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    1. R Human Rights and the Rights of Anthropologists
      1. Johnnetta B. Cole
    2. R Strange Craft, Strange History, Strange Folks: Cultural Amnesia and the Case for Lesbian and Gay Studies
      1. Will Roscoe
    3. R Names of Death
      1. David Griffith

Articles and Essays

    1. R Conceptions of Time and the Development of Paleolithic Chronology
    2. R The Health and Nutrition of a Medieval Nubian Population
    3. R Life Course Perspectives on Women's Autonomy and Health Outcomes
    4. R The Perils of 'Positivism' in Cultural Anthropology
      1. PAUL B. ROSCOE
    5. R Do Rocks Listen?
    6. R Invention and Representation as Cultural Capital
      1. ROBERT C. ULIN
    7. R From All for All

Film Review Essays

    1. R Islam and the Evil Demon
      1. Paul Titus
    2. R Iranian Cinema under the Islamic Republic
      1. Hamid Naficy

Exhibit Review Essays

    1. R From the Exhibit Review Editor
      1. Dolores Root
    2. R An Enchanting Darkness: A New Representation of Africa
      1. Fassil Demissie
    3. R Reading the Africa Exhibit
      1. Andrew Apter

Book Review Essays

    1. R The Semantics of Time and Space: The Semantics of Experience: Universal Metaphors of Time in English, Mandarin, Hindi, and Sesotho. Hoyt Alverson
    2. R Book Review Essays
      1. Anne Schiller
    3. R Book Review Essays
      1. Aima Gottlieb
    4. R The Unseen in African Art: Secrecy: African Art That Conceals and Reveals. Mary H. Nooter
      1. Clarke K. Speed
    5. R Folk Music and the State: May It Fill Your Soul: Experiencing Bulgarian Music. Timothy Rice
      1. Charles Keil
    6. R Trickster Tales and the Social Order: Folk Poetics: A Sociosemiotic Study of Yoruba Trickster Tales. Ropo Sekoni
      1. Dan Ben-Amos
    7. R Politics and Spirit Possession: The Possessed and the Dispossessed: Spirits, Identity, and Power in a Madagascar Migrant Town. Lesley A. Sharp
      1. Linda L. Giles
    8. R Book Review Essays
      1. John R. Bowen
    9. R Book Review Essays
      1. Tullio Maranhäo
    10. R Book Review Essays
      1. Michael K. Foster
    11. R Repatriation and the Smithsonian Institution: Reckoning with the Dead: The Larsen Bay Repatriation and the Smithsonian Institution. Tamara L. Bray and Thomas W. Killion, eds
      1. Madonna L. Moss
    12. R Book Review Essays
      1. Christopher N. Matthews
    13. R Book Review Essays
      1. Mary C. Beaudry
    14. R Liminal Gender Categories: Third Sex, Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism in Culture and History. Gilbert Herdt, ed
      1. William L. Leap
    15. R An Attempted Revival of the Race Concept: The Evolution of Racism: Human Differences and the Use and Abuse of Science. Pat Shipman
      1. Leonard Lieberman

