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    1. R Routes: Travel and Translation In the Late Twentieth Century
      1. Richard Handler
    2. R Religion: A Humanist Interpretation
      1. Charles Stewart
    3. R Feminism, Nationalism, and Militarism
      1. Misty L. Bastian
    4. R Cultural Intimacy: Social Poetics In the Nation-State
      1. Anthony P. Cohen
    5. R Naturalizing Power: Essays in Feminist Culturalist Analysis
      1. Janet Carsten
    6. R Reading National Geographic
      1. Judith L. Goldstein
    7. R Pain as Human Experience: An Anthropological Perspective
      1. Greg Downey
    8. R Blood Relations: Menstruation and the Origins of Culture
      1. Joan M. Gero
    9. R Global Ecosystems: Creating Options through Anthropological Perspectives, NAPA Bulletin 15
      1. A. Endre Nyerges
    10. R Fieldwork under Fire: Contemporary Studies of Violence and Survival
      1. Bette Denich
    11. R The Witch Hunt, or, the Triumph of of Morality
      1. Ajay Skaria
    12. R Reflexive Language: Reported Speech and Metapragmatics
      1. James Collins
    13. R Historische Anthropologle: Eine Einfuehrung
      1. Hermine G. De Soto
    14. R Historische Anthropologle: Eine Einfuehrung
      1. Hermine G. De Soto
    15. R Mistrusting Refugees/Reconstructing Lives, Recapturing Meaning: Refugee Identity, Gender, and Cultural Change
      1. Michael McGovern
    16. R Bodytime: On the Interaction of Body, Identity, and Society
      1. Michele Rivkin-Fish
    17. R Freakery: Cultural Spectacles of the Extraordinary Body
      1. David A. B. Murray
    18. R The Politics of Culture: Race, Violence, and Democracy
      1. Sally Engle Merry
    19. R Third Sex/Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism In Culture and History
      1. Brian Keith Axel
    20. R A Passion for Difference: Essays in Anthropology and Gender
      1. Kamala Visweswaran
    21. R Towards a Transnational Perspective on Migration: Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Nationalism Reconsidered
      1. Nancy Abelmann
    22. R Assessing Cultural Anthropology
      1. Melissa L. Caldwell
    23. R Tasting Food, Tasting Freedom: Excursions Into Eating, Culture, and the Past
      1. Carole M. Counihan
    24. R Culture and Change: An Introduction
      1. Paul J. Magnarella
    25. R Culture and Change: An Introduction
      1. Paul J. Magnarella
    26. R The Dark Side of Humanity: The Work of Robert Hertz and its Legacy
      1. Nur Yalman
    27. R Anthropology of Organizations
      1. Michael C. Reed
    28. R The Cultural Production of the Educated Person: Critical Ethnographies of Schooling and Local Practice
      1. Dominic C. Boyer
    29. R Antropologia delle origini cristiane
      1. Maria Pia Di Bella
    30. R Cultures of Vision: Images, Media, and the Imaginary
      1. Nancy N. Chen
    31. R Postmodern Representation. Truth, Power, and Mimesis in the Human Sciences and Public Culture
      1. Shannon M. Jackson
    32. R The Tasaday Controversy: Assessing the Evidence
      1. Alan Barnard
    33. R The Foraging Spectrum: Diversity In Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways
      1. Alan Barnard
    34. R Rationalizing Culture: IRCAM, Boulez, and the Institutionalization of the Musical Avantgarde
      1. Paul D. Lopes
    35. R Flamenco: Passion, Politics and Popular Culture
      1. Anita Volland
    36. R Tango and the Political Economy of Passion
      1. Anya Peterson Royce
    37. R Making Muslim Space in North America and Europe
      1. Joel Gordon
    38. R Making Muslim Space in North America and Europe
      1. Joel Gordon
    39. R A Space on the Side of the Road: Cultural Poetics In an "Other" America
      1. Patricia Sawin
    40. R The Channeling Zone: American Spirituality in an Anxious Age
      1. Deena Newman
    41. R Homesteading in New York City, 1978–1993: The Divided Heart of Loisaida
      1. Mercer L. Sullivan
    42. R European Readings of American Popular Culture
      1. Stephen M. Fjellman
    43. R Medicine and Morality in Haiti: The Contest for Healing Power
      1. Adeline Masquelier
    44. R Spirits, Blood, and Drums: The Orisha Religion in Trinidad
      1. Ineke Van Wetering
    45. R Boundaries and Passages: Rule and Ritual in Yup'ik Eskimo Oral Tradition
      1. David Riches
    46. R The Two Miipas of Chan Kom: A Study of Socioeconomlc and Political Transformation In a Maya Community
      1. Linda J. Seligmann
    47. R Yucatán's Maya Peasantry and the Origins of the Caste War
      1. John M. Watanabe
    48. R Indians into Mexicans: History and Identity In a Mexican Town
