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Invited Comments

    1. R A Dilemma of Dichotomies?
      1. Sherrie K. Akinsanya

Original Article

    1. R On Taking Everything into Account
      1. Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt
    2. R Cultural Transmission from the Native's Point of View
      1. Richard Chaney
    3. R Transmitting 'Culture'
      1. Robert J. Miller
    4. R It Takes Two to Tango, or... Transmission is a Two-Way Street
      1. Nancy Modiano
    5. R Oppositions
      1. George Spindler
        Louise Spindler
    6. R An Alternative Strategy for Studying The Transmission of Culture
      1. Beatrice Blyth Whiting
    7. R On Dobbert et al., 'Cultural Transmission...'
      1. Frederick Gearing
    8. R Authors' Response to Commentaries
      1. Mary Anne Pitman
        Marion Lundy Dobbert
        Jan K. Gamradt
        Kyung-soo Chun
        Rivka A. Eisikovits

References Cited

    1. R References Cited

Book Review

    1. R Book Reviews: Japan's High Schools Thomas P. Rohlen
      1. Nobuo K. Shimahara
    2. R Book Reviews: Furnishing the Mind Gavin Seagrim and Robin Lendon
      1. Marida Hollos

Publications Received

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