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    1. R Negotiating Relevance: Belief, Knowledge, and Practice in International Health Projects
      1. P. Stanley Yoder


    1. R Studying Knowledge, Culture, and Behavior in Applied Medical Anthropology
      1. Pertti J. Pelto
        Gretel H. Pelto
    2. R Television Minidramas: Social Marketing and Evaluation in Egypt
      1. Sandra D. Lane
    3. R Sociocultural Aspects of Tuberculosis Control in Ethiopia
      1. Norbert L. Vecchiato
    4. R The Ethnoecology of Dengue Fever
      1. Linda M. Whiteford
    5. R Predicting Treatment-Seeking Behavior in Guatemala: A Comparison of the Health Services Research and Decision–Theoretic Approaches
      1. Susan C. Weller
        Trenton R. Ruebush
        Robert E. Klein


    1. R At Work in the Fields of Public Health: The Abuse of Rationality
      1. Gllles Bibeau
    2. R More Thoughts on Negotiating Relevance
      1. Jeannine Coreil

Book Reviews

    1. R The Archaeology of Disease, 2nd and Palaeopathology of Aboriginal Australians:Health and Disease across a Hunter-Gatherer Continent
      1. Alan Goodman
    2. R Why We Get Sick: The New Science of Darwinian Medicine
      1. Andrea S. Wiley
    3. R Drinking Careers: A Twenty-Five-Year Study of Three Navajo Populations
      1. Linda A. Bennett
    4. R The Health of Native Americans: Towards a Biocultural Epidemiology and Aboriginal Health in Canada: Historical, Cultural, and Epidemiological Perspectives
      1. Cathleen E. Willging
    5. R Disease and Social Diversity: The European Impact on the Health of Non-Europeans
      1. Gregory R. Campbell
    6. R Spirit versus Scalpel: Traditional Healing and Modern Psychotherapy
      1. David Paul Lumsden