      1. Jerome Levi
    49. R Pueblos Indigenas ante ei derecho
      1. Silvia María Hirsch
    50. R Neoliberalism. Transnationalization, and Rural Poverty: A Case Study of Michoacan, Mexico
      1. William Roseberry
    51. R Unruly Order: Violence, Power, and Cultural Identity In the High Provinces of Southern Peru
      1. Blenda Femenías
    52. R Blackness and Race Mixture: The Dynamics of Racial Identity in Colombia
      1. Kathleen S. Fine-Dare
    53. R How Real People Ought to Live: The Cashinahua of Eastern Peru
      1. Janet M. Chernela
    54. R Keepers of the Sacred Chants: The Poetics of Ritual Power In an Amazonian Society
      1. Bonnie Glass-Coffin
    55. R Amazonian Caboclo Society: An Essay on Invisibility and Peasant Economy
      1. Bartholomew Dean
    56. R Sanuma Memories: Yanomami Ethnography in Times of Crisis
      1. Terence Turner
    57. R Andean Lives: Gregorio Condori Mamani and Asunta Quispe Huamán
      1. Enrique Mayer
    58. R Sorcery and Shamanism: Curanderos and Clients In Northern Peru
      1. Bartholomew Dean
    59. R Postcolonial Identities in Africa
      1. Matthew Engelke
    60. R The Spears of Twilight: Life and Death In the Amazon Jungle
      1. Lydia Nakashima Degarrod
    61. R New Ethnicities and Urban Culture: Racism and Multiculture In Young Lives
      1. Helena Wulff
    62. R The Civility of Indifference: On Domesticating Ethnicity
      1. Cynthia Keppley Mahmood
    63. R New Voices in the Nation: Women and the Greek Resistance, 1941–1964
      1. Jane K. Cowan
    64. R Kalithea: Männer und Frauen In einem griechischen Dorf
      1. Hermine G. De Soto
    65. R Tradition and Modernity In the Mediterranean: The Wedding as Symbolic Struggle
      1. Anastasia Karakasidou
    66. R Industrial Democracy as Process: Participatory Action Research In the Fagor Cooperative Group of Mondragón
      1. Teresa Del Valle
    67. R Peasant and French: Cultural Contact In Rural France during the Nineteenth Century
      1. Deborah E. Reed-Danahay
    68. R Culture, Politics, and Irish School Dropouts: Constructing Political Identities
      1. J. Brian Sheehan
    69. R Occasions of Faith: An Anthropology of Irish Catholics
      1. Sandra L. Zimdars-Swartz
    70. R Herds of the Tundra: A Portrait of Saami Reindeer Pastoralism
      1. Tim Ingold
    71. R The Prophet's Pulpit: Islamic Preaching In Contemporary Egypt
      1. Mohamed Mahmoud
    72. R Muslim Politics
      1. Benjamin F. Soares
    73. R Permanent Pilgrims: The Role of Pilgrimage In the Lives of West African Muslims In Sudan
      1. Joann D'Alisera
    74. R Contested Hierarchies: A Collaborative Ethnography of Caste among the Newars of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
      1. Bruce McCoy Owens
    75. R Networks of Dissolution: Somalia Undone
      1. Tsehai Berhane-Selassie
    76. R Lesîles ou dansent les enfants défunts: Age, sexe et pouvoir chez les BIjago de Gulnée-Bissau
      1. Eric Gable
    77. R Embodying Colonial Memories: Spirit Possession, Power, and the Hauka In West Africa
      1. Murray Last
    78. R Riches and Renunciation: Religion, Economy, and Society among the Jains
      1. Anthony Good
    79. R Riches and Renunciation: Religion, Economy, and Society among the Jains
      1. Anthony Good
    80. R Public Faces, Private Voices: Community and Individuality In South India
      1. Michael Carrithers
    81. R Gender and Genre In the Folklore of Middle India
      1. Gloria Goodwin Raheja
    82. R Cassette Culture: Popular Music and Technology In North India
      1. Marie Gillespie
    83. R Rice as Self: Japanese Identities through Time
      1. James L. Watson
    84. R Rice as Self: Japanese Identities through Time
      1. James L. Watson
    85. R Women, Media, and Consumption In Japan
      1. Heh-Rahn Park
    86. R Zwischen Himmel und Erde: Riten und Brauchtum In Nordwestchlna
      1. Mechthild Leutner
    87. R The Roads of Chinese Childhood: Learning and Identification In Angang
      1. Lihua Wang
    88. R Sexual Attraction and Childhood Association: A Chinese Brief for Edward Westermarck
      1. Christopher Badcock
    89. R The Play of Time: Kodi Perspectives on Calendars, History, and Exchange
      1. Patricia Spyer
    90. R Fantasizing the Feminine In Indonesia./"Male" and "Female" In Developing Southeast Asia
      1. Rita Smith Kipp
    91. R Balinese Worlds
      1. Rita Smith Kipp
    92. R Inside the Cult: Religious Innovation and Transmission In Papua New Guinea
      1. Lamont Lindstrom
    93. R Constructing Inequality: The Fabrication of a Hierarchy of Virtue among the Etoro
      1. Nicole Polier