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    1. R Editorial
      1. Janet Keller

Original Article

    1. R Missionization among the Coastal Chumash of Central California: A Study of Risk Minimization Strategies
      1. Daniel O. Larson
        John R. Johnson
        Joel C. Michaeisen
    2. R Behavioral Differences between Archaic and Modern Humans in the Levantine Mousterian
      1. Daniel E. Lieberman
        John J. Shea
    3. R Building the State, Making the Nation: The Bases and Limits of State Centralization in "Modern" Peru
      1. David Nugent
    4. R Material Culture, Geographic Propinquity, and Linguistic Affiliation on the North Coast of New Guinea: A Reanalysis of Welsch, Terrell, and Nadolski (1992)
      1. Carmella C. Moore
        A. Kimball Romney
    5. R Reply to Moore and Romney
      1. Robert L. Welsch
        John Terrell


    1. R Abraham Lincoln as Authentic Reproduction: A Critique of Postmodernism
      1. Edward M. Bruner


    1. R Methods, Misreading, and Bias
      1. Chris Stringer
        Günter Bräuer
    2. R Getting It Straight
      1. David W. Frayer
        Milford H. Wolpoff
        Alan G. Thorne
        Fred H. Smith
        Geoffrey G. Pope

Book Reviews

    1. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Breath on the Mirror: Mythic Voices and Visions of the Living Maya. Dennis Tedlock
      1. Gary H. Gossen
    2. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Calligraphic State: Textual Domination and History in a Muslim Society. Brinkley Messick
      1. Richard Antoun
    3. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Children in Time and Place: Developmental and Historical Insights. Glen H, Elder, Jr., John Modell, and Ross D. Parke, eds
      1. Barrie Thorne
    4. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Claiming the High Ground: Sherpas, Subsistence, and Environmental Change in the Highest Himalaya. Stanley F. Stevens
      1. Sherry B. Ortner
    5. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: A Coyote Reader. William Bright
      1. Paul V. Kroskrity
    6. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Double Passage: The Lives of Caribbean Migrants Abroad and Back Home. George Gmelch
      1. Linda G. Basch
    7. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Gender Play: Girls and Boys in School. Barrie Thome
      1. Carole Joffe
    8. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Imagery and Creativity: Ethnoaesthetics and Art Worlds in the Americas. Dorothea S. Whitten and Norman E. Whitten, Jr., eds
      1. Richard Wright
    9. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Inalienable Possessions: The Paradox of Keeping-While-Giving. Annette B. Weiner
      1. Valerio Valeri
    10. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Making a Market: The Institutional Transformation of an African Society. Jean Ensminger
      1. Peter Rigby
    11. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Masquerade Politics: Explorations in the Structure of Urban Cultural Movements. Abner Cohen
      1. Inga E. Treitler
    12. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Ngoma: Discourses of Healing in Central and Southern Africa. John M. Janzen
      1. Roland A. Foulkes
    13. R BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Female Choices: Sexual Behavior of Female Primates. Meredith F. Small (Andrea S. Perkins, ill)
      1. Deborah Overdorff
    14. R BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Getting Here: The Story of Human Evolution. William Howells
      1. Alan E. Mann
    15. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Human Ecology as Human Behavior: Essays in Environmental and Development Anthropology. John W. Bennett
      1. Karen Dohm
    16. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Industrial Democracy as Process: Participatory Action Research in the Fagor Cooperative Group of Mondragón. Davydd J. Greenwood and José Luis González Santos, eds
      1. John Van Willigen
    17. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Pain as Human Experience: An Anthropological Perspective. Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, Paul E. Brodwin, Byron J. Good and Arthur Kleinman, eds
      1. Merrill Singer
    18. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Practising Development: Social Science Perspectives. Johan Pottier, ed
      1. Cris Shore
    19. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Anthropology and Literature. Paul Benson, ed
      1. Nancy J. Schmidt
    20. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Conversion to Christianity: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives on a Great Transformation. Robert W. Hefner, ed
      1. Cornelia Ann Kammerer
    21. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Cultural Complexity: Studies in the Social Organization of Meaning. Ulf Hannerz
      1. Bruce Kapferer
    22. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Ethnic Identity: Formation and Transmission among Hispanics and Other Minorities. Martha E. Bernal and George P. Knight, eds
      1. Alejandro Lugo
    23. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Faces in the Clouds: A New Theory of Religion. Stewart Elliott Guthrie
      1. Ivan Brady
    24. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Feminist Messages: Coding in Women's Folk Culture. Joan Newlon Radner, ed
      1. Ruth Salvaggio
    25. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Future of Ritual: Writings on Culture and Performance. Richard Schechner
      1. Olga Nákera-Ramírez
    26. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Mimesis and Alterity: A Particular History of the Senses. Michael Taussig
      1. Robert A. Paul
    27. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: New Directions in Psychological Anthropology. Theodore Schwartz, Geoffrey M. White, and Catherine A. Lutz, eds
      1. Daniel T. Linger
    28. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Nomadic Alternative. Thomas J. Barfield
      1. Elliot Fratkin
    29. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Religion and Magic in the Life of Traditional Peoples. Alice B. Child and Irvin L. Child
      1. Pascal Boyer
    30. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Rereading Cultural Anthropology. George C. Marcus, ed
      1. Kamala Visweswaran
    31. R ARCHEOLOGY: The American Southwest and Mesoamerica: Systems of Prehistoric Exchange. Jonathan E. Ericson and Timothy G. Baugh, eds
      1. Gary Feinman
    32. R ARCHEOLOGY: Early Pottery in the Southeast: Tradition and Innovation in Cooking Technology. Kenneth E. Sassaman
      1. James B. Stoltman
    33. R ARCHEOLOGY: Ethnohistory and Archaeology: Approaches to Postcontact Change in the Americas. J. Daniel Rogers and Samuel W. Wilson, eds
      1. Julia G. Costello
    34. R ARCHEOLOGY: In Search of the Neanderthals: Solving the Puzzle of Human Origins. Christopher Stringer and Clive Gamble
      1. Pat Shipman
    35. R ARCHEOLOGY: Phytolith Systematics: Emerging Issues. George Rapp, Jr., and Susan C. Mullholland, eds
      1. C. Wesley Cowan
    36. R ARCHEOLOGY: Precolumbian Jade: New Geological and Cultural Interpretations. Frederick W. Lange, ed
      1. Gordon R. Willey
    37. R ARCHEOLOGY: Prehistoric Cannibalism at Mancos 5MTUMR-2346. Tim D. White
      1. Philip Rightmire
    38. R LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY: The African Heritage of American English. Joseph E. Holloway and Winifred K. Vass
      1. Salikoko S. Mufwene
    39. R LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY: The Child's Path to Spoken Language. John L. Locke
      1. Carol Erting
    40. R LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY: Social Motivations for Codeswitching: Evidence from Africa. Carol Myers-Scotton
      1. Casmir Rubagumya
    41. R LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY: Spiritual Discourse: Learning with an Islamic Master. Frances Trix
      1. Jon W. Anderson

