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    1. R The Cultural and Political Context of Patient Dissatisfaction in Cross-Cultural Clinical Encounters: A Canadian Inuit Study
      1. John D. O'Neil
    2. R The Charm of Medicines: Metaphors and Metonyms
      1. Sjaak Geest
        Susan Reynolds Whyte
    3. R Physical Anthropology in Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research
      1. Curtis W. Wienker
    4. R Applied Collaborative Biomedical Anthropology in a State Health Department Setting
      1. Carolyn L. Olsen
    5. R Biomedical Anthropology in a Multidisciplinary, Multi-institutional Research Project: The Albany Lead Study
      1. Lawrence M. Schell
        Alice D. Stark
    6. R Biomedical Anthropology and the Team Approach to Craniofacial Surgery
      1. Richard E. Ward
        A. Michael Sadove

Book Review

    1. R Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective. Ann McElroy and Patricia K. Townsend
      1. Clifford R. Barnett
    2. R Interpreting Signs of Illness: A Case Study in Medical Semiotics. Kathryn Vance Staiano
      1. Pamela Wright
    3. R Class and Health: Research on Longitudinal Data. Richard G. Wilkinson
      1. Joyce Leeson
    4. R A History of Neglect: Health Care for Blacks and Mill Workers in the Twentieth-Century South. Edward H. Beardsley
      1. Gerard Fergerson
    5. R Afro-Caribbean Folk Medicine. Michel Laguerre
      1. Ruth Wilson
    6. R Ecological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900–1900. Alfred W. Crosby
      1. Michael L. Blakey
    7. R The Struggle for Workers' Health: A Study of Six Industrialized Countries. Ray Elling
      1. Volker Wanek
    8. R Constructive Drinking: Perspectives on Drinking from Anthropology. Mary Douglas
      1. Genevieve Ames