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    1. R "Trying" Times:
      1. Arthur L. Greil
        Julia McQuillan
    2. R Structural Factors Influencing Patterns of Drug Selling and Use and HIV Risk in the San Salvador Metropolitan Area
      1. Julia Dickson-Gomez
    3. R "I Never Wanted to Be a Quack!"
      1. Tarryn Phillips
    4. R Stigmatized Biologies:
      1. Sarah Horton
        Judith C. Barker
    5. R Speaking through Diabetes:
      1. Emily Mendenhall
        Rebecca A. Seligman
        Alicia Fernandez
        Elizabeth A. Jacobs
    6. R Surrogate Losses:
      1. Zsuzsa Berend
    7. R Medical Anthropology at the Intersections:
      1. Marcia C. Inhorn
    8. R Postconference Reflections by Emerging Scholars
      1. Bianca Brijnath
        Elizabeth Manton
        Mary Mitsch
        Monica E. Rodriguez
        Sappaporn Wirattanapokin
        Jayne Yatczak

Book Reviews

    1. R Recipes for Immortality: Medicine, Religion, and Community in South India by Richard S. Weiss.
      1. Arima Mishra
    2. R Anthropology and the New Genetics by Gísli Pálsson
      Negotiating Risk: British Pakistani Experiences of Genetics by Alison Shaw

      1. Lara Braff