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    1. R Bad Day at Bukit Pekan
      1. Robert Knox Dentan
    2. R Race and Three Models of Human Origin
      1. Leonard Lieberman
        Fatimah Linda C. Jackson
    3. R From Car to House (Del coche a la casa)
      1. Stephen Gudeman
        Alberto Rivera

Articles and Essays

    1. R A Historical Archaeology of Capitalism
      1. MARK P. LEONE
    2. R On the Politics of Theorizing in a Postmodern Academy
        JUAN D. ROGERS
    3. R The Reconfiguring Self
      1. Jeannette Marie Mageo
    4. R Unstable Households in a Stable Kalahari Community in Botswana
      1. SUSAN KENT
    5. R Malayan Paleosociology
      1. ALAN G. FIX
    6. R Heterotopic Dissonance in the Museum Representation of Pacific Island Cultures
      1. MIRIAM KAHN

Film Review Essay

    1. R Ethnography and Ethnographic Film: From Flaherty to Asch and After
      1. Dan Marks

Exhibit Review Essays

    1. R Exhibit Review Essays
      1. Fred R. Myers
    2. R Genghis Khan: Treasures from Inner Mongolia. Adam Kessler, guest Curator
      1. Sarah Milledge Nelson
    3. R Exhibit Review Essays
      1. Joan M. Gero

Book Review Essays

    1. R Ruth Behar's Biography in the Shadow: A Review of Reviews: Translated Woman: Crossing the Border with Esperanza 's Story. Ruth Behar
      1. Gelya Frank
    2. R Book Review Essays
      1. Seteney Shami
    3. R Book Review Essays
      1. Frederick C. Gamst
    4. R Pilgrimage in Ancient Peru: Cahuachi in the Ancient Nasca World. Helaine Silver-man
      1. Anita Cook
    5. R Book Review Essays
      1. Hill Gates
    6. R Book Review Essays
      1. Stephen Bailey
    7. R New World Beat from Wolf Trap: Folk Masters from the Barns of Wolf Trap.
      1. Edward D. Ives
    8. R Experience Wedded in the Mind and Muscles: Turkish Traditional Art Today. Henry Glassie
      1. Sally Price
    9. R Book Review Essays
      1. Emiue Brigard
    10. R Book Review Essays
      1. Charles Kaut
    11. R Folk Laws and Folklorists: Folk Law: Essays in the Theory and Practice of Lex Non Scripte, Volumes I and II. Alison Dundes Renteln and Alan Dundes, eds
      1. Lawrence Rosen
    12. R Book Review Essays
      1. Justin Leiber

