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    1. R Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation


    1. R The Sublime Dance of Mende Politics: An African Aesthetic of Charismatic Power
      1. William P. Murphy
    2. R "Heart like a Car“: Hispano/Chicano Culture in Northern New Mexico
      1. Brenda Bright
    3. R The Work of Memory in Madagascar
      1. Jennifer Cole
    4. R The Shaman's Needle: Development, Shamanic Agency, and Intermedicality in Aguaruna Lands, Peru
      1. Shane Greene
    5. R Descent, Alliance, and Political Order among Akha
      1. Cornelia Ann Kammerer
    6. R Working Separately but Eating Together: Personhood, Property, and Power in Conjugal Relations
      1. Tania Murray Li
    7. R Global Desirings and Translocal Loves: Transgendering and Same-Sex Sexualities in the Southern Philippines
      1. Mark Johnson
    8. R Learning From the Swat Pathans: Political Leadership in Afghanistan, 1978–97
      1. David B. Edwards
    9. R Outclassed by Former Outcasts: Petty Trading in Varna
      1. Yulian Konstantinov
        Gideon M. Kressel
        Trond Thuen

Comments and Reflections

    1. R Anthropology of the Self
      1. Brian Morris


    1. R A Response to Mosko's Comments on "The Man of Sorrow“
      1. Michele Stephen
    2. R The Making and Unmaking of the Haya Lived World: Consumption, Commoditization, and Everyday Practice
      1. Alma Gottlieb
    3. R Natural Histories of Discourse
      1. Janina Fenigsen
    4. R In the Shadow of Marriage: Gender and Justice in an African Community
      1. Deborah Durham
    5. R The Magical State: Nature, Money, and Modernity In Venezuela
      1. Michael Watts
    6. R Fragments of Death, Fables of Identity: An Athenian Anthropography
      1. Jane K. Cowan
    7. R Ethnicity, Markets, and Migration in the Andes: At the Crossroads of History and Anthropology
      1. Robert Albro
    8. R Maid to Order in Hong Kong: Stories of Filipina Workers
      1. Heh-Rahn Park
    9. R Weaving identities: Construction of Dress and Self in a Highland Guatemala Town
      1. Blenda Femenías
    10. R Portrait of a Greek Imagination: An Ethnographic Biography of Andreas Nenedakis
      1. George E. Marcus
    11. R Nightsong: Performance, Power, and Practice in South Africa
      1. Ron Emoff
    12. R Moral Knowing in a Hindu Sacred City: An Exploration of Mind, Emotion, and Self
      1. Lawrence Cohen
    13. R Religion and Power in Morocco
      1. Robert Launay
    14. R The Myth of Mondragón: Cooperatives, Politics, and Working-Class Life in a Basque Town
      1. Teresa Del Valle
    15. R War, Exile, Everyday Life: Cultural Perspectives
      1. Marko Živković
    16. R The Politics of Diversity: Immigration, Resistance, and Change in Monterey Park, California/ American Dreaming: Immigrant Life on the Margins/ Multiculturalism from the Margins: Non-Dominant Voices on Difference and Diversity
      1. Kath Weston
    17. R Anthropology and the Crisis of Intellectuals/Waiting for Foucault/ From Physics to Anthropology—and Back Again/ Redrawing the Map: Two African Journeys/Anthropology, the Intellectuals, and the Gulf War/ The Relation: Issues In Complexity and Scale/ Miracle in Natal: Revolution by Ballot-Box/Conversations with Anthropological Film-Makers: Melissa Llewelyn-Davis/ Conversations with Anthropological Film-Makers: David MacDougall/ On Becoming Authentic: Interview with Jimmie Durham
      1. Michael C. Reed
    18. R The Story of a Marriage: The Letters of Bronislaw Mallnowski and Elsie Masson, vol. 1/The Story of a Marriage; The Letters of Bronislaw Mallnowski and Elsie Masson, vol. 2
      1. Janet Bauer
    19. R The Rulings of the Night An Ethnography of Nepalese Shaman Oral Texts
      1. William F. Fisher
    20. R Organizing Women: Formal and Informal Women's Groups in the Middle East
      1. E. Anne Beal

    1. R The Editor's Thanks
    2. R Cumulative Index, Volumes 22–25