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Book Reviews

    1. R Mothers and Others: The Evolutionary Origins of Mutual Understanding. Sarah Blaffer Hrdy. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 2009. x+422pp.
      1. Carol M. Worthman


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Book Reviews

    1. R Embodying Culture: Pregnancy in Japan and Israel. Tsipy Ivry. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. 2010. ix + 298 pp.
      1. Allison Alexy
    2. R Anthropology and Child Development: A Cross-Cultural Reader. Robert A LeVine and Rebecca S. New, eds. Blackwell Publishing. 2008. 1+336 pp.
      1. Jill E. Korbin
    3. R Fatherhood: Evolution and Human Paternal Behavior. Peter B. Gray and Kermyt G. Anderson. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 2010. ix+304pp.
      1. Christopher Kuzawa
    4. R Birthing a Mother: The Surrogate Body and the Pregnant Self. Elly Teman. University of California Press: Berkeley. 2010. xiii+361pp.
      1. Sarah S. Willen

Original Articles

    1. R Impetus for the Special Issue: Mothering in the Field
      1. Kathleen Barlow
        Bambi L. Chapin
    2. R The Practice of Mothering: An Introduction
      1. Kathleen Barlow
        Bambi L. Chapin
    3. R Sharing Food, Sharing Values: Mothering and Empathy in Murik Society
      1. Kathleen Barlow
    4. R "We Have to Give": Sinhala Mothers' Responses to Children's Expression of Desire
      1. Bambi L. Chapin
    5. R Consent and Discipline in Ecuador: How to Avoid Raising an Antisocial Child
      1. Heather Rae-Espinoza
    6. R Fun Morality Reconsidered: Mothering and the Relational Contours of Maternal–Child Play in U.S. Working Family Life
      1. Karen Gainer Sirota
    7. R Mothering Expectant Mothers: Consumption, Production, and Two Motherhoods in Contemporary China
      1. Jianfeng Zhu
    8. R Observing Multiple Mothering: A Case Study of Childrearing in a U.S. Lesbian-Led Family
      1. Suzanne Pelka


    1. R Commentary: Good Ethnographies Make Good Theories
      1. Naomi Quinn
    2. R Commentary: Who, How, What, and Why?
      1. Susan Seymour
    3. R Commentary: From the Mother's Point of View
      1. Robert A. LeVine