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    1. R Clinician Experiences of Managed Mental Health Care: A Rereading of the Threat
      1. Norma C. Ware
        William S. Lachicotte
        Suzanne R. Kirschner
        Dharma E. Cortes
        Byron J. Good
    2. R "Actually, I Don't Feel That Bad": Managing Diabetes and the Clinical Encounter
      1. Steve Ferzacca
    3. R Cultural Variations in the Placebo Effect: Ulcers, Anxiety, and Blood Pressure
      1. Daniel E. Moerman
    4. R Menopause and the Transmission of Women's Knowledge: African American and White Women's Perspectives
      1. Eve Agee
    5. R Concepts of Illness and Treatment Practice in a Caboclo Community of the Lower Amazon
      1. Mary-Elizabeth Reeve

Book Reviews

    1. R Exploring Medical Anthropology, Medical Anthropology and the World System: A Critical Perspective and Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology
      1. Laurie J. Price
    2. R Healing Dramas and Clinical Plots: The Narrative Structure of Experience
      1. Gelya Frank
    3. R From Doctor to Healer: The Transformative Journey
      1. Howard F. Stein
    4. R The Anthropology of Infectious Disease: International Health Perspectives and The Kiss of Death: Chagas' Disease in the Americas
      1. Lenore Manderson
    5. R Building a New Biocultural Synthesis: Political-Economic Perspectives on Human Biology
      1. William A. Stini
    6. R Pragmatic Women and Body Politics and Maternities and Modernities: Colonial and Postcolonial Experiences in Asia and the Pacific
      1. Michele Rivkin-Flsh

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List of Reviewers

    1. R List of Reviewers, September 1,1998–November 15,1999
      1. Mac Marshall