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    1. R The Medical Anthropology Quarterly (New Series): Symbol, Tool, and Statement
      1. Alan Harwood


    1. R The Mindful Body: A Prolegomenon to Future Work in Medical Anthropology
      1. Nancy Scheper-Hughes
        Margaret M. Lock
    2. R The Cultural Context of Social Support and Support Networks
      1. David Jacobson
    3. R Therapy Management: Concept, Reality, Process
      1. John M. Janzen
    4. R A Longitudinal Study of Ethnicity and Disease Incidence
      1. Lawrence A. Palinkas

Book Reviews

    1. R New Methods for Old Age Research. Christine L. Fry, Jennie Keith, and contributors. South Hadley
      1. Ellen Rhoads Holmes
    2. R Training Manual in Medical Anthropology. Carole E. Hill
      1. Erve Chambers
    3. R The Caribbean Slave: A Biological History. Kenneth E. Kiple.
      1. Robert A. Myers
    4. R Schistosomiasis: The St. Lucia Project. Peter Jordan.
      1. Peter Brown
    5. R Cultural Conceptions of Mental Health and Therapy. Anthony J. Marsella and Geoffrey M. White
      1. Deborah Padgett
    6. R Reproductive Rituals: The Perception of Fertility in England from the Sixteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century. Angus McLaren.
      1. Carol Shepherd McClain
    7. R Child Development and International Development: Research-Policy Interfaces. Daniel A. Wagner
      1. Jean M. Brainard
    8. R Child Abuse: The Nonhuman Primate Data. Martin Reite and Nancy G. Caine
      1. Nora Groce
    9. R Holy Anorexia. Rudolph M. Bell.
      1. Martha Skoner
    10. R Primitive Surgery: Skills Before Science. Spencer L. Rogers.
      1. Bradley P. Stoner
    11. R Ritual Enemas and Snuffs in the Americas. Peter A. G. M. de Smet.
      1. David J. Minderhout
    12. R The Psychodynamics of Medical Practice: Unconscious Factors in Patient Care. Howard F. Stein.
      1. William C. Brower

Style Guide and Information for Contributors

    1. R Style Guide and Information for Contributors