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    1. R Context and Cognition: Implications for Educational Innovators and Anthropologists
      1. Evelyn Jacob
    2. R Questions in Lessons: Activity Settings in the Homes and School of Two Puerto Rican Kindergartners
      1. Dinah Volk
    3. R Talking with Benny: Suppressing or Supporting Learner Themes and Learner Worlds?
      1. Martha S. Bean
    4. R Nerds, Normal People, and Homeboys: Accommodation and Resistance among Chinese American Students
      1. Stanford T. Goto
    5. R From Welfare to Working Poor: Prioritizing Practice in Research on Employment-Training Programs for the Poor
      1. Frances Julia Riemer

Reflections from the Field

    1. R Locked in Uneasy Sisterhood: Reflections on Feminist Methodology and Research Relations
      1. Leslie Rebecca Bloom
    2. R How Do We Really Work? A Response to "Locked in Uneasy Sisterhood": Reflections on Feminist Methodology and Research Relationships
      1. Mary E. Hauser

Book Reviews

    1. R Pathways to Cultural Awareness: Cultural Therapy with Teachers and Students
      1. Olga Rubio
    2. R Parents' Cultural Belief Systems: Their Origins, Expressions, and Consequences
      1. Laura Beizer
    3. R Other People's Children: An Intimate Account of the Dilemmas Facing Middle-Class Parents and the Women They Hire to Raise Their Children
      1. Elizabeth Graue
    4. R Con Respeto: Bridging the Distances between Culturally Diverse Families and Schools, An Ethnographic Portrait
      1. Javier Tapia
    5. R An Elementary School in Holland: Experiment in Educational Practice
      1. Sharon M. Taylor
    6. R Computers and Classroom Culture
      1. Victoria B. Costa
        Alice L. Matthews
    7. R Negotiating the Maze of School Reform: How Metaphor Shapes Culture in a New Magnet School
      1. Lee Ann Truesdell
    8. R Women, Education, and Family Structure in India
      1. Victoria Baker
    9. R The Leaning Ivory Tower: Latino Professors in American Universities
      1. Patricia Gándara
    10. R The Bell Curve Wars: Race, Intelligence, and the Future of America
      1. James O'Donnell
    11. R Making Sense of Qualitative Data
      1. Elaine Chin

Information for Authors

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