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Original Articles

    1. R All That is Just Ersatz: The Meaning of Work in the Life of Immigrant Newcomers
      1. Sveta Roberman
    2. R Change and the Construction of Gendered Selfhood among Mexican Men Experiencing Erectile Difficulty
      1. Emily Wentzell
    3. R Border Children: Interpreting Autism Spectrum Disorder in South Korea
      1. Roy Richard Grinker
        Kyungjin Cho
    4. R Power Struggles: The Paradoxes of Emotion and Control among Child-Centered Mothers in the Privileged United States
      1. Diane M. Hoffman
    5. R "We Want to See Our King“: Apparitions in Messianic Habad
      1. Yoram Bilu

Book Reviews

    1. R The Anthropology of Empathy: Experiencing the Lives of Others in Pacific SocietiesDouglas W. Hollan & C. Jason Throop, eds. Berghahn Books: New York, NY. 2011. 1+ 233pp..
      1. Webb Keane
    2. R The Pastoral Clinic: Addiction and Dispossession along the Rio GrandeAngela Garcia. University of California: Berkeley, CA. 2010. xv + 248pp..
      1. Daniel H. Lende
    3. R Communing with the Gods: Consciousness, Culture and the Dreaming BrainCharles D. Laughlin. Daily Grail: Brisbane, Australia. 2011. 6 + 568pp..
      1. Roger Ivar Lohmann
    4. R Communitas: The Anthropology of Collective JoyEdith Turner. Palgrave Macmillan: New York. 2012. ix + 272pp..
      1. James L. Peacock
    5. R A Companion to Cognitive AnthropologyDavid Kronenfeld, Giovanni Bennardo, Victor C. de Munck & Michael D. Fischer, eds. Wiley-Blackwell. 2011. x + 607pp..
      1. Bradd Shore
    6. R Making Knowledge: Explorations of the Indissoluble Relation between Mind, Body and EnvironmentTrevor H. J. Marchand, ed. Wiley-Blackwell: Malden, MA. 2010. xiii + 201pp..
      1. David Sutton