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    1. R Sex and Violence in Brazil: Carnaval, Capoeira, and the Problem of Everyday Life
      1. J. Lowell Lewis
    2. R Social Body and Icon of the Person: A Symbolic Analysis of Shell Money Among the Wodani, Western Highlands of Irian Jaya
      1. Stéphane Breton
    3. R The Ethnography of Transnational Social Activism: Understanding the Global as Local Practice
      1. Hilary Cunningham
    4. R Alternative Modernities: Statecraft and Religious Imagination in the Valley of the Dawn
      1. James Holston
    5. R Playing for Control of Distance: Card Games between Jews And Muslims on a Casablancan Beach
      1. André Levy
    6. R The Crucible of Cultural Politics: Reworking "Development" in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands
      1. Donald S. Moore
    7. R Producing Persons and Developing Institutions in Rural Ireland
      1. A. Jamie Saris
    8. R Witchcraft, Grief, and the Ambivalence of Emotions
      1. Michele Stephen


    1. R Unfinished Dreams: Community Healing and the Reality of Aboriginal Self-Government
      1. John Borrows
    2. R Seeing with Music: The Lives of Three Blind African Musicians
      1. Kelly Askew
    3. R Black Corona: Race and the Politics of Place in an Urban Community
      1. Gary W. McDonogh
    4. R Masked Performance: The Play of Self and Other in Ritual and Theatre.
      1. James L. Peacock
    5. R Impasse of the Angels: Scenes from a Moroccan Space of Memory
      1. Deborah Kapchan
    6. R Historical Vines: Enga Networks of Exchange, Ritual, and Warfare in Papua New Guinea
      1. Christopher Healey
    7. R Disparate Diasporas: Identity and Politics in an African-Nicaraguan Community
      1. Irma McClaurin
    8. R Decentering the Regime: Ethnicity, Radicalism and Democracy in Juchitán, Mexico
      1. Aida Hernandez-Castillo
    9. R Managing Existence in Naples: Morality, Action and Structure/Gender, Family and Work in Naples
      1. Jane Schneider
    10. R Heroes of the Age: Moral Fault Lines on the Afghan Frontier
      1. M. Nazif Shahrani
    11. R Shelter Blues: Sanity and Selfhood among the Homeless
      1. Sue E. Estroff
    12. R How We Think They Think: Anthropological Approaches to Cognition, Memory, and Literacy
      1. Yrjö Engeström
    13. R Islam In an Era of Nation-States: Politics and Religious Renewal in Muslim Southeast Asia
      1. Mohamed Mahmoud
    14. R The Chiapas Rebellion: The Struggle for Land and Democracy
      1. Nora Haenn
    15. R The Temple of Memories: History, Power, and Morality In a Chinese Village/China's Catholics: Tragedy and Hope in an Emerging Civil Society
      1. Sharon A. Carstens
    16. R Producing Guanxi: Sentiment, Self, and Subculture in a North China Village
      1. Susan D. Blum
    17. R Shadows of Empire: Colonial Discourse and Javanese Tales
      1. Benjamin Brinner
    18. R Changing Families: An Ethnographic Approach to Divorce and Separation
      1. June Starr
    19. R A Day for the Hunter, A Day for the Prey: Popular Music and Power in Haiti
      1. Linda F. Williams
    20. R Facing the Mirror: Older Women and Beauty Shop Culture
      1. Deborah Gordon
    21. R L'Illusion mythique
      1. Peter Redfield
    22. R Reimagining Culture: Histories, Identities, and the Gaelic Renaissance
      1. Bridget Edwards
    23. R The Thread of Life: Toraja Reflections on the Life Cycle
      1. Anne Schiller
    24. R Performances
      1. Corinne A. Kratz
    25. R Black Paris: The African Writers' Landscape/Paris Noir: African Americans in the City of Light
      1. Alice L. Conklin
    26. R Mema's House, Mexico City: On Transvestites, Queens, and Machos
      1. Florence E. Babb
    27. R Longslowburn: Sexuality and Social Science
      1. Stephanie C. Kane
    28. R Voyages: From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs
      1. Mike Evans
    29. R Jamaica Genesis: Religion and the Politics of Moral Orders
      1. Stephen D. Glazier
    30. R Getting Married in Korea: Of Gender, Morality, and Modernity
      1. Cynthia Werner
    31. R Setting Boundaries: The Anthropology of Spatial and Social Organization
      1. Susan Buck Sutton
    32. R Putting Islam to Work: Education, Politics, and Religious Transformation in Egypt
      1. Robert Launay
    33. R Signs of Recognition: Powers and Hazards of Representation in an Indonesian Society
      1. Andrew Arno
    34. R The Cultural Dialectics of Knowledge and Desire
      1. Claudia Strauss
    35. R Possession, Ecstasy, and Law in Ewe Voodoo
      1. Adeline Masquelier
    36. R The Art of Being Black: The Creation of Black British Youth Identities
      1. Vered Amit-Talai
    37. R The Struggle for Water: Politics, Rationality, and Identity in the American Southwest
      1. Barbara Rose Johnston
    38. R The Cassowary's Revenge: The Life and Death of Masculinity in a New Guinea Society
      1. Matthew C. Gutmann
    39. R Beyond boundaries: Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants
      1. Jeffrey H. Cohen
    40. R Polygamous Families in Contemporary Society
      1. David Jacobson
    41. R The Cultures of Globalization
      1. Ronald Stade
    42. R Shattering Silence: Women, Nationalism, and Political Subjectivity in Northern Ireland
      1. Theresa A. Vaughan
    43. R Negotiating Identity: Rhetoric, Metaphor, and Social Drama in Northern Ireland
      1. Richard Jenkins
    44. R Making PCR: A Story of Biotechnology
      1. Stefan Helmreich
    45. R In Oceania: Visions, Artifacts, Histories
      1. Margaret Rodman
    46. R Making Doctors: An Institutional Apprenticeship
      1. Ann Millard
    47. R Anthropological Demography: Toward a New Synthesis
      1. Barbara Miller
    48. R Aging in the Past: Demography, Society, and Old Age
      1. Joel M. Halpern