Book Reviews

    1. R Media Anthropology: Informing Global Citizens. Susan Allen, ed
      1. William O. Beeman
    2. R Intellectual Property Rights for Indigenous Peoples: A Source Book. Tom Greaves, ed
      1. Jean Jackson
    3. R Environmentalism: The View from Anthropology. Kay Milton, ed
      1. Michael C. Howard
    4. R Worlds of Sense: Exploring the Senses in History and across Cultures. Constance Classen
      1. Lois Bragg
    5. R America's First Cuisines. Sophie D. Coe
      1. Susan Tax Freeman
    6. R The History of the Indies of New Spain. Fray Diego Durán
      1. Susan Kellogg
    7. R Housing Culture: Traditional Architecture in an English Landscape. Matthew Johnson
      1. Bernard Herman
    8. R Diverse World-Views in an English Village. Nigel Rapport
      1. Charles O. Frake
    9. R Irish Urban Cultures. Chris Curtin, Hastings Donnan, and Thomas N. Wilson, eds
      1. Donald Bennett
    10. R Welshness Performed: Welsh Concepts of Person and Society. Carol Trosset
      1. Ellen Badone
    11. R French Bourgeois Culture. Béatrix Le Wita
      1. Emilie de Brigand
    12. R Le Feu Vivant: La Parenté et ses Rituels dans les Car-pates. Jean Cuisenier
      1. Claude Karnoouh
    13. R Continuity and Change in Rural West Bengal. G. K. Lieten
      1. Lina M. Fruzzetti
    14. R Listen to the Heron's Words: Reimagining Gender and Kinship in North India. Gloria Goodwin Raheja and Ann Grodzins Gold
      1. Meena Khandelwal
    15. R Himalayan Households: Tamang Demography and Domestic Processes. Tom Fricke
      1. David Holmberg
    16. R The Play of Time: Kodi Perspectives on Calendars, History, and Exchange. Janet Hoskins
      1. Nancy D. Munn
    17. R The Paradox of Power in a People's Republic of China Middle School. Martin Schoenhals
      1. Gerard Rosenfeld
    18. R Halmahera and Beyond: Social Science Research in the Moluccas. Leontine Visser, ed
      1. Christopher R. Duncan
    19. R Modernity and Identity: Asian Illustrations. Alberto Gomes, ed
      1. Ellen R. Judd
    20. R Geschichte und mündliche Überlieferung in Ozeanien. Brigitta Hauser-Schäublin, ed
      1. Patricia K. Townsend
    21. R European Studies on Ainu Language and Culture. Josef Kreiner, ed
      1. Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney
    22. R Arctic Mirrors: Russia and the Small Peoples of the North. Yuri Slezkine
      1. Alexander King
    23. R Labrador Winter. The Ethnographic Journals of William Duncan Strong, 1927–1928. Eleanor B. Leacock and Nan A. Rothschild, eds
      1. Adrian Tanner
    24. R Boundaries and Passages: Ride and Ritual in Yup'ik Eskimo Oral Tradition. Ann Fienup-Riordan
      1. Edith Turner
    25. R New Worlds from Fragments: Film, Ethnography, and the Representation of Northwest Coast Cultures. Rosalind C. Morris
      1. Christopher F. Roth
    26. R Southern Cheyenne Women's Songs. Virginia Giglio
      1. Charlotte J. Frisbie
    27. R The Quest for the Other: Ethnic Tourism in San Cristóbal, Mexico. Pierre L. Van den Berghe
      1. Robert V. Kemper
    28. R Early Formative Pottery of the Valley of Oaxaca, Maxico. Kent V. Flannery and Joyce Marcus, with technical ceramic analysis by William O. Payne
      1. David C. Grove
    29. R Early Hunter-Gatherers of the California Coast. Jon M. Erlandson
      1. Jeanne E. Arnold
    30. R Palconutrition. The Diet and Health of Prehistoric Americans. Kristin D. Sobolik, ed
      1. Deborah M. Pearsall
    31. R Men among the Mammoths: Victorian Science and the Discovery of Human Prehistory. A. Bowdoin Van Riper
      1. James Sackett
    32. R Reconstructing Prehistory: Scientific Method in Archaeology. James A. Bell
      1. Richard A. Watson
    33. R Accidental Archaeologist. Memoirs of Jesse D. Jennings. Foreword by C. Melvin Aikens
      1. Linda S. Cordell
    34. R Late Quaternary Chronology and Paleoclimates of the Eastern Mediterranean. Ofer Bar-Yosef and Renee S. Kra, eds
      1. Anthony E. Marks
    35. R Human Adaptation. G. A. Harrison, ed
      1. A. Roberto Frisancho
    36. R Tribes, Government, and History in Yemen. Paul Dresch
      1. Daniel Martin Varisco
    37. R Women and Words in Saudi Arabia: The Politics of Literary Discourse. Saddeka Arebi
      1. Caroline Seymour-John
    38. R Hausaland Divided: Colonialism and Independence in Nigeria and Niger. William F. S. Miles
      1. Deborah Kaspin
    39. R When We Began, There Were Witchmen: An Oral History from Mount Kenya. Jeffrey A. Fadiman
      1. Brad Weiss
    40. R Nuer Prophets: A History of Prophecy from the Upper Nile in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Douglas H. Johnson
      1. Terese Svoboda
    41. R Political Economy of the Southern African Periphery: Cottage Industries, Factories, and Female Wage Labor in Swaziland Compared. Betty J. Harris
      1. Kate Crehan
    42. R Kulturen Im Bild. Eva Ch. Raabe and Herbert Wagner
      1. Simon D. Messing
    43. R Sexual Networking and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Behavioral Research and the Social Context. I. O. Orubuloye, U. C. Caldwell, P. Caldwell, and G. Santow, eds
      1. Nancy Romero-Daza
    44. R Secret Doctors: Ethnomedicine of African Americans. Wonda L. Fontenot
      1. Hans A. Baer