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Original Article

    1. R Abstracts


    1. R The Last White Christmas: The Heidelberg Pub Massacre
      1. Nancy Scheper-Hughes
    2. R Somalia and the Dissolution of the Nation-State 818–824
      1. Anna Simons
    3. R The Culture Concept and the Mission of the Roman Catholic Church
      1. Michael V. Angrosino

Articles and Essays

    1. R Sex the Invisible 833
      1. Ernestine Friedl
    2. R Architectural Conspicuous Consumption and Economic Change in the Andes 845
      1. Rudolf Colloredo-Mansfeld
    3. R Kevin: On the Transfer of Emotions 866
      1. Vincent Crapanzano
    4. R Struggling Along: The Possibilities for Experience among the Homeless Mentally Ill 886
      1. Robert Desjarlais
    5. R The Kuna and Columbus: Encounters and Confrontations of Discourse
      1. Joel Sherzer
    6. R Putting Anthropology Back Togedier Again: The Ethnogenetic Critique of Cladistic Theory 925
      1. John H. Moon

Film Review Essays

    1. R Vanishing Ethnographers
      1. Kirin Narayan
    2. R Ethnography in a Steam Bath
      1. Jack Kugelmass
    3. R Shifting Narratives and Mutable Meanings
      1. Patricia Aufderheide
    4. R Rastafari Voices Reach Ethiopia
      1. John Homiak

Book Review Essays

    1. R Indian Public Policy Today
      1. Vine Deloria
    2. R War in Guatemala and Exile in Florida
      1. Beatriz Manz
    3. R Reform and Revolution in Mexico
      1. Paul Friedrich
    4. R An Addictive Commodity
      1. Sidney W. Mintz
    5. R Engaging History: Historical Ethnography and Ethnology
      1. Mac Marshall
    6. R Anthropology, History, and Indonesia
      1. Suzanne Brenner
    7. R Bringing the State Back In
      1. Robert W. Hefner
    8. R Writing across the Biology-Culture Gap
      1. Barbara J. King
    9. R Encountering Ethnographic Film
      1. Jayasinhji Jhala
    10. R Objects and Practices of Nomads
      1. William C. Young
    11. R Sri Lankan Prehistory Revealed
      1. Carla Sinopoli

