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    1. R Making Things Better
      1. Allen Young

Mortality, Fertility, and Health

    1. R Theoretical Perspectives for Explaining Infant Mortality in the Third World
      1. Ande Kidanemariam
        Eugene B. Gallagher
    2. R Child Survival in Community Contexts
      1. Nancy Andes
    3. R Maternal and Primary Care System Factors Affecting Oral Rehydration Therapy in Rural Guinea
      1. William Ward
        Deborah Glik
        Andrew Gordon
        Fassu Haba
    4. R Wives' Roles in Fertility Decision-Making Among Nepalese Caste-Hindus
      1. Steven Folmar
    5. R Determinants of Infant Mortality in Rural Nepal
      1. Khim Sharma
        Janardan Subedi

Medical Pluralism

    1. R Institutional Pluralism: The Incomplete Differentiation of Health Care in Nepal
      1. Janardan Subedi
        Sree Subedi
    2. R Health Care in the People's Republic of China: A Blend of Traditional and Modern
      1. James G. Anderson
    3. R Some Symbolic Dimensions of Andean Materia Medica
      1. Kathryn S. Oths
    4. R That Drug is Hiyang for Me:Lay Perceptions of the Efficacy of Drugs in Manila, Philippines
      1. Anita P. Hardon
    5. R Epilepsy in Indonesia: Notes from Development
      1. Peter Conrad

Social Context and Mental Health

    1. R Perceptions of Mental Disorders in the Context of Social Change: Correlates and Implications for Socio-Medical Behavior
      1. Gabriel B. Fosu
    2. R Family Structure and Mental Health in Urban Guyana
      1. Leon C. Wilson
        David R. Williams
        Kendra Wilkins
    3. R Studying Health Developing Societies: A Conceptually-Informed Research Agenda
      1. Eugene B. Gallagher
        Janardan Subedi

1991 CSAS Distinguished Lecture:

    1. R Global Change and Changing Opportunities for Anthropology: A Participant Observer's View
      1. Willis E. Sibley