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    1. R Corrections to be published in American Ethnologist 26.1


    1. R Ritual Healing and the Politics of Identity in Contemporary Navajo Society
      1. Thomas J. Csordas
    2. R Medical Mimesis: Healing Signs of a Cosmopolitan "Quack"
      1. Jean M. Langford
    3. R The Dialectics of "Disputatiousness" and "Rice-Eating Money": Class Confrontation and Gendered Imaginaries among Chinese Men in West Malaysia
      1. Donald M. Nonini
    4. R Bagagešu (Those of My Home): Women Migrants, Ethnicity, and Performance in South Africa
      1. Deborah James
    5. R Hidden Transcripts among the Rarámuri: Culture, Resistance, and Interethnic Relations in Northern Mexico
      1. Jerome M. Levi
    6. R Mapping Power: Disputing Claims to Kipat Lands in Northeastern Nepal
      1. Ann Armbrecht Forbes
    7. R Disengagement and Desire: The Tactics of Everyday Life
      1. Lisette Josephides
    8. R Laws of Desire? Race, Sexuality, and Power in Male Martinican Sexual Narratives
      1. David A. B. Murray
    9. R Reckoning Kinship in Maneo (Seram, Indonesia)
      1. James M. Hagen
    10. R Culture, Civilization, and Demarcation at the Northwest Borders of Greece
      1. Laurie Kain Hart

Review Article

    1. R Possibilities for Migration Anthropology
      1. Colleen G. O'Neal


    1. R Art and Life in Bangladesh
      1. Nur Yalman
    2. R The Politics of Duplicity: Controlling Reproduction In Ceaufeşcu's Romania
      1. Maria Bucur
    3. R The Blessings of Motherhood: Health, Pregnancy, and Childcare in Dominca
      1. Ana Ortiz
    4. R Echoes of the Past, Epics of Dissent: A South Korean Social Movement
      1. Deborah Durham
    5. R The War for the Heart and Soul of a Highland Maya Town/ Mexican Rural Development and the Plumed Serpent: Technology and Maya Cosmology in the Tropical Forest of Campeche, Mexico
      1. Matthew Restall
    6. R Muslims through Discourse: Religion and Ritual in Gayo Society
      1. Mohamed A. Mahmoud
    7. R The Traffic in Culture: Refiguring Art and Anthropology/ Looking High and Low: Art and Cultural Identity
      1. Helena Wulff
    8. R Knowing Practice: The Clinical Encounter of Chinese Medicine
      1. Nancy N. Chen
    9. R Knowing Practice: The Clinical Encounter of Chinese Medicine
      1. Nancy N. Chen
    10. R Gifts and Commodities: Exchange and Western Capitalism since 1970
      1. Rob J. F. M. Van Veggel
    11. R Meanings of the Market: The Free Market in Western Culture/ Marketing and Modernity
      1. Roy M. Dilley
    12. R Defining Females: The Nature of Women in Society/ Sex and Gender Hierarchies
      1. Kathleen Barlow
    13. R Making Capitalism: The Social and Cultural Construction of a South Korean Conglomerate
      1. Theodore C. Bestor
    14. R Plains Indians, A.D. 500-1500: The Archaeological Past of Historic Groups/ The Cheyenne in Plains Indian Trade Relations 1795-1840
      1. Raymond J. Demallie
    15. R Kinship, Networks, and Exchange
      1. Christopher Gregory
    16. R Postcolonial Developments: Agriculture in the Making of Modern India
      1. K. Sivaramakrishnan
    17. R Symbols in Northern Ireland
      1. Jeff Sluka
    18. R Infertility and Patriarchy: The Cultural Politics of Gender and Family Life in Egypt
      1. Karen Andes
    19. R The Modernity of Witchcraft: Politics and the Occult in Postcolonial Africa
      1. Charles Piot
    20. R Leveling Crowds: Ethnonationalist Conflicts and Collective Violence in South Asia
      1. John D. Kelly
    21. R Parents' Cultural Belief Systems: Their Origins, Expressions, and Consequences
      1. Daniel J. Smith
    22. R Conceiving Sexuality: Approaches to Sex Research in a Postmodern World
      1. Roger Levesque
    23. R The Heat of the Hearth: The Process of Kinship in a Malay Fishing Community
      1. Michael G. Peletz
    24. R In Place: Spatial and Social Order in a Faeroe Islands Community
      1. Jane Nadel-Klein
    25. R Anthropology and Politics: Revolutions in the Sacred Grove
      1. Kent Maynard
    26. R L 'Histoire de Sàbé et de Ses Rois (République du Bénin)/ Nom, Famille et Lignage Chez les Sàbé (République du Bénin)
      1. Donna K. Flynn
    27. R Caribbean Currents: Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae
      1. Katherine J. Hagedorn
    28. R Ethnography and Human Development: Context and Meaning in Social Inquiry
      1. Bob W. White
    29. R The Aesthetics of Action: Continuity and Change in a West African Town
      1. Mariane Ferme
    30. R Ethnographic Feminisms: Essays in Anthropology
      1. Keng-Fong Pang
    31. R After Writing Culture: Epistemology and Praxis in Contemporary Anthropology
      1. Matti Bunzl
    32. R Culture in Action: Family Life, Emotion, and Male Dominance in Banaras, India
      1. Caroline Osella
    33. R Speaking for the Chief: Okyeame and the Politics of Akan Royal Oratory
      1. Judith T. Irvine
    34. R Sex, Death, and Hierarchy in a Chinese City: An Anthropological Account
      1. Eugene T. Murphy
    35. R Rapanui: Tradition and Survival on Easter Island
      1. William S. Ayres
    36. R The Alamo Remembered: Tejano Accounts and Perspectives
      1. Richard R. Flores
    37. R Children of the Urban Poor: The Sociocultural Environment of Growth, Development, and Malnutrition in Guatemala City
      1. Sheila Cosminsky

From the Editor

    1. R From the Editor