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    1. R Vital Queries in Medical Anthropology:
      1. Mark Luborsky
        Andrea Sankar
    2. R On Recognition, Caring, and Dementia
      1. Janelle S. Taylor
    3. R Politics of Care:
      1. Lawrence Cohen
    4. R Paternity for Sale:
      1. Heide Castañeda
    5. R Cancer Rehabilitation in Denmark:
      1. Helle Ploug Hansen
        Tine Tjørnhøj-Thomsen
    6. R Stigma Despite Recovery
      1. Janis H. Jenkins
        Elizabeth A. Carpenter-Song
    7. R What Can Critical Medical Anthropology Contribute to Global Health?
      1. James Pfeiffer
        Mark Nichter
    8. R Medical Anthropology against War
      1. Marcia C. Inhorn

Book Reviews

    1. R The Person in Dementia: A Study of Nursing Home Care in the United States by Athena McLean
      1. Betsy Pohlman
    2. R Nameless Relations: Anonymity, Melanesia and Reproductive Gift Exchange between British Ova Donors and Recipients by Monica Konrad
      1. Jennifer Speirs