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From the Editors

    1. R From the Editors
      1. Barbara and Dennis Tedlock


    1. R The World Listener
      1. Paul Friedrich
    2. R Cities
      1. Paul Friedrich
    3. R Port Orford: (found poem)1
      1. Dell Hymes
    4. R To See Ourselves as Others See Us
      1. J. V. (Jay) Powell
    5. R American Anthropology as Foreign Policy
      1. John Borneman
    6. R Fear of Setting in the American Cultural Imaginary or "You Are Never Alone with a Clone"
      1. Debbora Battaglia
    7. R From Margaret Mead's Field Notes: What Counted as "Sex" in Samoa?
      1. Nicole J. Grant

Articles and Essays

    1. R Archaeology, Anthropology, and the Culture Concept
    2. R The Shifting Middle Ground: Amazonian Indians and Eco-Politics
      1. BETH A. CONKLIN
    3. R Biocultural Interaction and the Mechanism of Mosaic Evolution in the Emergence of "Modern" Morphology
      1. C. LORING BRACE
    4. R Revenants That Cannot Be Shaken: Collective Fantasies in a Maroon Society
      1. H. U. E. THODEN VELZEN
    5. R Transportation Innovation and Social Complexity among Maritime Hooter-Gatherer Societies
    6. R Indigenous Architecture and the Spanish American Plaza in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean
      1. SETHA M. LOW

Film Review Essays

    1. R Piano Lessons
      1. Frances E. Mascia-Lees
        Patricia Sharpe
    2. R The Peyote Road: A Text in Search of a Context
      1. Wiluam K. Powers

Exhibit Review Essays

    1. R Multiple Black Identities
      1. Ella M. Ray
    2. R Minnesota Past and Present
      1. Bruce M. White
    3. R Crafting Exhibitions
      1. Virginia R. Dominguez
        Jane C. Desmond

Book Review Essays

    1. R The Human Condition
      1. Roy A. Rappaport
    2. R Toward an Anthropology of Old Age
      1. Robert L. Rubinstein
    3. R Medical Anthropology as Cultural Anthropology
      1. Thomas J. Csokdas
    4. R The Unquiet Dead of Guatemala
      1. Duncan Earle
    5. R On the Theory and Practice of Socialism
      1. Paul B. Gordiejew
    6. R Working in Industrial Agriculture
      1. Carol MacLennan
    7. R Coca in History and Political Economy
      1. Donald Joralemon
    8. R Engendering History in Sub-Saharan Africa
      1. Carolyn Martin Shaw
    9. R Rethinking in African Studies
      1. Pauune E. Peters
    10. R A Treasure Chest of Balinese Images
      1. Fredrik Barth
    11. R Folklore and Literature in All the Languages of Siberia
      1. Richard Dauenhauer
    12. R Southwestern Archaeological Thought
      1. Patricia A. Gilman

Book Review

    1. R Regarder Ecouter Lire. Claude Lévi-Strauss. Paris: Plon, 1993. 190 pp
      1. James Boon
    2. R Mystic Endowment: Religious Ethnography of the Warao Indians. Johannes Wilbert
      1. Beth A. Conklin
    3. R Twana Narratives: Native Historical Accounts of a Coast Salish Culture. William W. Elmendorf
      1. Pamela Amoss
    4. R Sacred Encounters: Father DeSmet and the Indians of the Rocky Mountain West. Jacqueline Peterson with Laura Peers
      1. Deward E. Walker
    5. R Lumbee Indian Histories: Race, Ethnicity, and Indian Identity in the Southern United States. Gerald M. Sider
      1. Peter Whiteley
    6. R Cry for Luck: Sacred Song and Speech among the Yurok, Hupa, and Karok Indians of Northwestern California. Richard Keeling
      1. Leanne Hinton
    7. R Maya and Spaniard in Yucatan, 1648–1812. Robert W. Patch
      1. Richard Wilk
    8. R Formations of Ritual: Colonial and Anthropological Discourses on the Sinhala Yaktovil. David Scott
      1. Lorna A. Rhodes
    9. R Asian Visions of Authority: Religion and the Modern States of East and Southeast Asia. Charles F. Keyes, Laurel Kendall, and Helen Hardacre, eds
      1. Robert Knox Dentan
    10. R Siblings in South Asia: Brothers and Sisters in Cultural Context. Charles Nuckolls, ed
      1. Margakkt Trawick
    11. R Knowledge and Practice in Mayotte: Local Discourses of Islam, Sorcery and Spirit Possession. Michael Lambek
      1. Susan M. Kenyon
    12. R Understanding Witchcraft and Sorcery in Southeast Asia. C. W. Watson and Roy Ellen, eds
      1. Douglas Hollan
    13. R Balinese Worlds. Fredrik Barth
      1. Valerio Valeri
    14. R Adat and Dinas: Balinese Communities in the Indonesian State. Carol Warren
      1. Robert W. Hefner
    15. R The Lexical Field of Taste: A Semantic Study of Japanese Taste Terms. A. E. Backhouse
      1. James Stanlaw
    16. R Gender, Drink, and Drugs. Maryon McDonald, ed
      1. Merrill Singer
    17. R Gender, Sickness and Healing in Rural Egypt: Ethnography in Historical Context. Soheir A. Morsy
      1. Ellen Gruenbaum
    18. R Fruit of the Motherland: Gender in an Egalitarian Society. Maria Lepowsky
      1. Gillian Gillison
    19. R Money Makes Us Relatives: Labor in Urban Turkey. Jenny B. White
      1. June Starr
    20. R Breaking the Silence: Redress and Japanese American Ethnicity. Yasuko I. Takezawa
      1. Nancy Abelmann
    21. R EcCentric Visions: Re Constructing Australia. Gaile McGregor
      1. Diane Bell
    22. R Reading Paulo Freire: His Life and Work. Moacir Gadotti. John Milton, trans
      1. Courtney B. Cazden
    23. R The Caregiving Dilemma: Work in an American Nursing Home. Nancy Foner
      1. Judith C. Barker
    24. R Cultural Capital: Mountain Zapotee Migrant Associations in Mexico City. Lane Ryo Hirabayashi
      1. Arthur D. Murphy
    25. R Lives Together—Worlds Apart: Quechua Colonization in Jungle and City. Sarah Lund Skar
      1. Jim Weil
    26. R Transnational Capitalism, and Hydropolitics in Argentina: The Yacyretá High Dam. Gustavo Lins Ribeiro
      1. Carmen Alicia Ferradas
    27. R Autonomy and Power: The Dynamics of Class and Culture in Rural Bolivia. Maria L. Lagos
      1. JoAnn Martin
    28. R Anthropoid Origins. John G. Fleagle and Richard F. Kay, eds
      1. Mark F. Teaford
    29. R The Ancient Mind: Elements of Cognitive Archaeology. Colin Renfrew and Ezra B. W. Zubrow, eds
      1. Miles Richardson