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Original Articles

    1. R Prayer as Inner Sense Cultivation: An Attentional Learning Theory of Spiritual Experience
      1. T. M. Luhrmann
        Rachel Morgain
    2. R Changing God, Changing Bodies: The Impact of New Prayer Practices on Elderly Catholic Nuns‘ Embodied Experience
      1. Anna I. Corwin
    3. R Interpreting the Nahuat Dialogue on the Envious Dead with Jerome Bruner's Theory of Narrative
      1. James M. Taggart
    4. R Another Angle on Pollution Experience: Toward an Anthropology of the Emotional Ecology of Risk Mitigation
      1. Peter C. Little
    5. R Emotion in Exchange: Situating Hmong Depressed Mood in Social Context
      1. Christian Postert
    6. R Cancer, Culture, and Individual Experience: Public Discourse and Personal Affliction
      1. David Perusek


    1. R Commentary: Some Practical and Theoretical Implications of the Discrepancies between Allopathic and Patient Models of Disease
      1. Agnes G. Loeffler
    2. R Commentary: Being Their Worst Nightmare: On David Perusek's "Cancer, Culture, and Individual Experience“
      1. Arthur W. Frank

Original Articles

    1. R Where There are only Doctors: Counselors as Psychiatrists in Indian-Administered Kashmir
      1. Saiba Varma

Book Reviews

    1. R Being There: Learning to Live Cross-CulturallySarah H. Davis & Melvin Konner, eds. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 2011. vii+ 260pp..
      1. Jean L. Briggs
    2. R Apprenticeship in Critical Ethnographic PracticeJean Lave. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2011. xiii+ 198pp..
      1. Eva S[ash]ther
    3. R Understanding Autism: Parents, Doctors, and the History of a DisorderChloe Silverman. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 2012. x+ 340pp..
      1. Olga Solomon
    4. R Everyday Ruptures: Children, Youth, and Migration in Global PerspectiveCati Coe, Rachel R. Reynolds, Deborah A. Boehm, Julia Meredith Hess & Heather Rae-Espinoza, eds. Nashville: Vanderbilt. 2011. vii+ 230pp..
      1. Mindy Steinberg
        Thomas S. Weisner