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Original Article

    1. R Ritual, Power, and Male Dominance
      1. L. L. Langness
    2. R Drinking and Inebriate Behavior in the Admiralty Islands, Melanesia
      1. Theodore Schwartz
        Lola Romanucci-Ross
    3. R Value Continuities and Change in Three Generations of Japanese Americans
      1. John W. Connor
    4. R Natural Indicators of Cognitive Development: An Observational Study of Rural Guatemalan Children
      1. Sara B. Nerlove
        John M. Roberts
        Robert E. Klein
        Charles Yarbrough
        Jean -PierreHabicht
    5. R Sociocultural Factors and the Early Manifestation of Sociability Behavior Among Baranda Infants
      1. Philip L. Kilbride
        Janet E. Kilbride