Book Reviews

    1. R The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Languages. Steven Pinker
      1. Courtney B. Cazden
    2. R Knowledge in Context: Naturalized Epistemology and Sociolinguistics. Jane Duran
      1. Asif Agha
    3. R Quarry: Closing in on the Missing Link. Noel T. Boaz
      1. Adrienne L. Zihlman
    4. R Place/Culture/Representation. James Duncan and David Ley, eds
      1. Teresa Caldeira
    5. R The Children of God: A Make-Believe Revolution? Ruth Wangerin
      1. Marilyn Trent Grunkemeyer
    6. R In the Sticks: Cultural Identity in a Rural Police Force. Malcolm Young
      1. Morris Freilich
    7. R Others Knowing Others: Perspectives on Ethnographic Careers. Don Fowler and Donald Hardesty, eds
      1. William Rodman
    8. R Gendered Anthropology. Teresa del Valle, ed
      1. Jennifer Krier
    9. R All the Mothers Are One: Hindu India and the Cultural Reshaping of Psychoanalysis. Stanley N. Kurtz
      1. Katherine P. Ewing
    10. R Women and Missions: Past and Present: Anthropological and Historical Perceptions. Fiona Bowie, Deborah Kirkwood, and Shirley Ardener, eds
      1. Michael V. Angrosino
    11. R Identity Politics and Women: Cultural Reassertions and Feminisms in International Perspective. Valentine M. Moghadam, ed
      1. Pamela R. Frese
    12. R Surrogate Motherhood: Conception in the Heart. Helena Ragone
      1. Judith Modell
    13. R Where Did All the Men Go? Female-Headed/Female-Supported Households in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Joan Mencher and Anne Okongwu, eds
      1. Virginia Kerns
    14. R Women, Education, and Family Structure in India. Carol Chapnick Mukhopadhyay and Susan Seymour, eds
      1. Karen Leonard
    15. R Our Lady of Guadalupe: Faith and Empowerment among Mexican-American Women. Jeanette Rodriguez
      1. José E. Limón
    16. R Women in Pain: Gender and Morbidity in Mexico. Kaya Finkler
      1. C. H. Browner
    17. R Bloodsucking Witchcraft: An Epistemological Study of Anthropomorphic Supernaturalism in Rural Tlaxcala. Hugo G. Nutini and John M. Roberts
      1. Garry E. Chick
    18. R Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer. Rosita Arvigo with Nadine Epstein
      1. Hilary Elise Kahn
    19. R Pushing Boundaries: Language and Culture in a Mexicano Community. Olga A. Vasquez, Lucinda Pease-Alvarez, and Sheila M. Shannon
      1. Norma Gonzalez
    20. R Lokal Musik: Lingua Franca Song and Identity in Papua New Guinea. Michael Webb
      1. Nancy Sullivan
    21. R The Crooked Stovepipe: Athapaskan Fiddle Music and Square Dancing in Northeast Alaska and Northwest Canada. Craig Mishler
      1. Robin Ridington
    22. R Language, History, and Identity: Ethnolinguistic Studies of the Arizona Tewa. Paul V. Kroskrity
      1. Greg Urban
    23. R Havasupai Legends: Religion and Mythology of the Havasupai Indians of the Grand Canyon. Carma Lee Smithson and Robert C. Euler
      1. Catherine S. Fowler
    24. R The Semantics of Time: Aspectual Categorization in Koyukon Athabaskan. Melissa Axelrod
      1. Carlota S. Smith
    25. R Thunder Rides a Black Horse: Mescalero Apaches and the Mythic Present. Claire R. Farrer
      1. Charlotte J. Frisbie
    26. R Apache Reservation: Indigenous People and the American State. Richard J. Perry
      1. Louise Lamphere
    27. R Nez Perce Dictionary. Haruo Aoki
      1. Bruce Rigsby
    28. R Loud Hawk: The United States versus the American Indian Movement. Kenneth S. Stern
      1. David E. Wilkins
    29. R They Called It Prairie Light: The Story of Chilocco Indian School. K. Tsianina Lomawaima
      1. Sally McBeth
    30. R Cinema and the Urban Poor in South India. Sara Dickey
      1. Isabelle Nabokov
    31. R The Sadhus of India: A Study of Hindu Asceticism. Robert Lewis Gross
      1. Pauline Kolenda
    32. R Le Palais et le Temple: La fonction royale dans la vallée du Nepal. Gérard Toffin
      1. Bruce McCoy Owens
    33. R Dimensions of Sociolinguistics in South Asia: Papers in Memory of Gerald B. Kelley. Edward J. Dimrock, Jr., Braj B. Kachru, and Bh. Krishnamurti, eds
      1. Kevin Tuite
    34. R Contentment and Suffering: Culture and Experience in Toraja. Douglas W. Hollan and Jane C. Wellenkamp
      1. Elizabeth Coville
    35. R Towards a Transnational Perspective on Migration: Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Nationalism Reconsidered. Nina Glick Schiller, Linda Basch, and Cristina Szanton-Blanc, eds
      1. Paul Kutsche
    36. R Voices of Migrants: Rural-Urban Migration in Costa Rica. Paul Kutsche
      1. Miles Richardson
    37. R The Saga of Anthropology in China: From Malinowski to Moscow to Mao. Gregory Eliyu Guldin
      1. Steven Harrell
    38. R Knowing Practice: The Clinical Encounter of Chinese Medicine. Judith Farquhar
      1. C. Fred Blake
    39. R Blood, Sweat, and Mahjong: Family and Enterprise in an Overseas Chinese Community. Ellen Oxfeld
      1. Jean DeBernardi
    40. R Cowboys and Cultivators: The Chinese of Inner Mongolia. Burton Pasternak and Janet Salaff
      1. Grant Ingram
    41. R Weaving the Threads of Life: The Khita Gyn-Eco-Logical Healing Cult among the Yaka. Rene Devisch
      1. Igor Kopytoff
    42. R Anthropologie Médicale en Société Creole. Jean Benoist
      1. Raymond Massé
    43. R Hierarchie und Kaste: Zur Geschichte und Politischen Struktur der Dizi in Südwest-Äthiopien. Eike Haberland
      1. Simon D. Messing
    44. R Iron, Gender, and Power: Rituals of Transformation in African Societies. Eugenia W
      1. Eric Gable
    45. R Ancient Nubia: Egypt's Rival in Africa. David O'Connor
      1. Robert J. Wenke
    46. R Anthropology of the North Pacific Rim. William W. Fltzhugh and Valérie Chaussonnet, eds
      1. Don E. Dumond
    47. R The Aegean Bronze Age. Oliver Dickinson
      1. Vance Watrous
    48. R Nuaulu Ethnozoology: A Systematic Inventory. Roy Ellen
      1. Terence E. Hays
    49. R La Escritura pictográfica en Tlaxcala: Dos mil años de experiencia mesoamericana. Luis Reyes García, ed
      1. John M. D. Pohl
    50. R "I Am Destroying the Land!“: The Political Ecology of Poverty and Environmental Destruction in Honduras. Susan C. Stonich
      1. Jean-Luc Chodkiewicz
    51. R Korrika: Basque Ritual for Ethnic Identity. Teresa del Valle
      1. Jacqueline Urla
    52. R The Family in Italy. David I. Kertzer and Richard P. Saller
      1. Paola Filippucci
    53. R Modern Greek Lessons: A Primer in Historical Constructivism. James D. Faubion
      1. Vassos Argyrou
    54. R Mother Father Deaf: Living between Sound and Silence. Paul Preston
      1. Bonnie S. Lloyd
    55. R Peripheral Visions: Learning along the Way. Mary Catherine Bateson
      1. Edith Turner