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    1. R The Future of Anthropology
      1. James L. Peacock
    2. R On Negating Positivism: An Anthropological Dialectic
      1. Murray L. Wax
    3. R Lasting Firsts
      1. David Griffith

Articles and Essays

    1. R Microcosmic Histories: Island Perspectives on "Global" Change
      1. Patrick V. Kirch
    2. R Unraveling the Anchoring Cord: Navajo Relocation, 1974 to 1996
      1. Maureen Trudelle Schwarz
    3. R Negotiating with Narrative: Establishing Cultural Identity at the Yukon International Storytelling Festival
      1. Julie Cruikshank
    4. R Wild Pigs and Kings Remembered Landscapes in Rajasthan
      1. Ann Grodzins Gold
        Bhoju Ram Gujar
    5. R Dreams of a Final Sherpa
      1. Vincanne Adams
    6. R "Black Male" Imagery and Media Containment of African American Men
      1. Heláan E. Page
    7. R Bamana Sand Divination: Recursion in Ethnomathematics
      1. Ron Eglash
    8. R Representation and Reality in the Study of Culture
      1. John R. Bowlin
        Peter G. Stromberg

Film Review Essays

    1. R Film as Testimonial Literature
      1. James H. McDonald
    2. R Raising Questions about Rouch
      1. Michael M. J. Fischer

Book Review Essays

    1. R Science Studies: Beyond the War Zone
      1. Deborah Heath
    2. R On the History of British Social Anthropology
      1. James Urry
    3. R Disciplinary Directions in Dispute
      1. Jonathan Friedman
    4. R Rethinking AIDS
      1. Lucille A. Sherlick
    5. R Ethnicity in the USSR and the CIS
      1. Caroline Humphrey
    6. R Gender in the Muslim Middle East
      1. Lois Beck
    7. R Centers, Margins, and Women in South Asia
      1. Lina Fruzzetti
        Akos Östör
    8. R Contemporary Headhunting
      1. Joel Kuipers
    9. R Coping with the Anthropology of Tourism
      1. Margaret Byrne Swain
    10. R Recognizing Gay and Lesbian Speech
      1. Frank Proschan
    11. R Moving the New Anthropology of Art beyond the Museum
      1. Fred R. Myers
    12. R Making a Mark: Rock Art Research
      1. Margaret W. Conkey
    13. R Movement and Dance
      1. Anya Peterson Royce
    14. R Two Studies of Spirit Possession in Niger
      1. Lesley A. Sharp
    15. R Ethnography in Colonial Mexico
      1. Louise M. Burkhart
    16. R Cultural History in the Native Northeast
      1. Marshall Joseph Becker

Book Reviews

    1. R Moses and Civilization: The Meaning behind Freud's Myth
      1. Allen Johnson
    2. R Meurtre du père/sacrifice de la sexualité: Approches anthropologiques et psychanalytiques
      1. Robert A. Paul
    3. R The Psychiatric Team and the Social Definition of Schizophrenia
      1. Sean Hagberg
    4. R Disciplined Hearts: History, Identity, and Depression in art American Indian Community
      1. Alice Beck Kehoe
    5. R The Meanings of Macho: Being a Man in Mexico City
      1. José E. Limón
    6. R Out in the Field: Reflections of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists
      1. Richard Handler
    7. R Deviant Bodies
      1. Anne E. Becker
    8. R Defying Male Civilization: Women in the Spanish Civil War
      1. Oriol Pi-Sunyer
    9. R Women, Property and Islam: Palestinian Experiences, 1920-1990
      1. Virginia R. Dominguez
    10. R Cultural Economies: Past and Present
      1. Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld
    11. R Ethnicity, Markets, and Migration in the Andes: At the Crossroads of History and Anthropology
      1. Stephen Gudeman
    12. R Sounds like Life
      1. Jane H. Hill
    13. R Word, Sound, Image: The Life of the Tamil Text
      1. Bernard Bate
    14. R Writing the Past, Inscribing the Future: History as Prophecy in Colonial Java
      1. Adrian H. Vickers
    15. R Making It Their Own: Severn Ojibwe Communicative Practices
      1. Brenda Farnell
    16. R Current Topics in Primate Vocal Communication
      1. Charles H. Brown
    17. R The Others: How Animals Made Us Human
      1. Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence
    18. R The Limits of Settlement Growth: A Theoretical Outline
      1. Rita P. Wright
    19. R Nationalism, Politics, and the Practice of Archaeology
      1. Michael Dietler
    20. R The Neanderthal Legacy: An Archaeological Perspective from Western Europe
      1. Donald O. Henry
    21. R Prehistoric Cultural Ecology and Evolution: Insights from Southern Jordan
      1. Anthony E. Marks
    22. R Foundations of Social Inequality
      1. Robert L. Carneiro
    23. R Encomienda Politics in Early Colonial Guatemala, 1524-1544: Dividing the Spoils
      1. Robert M. Carmack
    24. R Literature and Resistance in Guatemala: Textual Modes and Cultural Politics from El Señor Presidents to Rigoberta Menchú
      1. Roger A. Zapata
    25. R Weaving Identities: Construction of Dress and Self in a Highland Guatemala Town
      1. Margot Blum Schevill
    26. R Schneider on Schneider: The Conversion of the Jews and Other Anthropological Stories
      1. Ellen Lewin
    27. R Anthropology and Africa: Changing Perspectives on a Changing Scene
      1. Alma Gottlieb
    28. R The Berbers
      1. Susan Rasmussen
    29. R Money Matters: Instability, Values and Social Payments in the Modern History of West African Communities
      1. Mary H. Moran
    30. R Parallel Worlds: An Anthropologist and a Writer Encounter Africa
      1. Jacob K. Olupona
    31. R The Aesthetics of Action: Continuity and Change in a West African Town
      1. J. David Sapir
    32. R Cloth That Does Not Die
      1. Kris L. Hardin
    33. R Purity and Exile: Violence, Memory, and National Cosmology among Hutu Refugees in Tanzania
      1. Marc Sommers
    34. R Eldoret: An African Poetics of Technology
      1. Bruce D. Roberts
    35. R On the Subject of "Java."
      1. Robert W. Hefner
    36. R Knowing Music, Making Music: Javanese Gamelan and the Theory of Musical Competence and Interaction
      1. R. Anderson Sutton
    37. R Down to Earth: The Territorial Bond in South China
      1. Norma Diamond
    38. R The Roads of Chinese Childhood: Learning and Identification in Angang
      1. Martin Schoenhals
    39. R Japanese Workers in Protest: An Ethnography of Consciousness and Experience
      1. Nancy Abelmann
    40. R Getting Married in Korea: Of Gender, Morality, and Modernity
      1. Denise Potrzeba Lett
    41. R War Stories: The Culture of Foreign Correspondents
      1. Anna Simons