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    1. R Directions in Research on Health and Industry
      1. Ida Susser


    1. R An Axe to Grind: Class Relations and Silicosis in a 19th-Century Factory
      1. Janet Siskind
    2. R Waiting for the Body Count: Corporate Decision Making and Bladder Cancer in the U.S. Dye Industry
      1. David Michaels
    3. R From Accident to Crash: The Auto Industry and the Politics of Injury
      1. Carol A. MacLennan
    4. R A Sickly-Sweet Harvest: Farmworker Diabetes and Social Equality
      1. Jo C. Scheder

Brief Research Report

    1. R Therapeutic Cauterization of Periodontal Abscesses in a Prehistoric Northwest Coast Woman
      1. Mark Skinner
        Marna McLaren
        Roy L. Carlson

Steven Polgar Prize Essay (1987)

    1. R Neurophysiology and the Curative Possession Trance: The Chinese Case
      1. Tara L. AvRuskin

Book Reviews

    1. R Book Reviews
    2. R Breasts, Bottles, and Babies: A History of Infant Feeding. Valerie Fildes.
      1. Sara A. Quandt
    3. R Parenting Across the Life Span: Biosocial Dimensions. Jane Lancaster, Jeanne Altmann, Alice Rossi, and Lonnie Sherrod
      1. Maureen Durkin
    4. R Traditional Herbal Medicine in Northern Thailand. Viggo Brun and Trond Schumacher.
      1. Daniel E. Moerman
    5. R Physicians of Western Medicine: Anthropological Approaches to Theory and Practice. Robert A. Hahn and Atwood D. Gaines
      1. Laurie J. Price
    6. R Crisis, Health, and Medicine: A Social Critique. Vicente Navarro
      1. Lynn Morgan
    7. R The Body Silent. Robert F. Murphy
      1. James Trostle
    8. R Book Notes: The History of the Health Care Sciences and Health Care 1700–1980. A Selective Annotated Bibliography. Jonathon Erlen.
      1. Kim Hopper
    9. R Book Notes: Medical and Health Care Books and Serials in Print 1987.
      1. Kim Hopper