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    1. R Mechanism and Morality in Patients' Views of Illness and Injury
      1. Grace Gredys Harris
    2. R Cultural Variation in Biomedicine: The Kur in West Germany
      1. Thomas W. Maretzki
    3. R Childbirth Education and Childbirth Models: Parental Perspectives on Control, Anesthesia, and Technological Intervention in the Birth Process
      1. Carolyn Sargent
        Nancy Stark

Brief Research Reports

    1. R Poisoned Apples and Honeysuckles: The Medicinal Plants of Native America
      1. Daniel E. Moerman
    2. R Uvulectomy: A Common Ethnosurgical Procedure in Africa
      1. Sydney S. Katz

Book Reviews

    1. R Causes, Origines et Agents de la Maladie chez les Peuples sans Écriture. Andras Zempléni
      1. Filip Boeck
    2. R The Psychomedical Case History of a Low-Caste Woman of North India. Ruth S. Freed and Stanley A. Freed.
      1. James M. Freeman
    3. R Hand Trembling, Frenzy Witchcraft, and Moth Madness: A Study of Navajo Seizure Disorders. Jerrold E. Levy, Raymond Neutra, and Dennis Parker.
      1. Charlotte Frisbie
    4. R Tobacco and Shamanism in South America. Johannes Wilbert.
      1. Marlene Dobkin-de Rios
    5. R The Huli Response to Illness. Stephen Frankel.
      1. Rena Lederman
    6. R The Changing Samoans: Behavior and Health in Transition. Paul T. Baker, Joel M. Hanna, and Thelma S. Baker
      1. Barbara V. Reid
    7. R The Social Dimensions of AIDS. Douglas A. Feldman and Thomas M. Johnson
      1. John Kreniske
    8. R Women and AIDS. Diane Richardson.
      1. Sally Guttmacher
    9. R Borrowed Time: Artificial Organs and the Politics of Extending Lives. Alonzo L. Plough.
      1. Susan DiGiacomo
    10. R Aging and Cultural Diversity. Heather Strange, Michele Teitelbaum
      1. Christine L. Fry
    11. R The Jealous Potter. Claude Lévi-Strauss
      1. Robert F. Murphy