Film Reviews

    1. R A Propos de Tristes Tropiques 1991. A film by Jean-Pierre Beaurenaut, Jorge Bodanzky, and Patrick Menget. 46 minutes, color
      1. Jean-Paul Dumont
    2. R Mind, Body, Spirit, Herbs, Drugs, AIDS: A Cautionary Tale. 1993. A video documentary by Philip Singer. 52 minutes, color
      1. Robert Anderson
    3. R Bake Restudy 1984. 1990. A video by Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy and Amy Ruth Catlin, 60 minutes, color
      1. Joan Erdman
    4. R Songs in Minto Life. 1986. 30 minutes, color. Tanana River Rat. 1989. 57 minutes, color. Hitting Sticks—Healing Hearts. 1991. 58 minutes, color. Three videos by Curt Madison (consultants, Minto Village Council)
      1. Ann Fienup-Riordan
    5. R Looking for a Good Deal (El Trato en Las Alpujarras). 1992. A film by Naomi Vera-Sanso 52 minutes, color
      1. James Fernandez
    6. R Female Circumcision: Beliefs and Misbeliefs 1992. A film by the Inter-African Committee. 18 minutes, color
      1. Ellen Gruenbaum

Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews

    1. R A Tribute to Survival. Nancy Oestrich Lurie, project director. James Kelly, designer
      1. Jacki Thompson Rand
    2. R Community and Continuity. The Museum at Warm Springs. Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation, Warm Springs, Oregon
      1. James Nason
    3. R Times-Mirror Hall of Native American Cultures and Art. Margaret Hardin, curator. Jean Jacque Andre, designer
      1. Paul Apodaca