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    1. R Headless ghosts and roving women: specters of modernity in Papua New Guinea
      1. Holly Wardlow
    2. R the breath of the devils: memories and places of an experience of terror
      1. Gastón Gordillo
    3. R Hindu nationalism, Untouchable reform, and the ritual production of a South Indian village
      1. Diane P. Mines
    4. R Writing empire, underwriting nation: discursive histories of Kabyle Berber oral texts
      1. Jane E. Goodman
    5. R goods, names, and selves: rethinking the Tsimshian potlatch
      1. Christopher F. Roth
    6. R Deterritorialization and workplace culture
      1. Jane L. Collins

Book Reviews

    1. R The Politics of Gender After Socialism
      1. Julie Hemment
    2. R Congo-Paris: Transnational Traders on the Margins of the Law.
      1. Karen Tranberg Hansen
    3. R Gelebte Grenze Gibraltar: Transnationalismus, Lokalitaet und Identitaet in kuluranthropologischer Perspektive
      1. John Borneman
    4. R Regimes of Language: Ideologies, Polities, and Identities
      1. Miki Makihara
    5. R Spaces of Their Own: Women's Public Sphere in Transnational China
      1. Susan Greenhalgh
    6. R The Struggle for Amazon Town: Gurupá Revisited.
      1. Mark Harris
    7. R Indigenous Environmental Knowledge and Its Transformations: Critical Anthropological Perspectives.
      1. Amity Doolittle
    8. R Coming of Age in Post-Soviet Russia
      1. Catherine Wanner
    9. R Chapungu: The Bird That Never Drops a Feather. Male and Female Identities in an African Society
      1. Katherine A. Snyder
    10. R Language, Charisma, and Creativity: The Ritual Life of a Religious Movement; The Globalization of Charismatic Christianity: Spreading the Gospel of Prosperity
      1. Matthew H. Amster
    11. R The Politics of Ritual in an Aboriginal Settlement: Kinship, Gender, and the Currency of Knowledge.
      1. Franca Tamisari
    12. R Myth and Reality in the Rain Forest: How Conservation Strategies are Failing in West Africa
      1. Richard Schroeder
    13. R Emerging Class in Papua New Guinea: The Telling of Difference.
      1. Ira Bashkow
    14. R New Media in the Muslim World: The Emerging Public Sphere.
      1. Brian Larkin
    15. R Envisioning Power: Ideologies of Dominance and Crisis
      1. David Nugent
    16. R Enduring Identities: The Guise of Shinto in Contemporary Japan.
      1. Satsuki Kawano
    17. R Constructing "Korean“ Origins: A Critical Review of Archaeology, Historiography, and Racial Myth in Korean State-Formation Theories
      1. Robert Oppenheim
    18. R Kuria Cattle Raiders: Violence and Vigilantism on the Tanzania/Kenya Frontier.
      1. Shinya Konaka
    19. R The Transmission of Chinese Medicine.
      1. Jing Shao
    20. R No Aging in India: Alzheimer's, the Bad Family, and Other Modern Things; White Saris and Sweet Mangoes: Aging, Gender, and Body in North India.
      1. Judith Noemí Freidenberg
    21. R Korea and Its Futures: Unification and the Unfinished War.
      1. Heh-Rahn Park
    22. R Crafting the Culture and History of French Chocolate.
      1. David Sutton
    23. R Gandhi's Body: Sex, Diet and the Politics of Nationalism.
      1. Mahadev Apte
    24. R Magic, Witchcraft and the Otherworld: An Anthropology.
      1. Patric V. Giesler
    25. R Teetering on the Rim: Global Restructuring, Daily Life, and the Armed Retreat of the Bolivian State.
      1. Terry Roopnaraine
    26. R Violence and Subjectivity
      1. Laura Ring
    27. R Small Wars: The Cultural Politics of Childhood
      1. Judith S. Modell
    28. R The Tenacity of Ethnicity: A Siberian Saga in Global Perspective.
      1. Patty A. Gray
    29. R Provincializing Europe: Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference.
      1. Douglas R. Holmes
    30. R Dressing Up Debutantes: Pageantry and Glitz in Texas.
      1. Beverly Stoeltje
    31. R New Ethnicities, Old Racisms
      1. Steve Fenton
    32. R Bonds and Boundaries in Northern Ghana and Southern Burkina Faso.
      1. Andrea Behrends
    33. R Old Man Fog and the Last Aborigines of Barrow Point.
      1. Eric Venbrux
    34. R Heritage on Stage: The Invention of Ethnic Place in America's Little Switzerland.
      1. Anders Linde-Laursen
    35. R The Burden of History: Colonialism and the Frontier Myth in a Rural Canadian Community.
      1. Evie Plaice