Book Reviews

    1. R Language and Self-Transformation: A Study of the Christian Conversion Narrative. Peter G. Stromberg
      1. James L. Peacock
    2. R Conceptualizing Religion: Immanent Anthropologists, Transcendent Natives, and Unbounded Categories. Benson Saler
      1. Charles Hirschkind
    3. R The Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe. Hilda Ellis Davidson
      1. Donna Reid
    4. R Trance and Possession in Bali: A Window on Western Multiple Personality, Possession Disorder and Suicide.Luh Ketur Suryani
      1. Erika Bourguignon
    5. R Above the Forest: A Study of Andamanese Ethnoanemology, Cosmology, and the Power of Ritual. Vishvajit Pandya
      1. Robert Knox Dentan
    6. R Pathology and Identity: The Work of Mother Earth in Trinidad. Roland Littlewood
      1. Bennetta Jules-Rosette
    7. R Cargo Cult Strange Stories of Desire from Melanesia and Beyond. Lament Lindstrom
      1. Paul Roscoe
    8. R Islands of the Dawn: The Story of Alternative Spirituality in New Zealand. Robert S. Ellwood
      1. Michael F. Brown
    9. R Science in the New Age: The Paranormal, Its Defenders and Debunkers, and American Culture. David J. Hess
      1. Edith Turner
    10. R Hopi Ruin Legends—Kiqötutuwutsi. Narrated by Michael Lomatuway'ma, Lorena Lomatuway'ma and Sidney Namingha, Jr
      1. Peter Whiteley
    11. R The Porcupine Hunter and Other Stories: The Original Tsimshian Texts of Henry Tate. Ralph Maud
      1. Richard Dauenhauer
    12. R They Write Their Dreams on the Rock Forever: Rock Writings in the Stein River Valley of British Columbia. Annie York, Richard Daly and Chris Arnett
      1. Polly Schaafsma
    13. R Wilhelm von Humboldt's Sprachwissenschaft: Ein kommentiertes Verzeichnis des sprachwissenschaftlichen Nachlasses. Kurt Mueller-Vollmer
      1. Matti Bunzl
    14. R American Indian English. William L. Leap
      1. William K. Powers
    15. R People from Our Side: A Life Story Midi Photographs and Oral Biography. Peter Pitseolak and Dorothy Harley Eber
      1. Margaret B. Blackman
    16. R Vessels of Time: An Essay on Temporal Change and Social Transformation. Ákos Östör
      1. Frederick Errington
    17. R The Culture of Coincidence: Accident and Absolute Liability in Huli. Laurence Goldman
      1. Judith T. Irvine
    18. R Reproducing Rape: Domination through Talk in the Courtroom. Gregory M. Matoesian
      1. Mary Bucholtz
    19. R American Dreams, Rural Realities: Family Farms in Crisis. Piggy F. Barlett
      1. Susan Carol Rogers
    20. R Little Brazil: An Ethnography of Brazilian Immigrants in New York City. Maxine L. Margolis
      1. Patricia Barker Lerch
    21. R Sunbelt Working Mothers: Reconciling Family and Factory. Louise Lamphere, Patricia Zavella, and Felipe Gonzales
      1. Florence E. Babb
    22. R The Hood River Issei: An Oral History of Japanese Settlers in Oregon's Hood River Valley. Linda Tamara
      1. Karen Leonard
    23. R Distant Mirrors. America as a Foreign Culture. Philip R. De Vita
      1. Richard Deutsch
    24. R Staying on the Line: Blue-Collar Women in Contemporary Japan. Glenda S. Roberts
      1. Paul H. Noguchi
    25. R Computing Myths, Class Realities. David Hakken with Barbara Andrews
      1. Robert M. Ehrenreich
    26. R Constructing Culture and Power in Latin America. Daniel H. Levine, ed.
      1. George A. Collier
    27. R History and Society in Central America. Edelberto Torres Rivas
      1. Robert Carmack
    28. R Exits from the Labyrinth: Culture and Ideology in the Mexican National SpaceClaudio Lomnitz-Adler
      1. Quetzii. E. Castaneda
    29. R Dolor y Alegria: Women and Social Change in Urban Mexico. Sarah LeVine with Clara Sunderland Correa
      1. Beverly N. Chinas
    30. R Household Ecology: Economic Change and Domestic Life among the Kekchi Maya in Belize. Richard Wilk
      1. James M. Acheson
    31. R Maya Textiles of Guatemala. Margot Blum Schevill, with a historical essay by Christopher H. Lutz.
      1. Robert S. Carlsen
    32. R Early Images of the Americas: Transfer and Invention. Jerry M. Williams and Robert E. Lewis, eds.
      1. Louise M. Burkhart
    33. R The Paradise Garden Murals of Malinalco, Utopia and Empire in Sixteenth-Century Mexico. Jeanette Favrot Peterson
      1. N. C. Christopher Couch
    34. R The Book of Tributes: Early Sixteenth-Century Nahuatl-Censuses from Morelos. S. L. Cine, ed.
      1. Susan Kellogg
    35. R Bitter Feast: Amerindians and Europeans in Northeastern North America, 1600-64. Denys Delâge
      1. William A. Starna
    36. R Réalisme de l'image féminine paléolithique. Jean-Pierre Duhard
      1. LeRoy McDermott
    37. R Fragments from Antiquity: An Archaeology of Social life in Britain, 2900-1200 BC. John C. Barrett
      1. Paul A. Shackel
    38. R The Gaulish Calendar. Garrett Olmsted
      1. David Kelley
    39. R Chronologies in Old World Archaeology, Volumes I and II. Robert W. Ehrich, ed.
      1. Sarunas Milisauskas
    40. R The First Immigrants from Asia: A Population History of the North American Indians. A. J. Jaffe.
      1. Fekri A. Hassan
    41. R Latin American Horizons: A Symposium at Dumbarton Oaks. Don Stephen Rice, ed.
      1. Philip J. Arnold Arnold
    42. R The Tainos: Rise and Decline of the People Who Greeted Columbus. Irving Rouse
      1. William F. Keegan
    43. R The Tiwanaku: Portrait of an Andean Civilization. Alan Lewis Kolata
      1. William H. Isbeli
    44. R People of the Tonto Rim: Archaeological Discovery in Prehistoric Arizona. Charles L. Redman
      1. William A. Longacre
    45. R Stress and Warfare among the Kayenta Anasazi of the Thirteenth Century A.D.Jonathan Haas and Winifred Creamer
      1. John W. Rick
    46. R The Texture of Industry: An Archaeological View of the Industrialization of North America. Robert B. Gordon and Patrick M. Malone
      1. David R. Starbuck
    47. R A Village of Outcasts: Historical Archaeology and Documentary Research at the Lighthouse Site. Kenneth L. Feder
      1. Mary Beaudry