural Context of AIDS among Latinos
      1. Merrill Singer
        Cándida Flores
        Lani Davison
        Georgine Burke
        Zaida Castillo
        Kelley Scanlon
        Migdalia Rivera
    6. R Sexual Risk for HIV Transmission among Singles-Bar Patrons in San Francisco
      1. Ron Stall
        Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts
        Leon McKusick
        Colleen Hoff
        Sylvia Wanner Lang
    7. R Touch and Contamination: Patients' Fear of AIDS
      1. Patricia A. Marshall
        J. Paul O'Keefe
        Susan Gross Fisher