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    1. R Characterizing Human Embryonic Stem Cells: Biological and Social Markers of Identity
      1. Linda F. Hogle
    2. R State Calculations of Cultural Survival in Environmental Risk Assessment: Consequences for Alaska Natives
      1. Joslyn Cassady
    3. R Beyond the Reproduction of Official Accounts: Parental Accounts Concerning Health and the Daily Life of a California Family
      1. Linda C. Garro
    4. R Tobacco Talk: Reflections on Corporate Power and the Legal Framing of Consumption
      1. Peter Benson
    5. R Individual Wealth Rank, Community Wealth Inequality, and Self-Reported Adult Poor Health: A Test of Hypotheses with Panel Data (2002–2006) from Native Amazonians, Bolivia
      1. Eduardo A. Undurraga
        Colleen Nyberg
        Dan T. A. Eisenberg
        Oyunbileg Magvanjav
        Victoria Reyes-García
        Tomás Huanca
        William R. Leonard
        Thomas W. McDade
        Susan Tanner
        Vincent Vadez
        Ricardo Godoy
    6. R Social Inequality and Health: A Commentary
      1. William W. Dressler

Book Review Essay

    1. R Global Warming and the Political Ecology of Health: Emerging Crises and Systemic Solutions. by Hans Baer and Merrill Singer
      1. Julie Sze

Book Reviews

    1. R Half-Lives and Half-Truths, Confronting the Radioactive Legacies of the Cold War. by Barbara Rose Johnston
      1. Brian McKenna
    2. R Jinn Eviction as a Discourse of Power: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Moroccan Magical Beliefs and Practices. by Mohammad Maarouf
      1. Bill Ward
    3. R The Making of Psychotherapists: An Anthropological Analysis. by James Davies
      1. Karen Seeley
    4. R When a Baby Dies of SIDS: The Parents' Grief and Search for Reason. by Karen Martin
      1. Lisa M. Mitchell
    5. R Fit to Be Tied: Sterilization and Reproductive Rights in America, 1950–1980. by Rebecca M. Kluchin
      1. Gina Louise Hunter
    6. R Ethnographies of Prostitution in Contemporary China: Gender Relations, HIV/AIDS, and Nationalism. by Tiantian Zheng
      1. William Jankowiak
    7. R Biomedical Ambiguity: Race, Asthma, and the Contested Meaning of Genetic Research in the Caribbean. by Ian Whitmarsh
      1. Robert A. Halberstein