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Original Article

    1. R Global Integration and Subsistence Insecurity
      1. June Nash
    2. R Economic Mediation and the Power of Associations: Toward a Concept of Encompassment
      1. Edward LiPuma
        Sarah Keene Meltzoff
    3. R The Power of the Imagined Community: The Settlement of Undocumented Mexicans and Central Americans in the United States
      1. Leo R. Chavez
    4. R W. Montague Cobb (1904–1990): Physical Anthropologist, Anatomist, and Activist
      1. Lesley M. Rankin-Hill
        Michael L. Blakey
    5. R After the Revolution: Post-Neolithic Subsistence in Northern Mesopotamia
      1. Melinda A. Zeder

Review Article

    1. R Differentiating Women/Bodies of Knowledge
      1. Virginia R. Dominguez


    1. R In Defense of "Eve"—A Response to Templeton's Critique
      1. Mark Stoneking
    2. R "Eve": Hypothesis Compatibility versus Hypothesis Testing
      1. Alan R. Templeton
    3. R Comment on "A Current Controversy in Human Evolution"
      1. Clifton Amsbury
    4. R Resolving the Archaic-to-Modern Transition
      1. Grover S. Krantz
    5. R Reply to Krantz
      1. Leslie C. Aiello
    6. R Reply
      1. David W. Frayer
        Milford H. Wolpoff
        Alan G. Thorne
        Fred H. Smith
        Geoffrey G. Pope
    7. R Anthropology and Adoption
      1. John Terrell
        Judith Modell
    8. R Agricultural Origins in the American Midwest: A Comment on Charles
      1. Michael Rosenberg
    9. R Perception and Evolution: A Reply to Rosenberg
      1. Douglas K. Charles
    10. R Imaginary Ethics and Prehistoric Paradigms
      1. Allen Feldman

Book Review

    1. R LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY: The Contextiialization of Language. Peter Auer and Aldo di Luzio
      1. Sandra A. Thompson
    2. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Americas Before and After 1492: Current Geographical Research. Karl W. Butzer
      1. Miles Richardson
    3. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Belonging in the Two Berlins: Kin, State, Nation. John Borneman
      1. Dorothy J. Rosenberg
    4. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community. Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy and Madeline D. Davis
      1. Ellen Lewin
    5. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Buddhism Betrayed? Religion, Politics, and Violence in Sri Lanka. Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah
      1. Bruce Kapferer
    6. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Dangerous Encounters: Meanings of Violence in a Brazilian City. Daniel Touro Linger
      1. Richard G. Parker
    7. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Equatoria. Richard Price and Sally Price
      1. Brackette Williams
    8. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: A History of Youth. Michael Mitterauer (Graeme Dunphy, trans.)
      1. Alice Schlegel
    9. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Kava: The Pacific Drug. Vincent Lebot, Mark Merlin, and Lamont Lindstrom
      1. Mac Marshall
    10. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Orayvi Revisited: Social Stratification in an 'Egalitarian' Society. Jerrold E. Levy with assistance from Barbara Pepper
      1. Richard O. Clemmer
    11. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Prairie Patrimony: Family, Farming, and Community in the Midwest. Sonya Salamon
      1. Thomas Arcury
    12. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Unplanned Society: Poland During and After Communism. Janine R. Wedel
      1. Maryjane Osa
    13. R SOCIAL/CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: You Don't Need Four Women to Play Shakespeare: Bias in Contemporary American Theatre. Ida Prosky
      1. Susan Seizer
    14. R BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Cambridge World History of Human Disease. Kenneth F. Kiple
      1. Ted A. Rathbun
    15. R BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Evolution and Dispersal of Modern Humans in Asia. Takeru Akazawa, Kenichi Aoki and Tasuku Kimura
      1. Milford H. Wolpoff
    16. R BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Fossil Man of Monte Circeo: Fifty Years of Studies on the Neandertals in Latium: Proceedings of the Symposium Held in Sabaudia (Latina, Italy), October 19–21, 1989. Amilcare Bietti and Giorgio Manzi
      1. Fred H. Smith
    17. R BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Isolation, Migration and Health: 33rd Symposium Volume of the Society for the Study of Human Biology. D. F. Roberts, N. Fujiki, and K. Torizuka
      1. Emöke Szathmary
    18. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Anthropology, Public Policy and Native Peoples in Canada. Noel Dyck and James B. Waldram
      1. Bruce G. Miller
    19. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Development or Destruction: The Conversion of Tropical Forest to Pasture in Latin America. Theodore E. Downing, Susanna B. Hecht, Henry A. Pearson, Carmen Garcia
      1. Donald Pollock
    20. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: Selected Papers on Refugee Issues. Pamela A. DeVoe
      1. Allan F. Burns
    21. R APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY: The Social Basis of Health and Healing in Africa. Steven Feierman and John M. Janzen
      1. Ira E. Harrison
    22. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Alcohol, Gender and Culture. Dimitra Gefou-Madianou
      1. Joan Weibel-Oriando
    23. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Anahulu. The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Volume 1: Historical Ethnography. Marshall Sahlins with Dorothy B. Barrère
      1. Aletta Biersack
    24. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Anahulu. The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Volume 2: The Archaeology of History. Patrick V. Kirch (with Marshall Sahlins, Marshall Weisler, and Matthew Spriggs
      1. Patrick C. McCoy
    25. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Ethnomedicine. Mark Nichter
      1. Donald Pollock
    26. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Anthropological Studies of Witchcraft, Magic and Religion. Brian P. Levack
      1. Phillips Stevens
    27. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Barter, Exchange and Value: An Anthropological Approach. Caroline Humphrey and Stephen Hugh-Jones
      1. Fred Damon
    28. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Contemporary Futures: Perspectives from Social Anthropology. Sandra Wallman
      1. Jocelyn Linnekin
    29. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Culture and Contradiction: Dialectics of Wealth, Power, and Symbol. Hermine G. De Soto
      1. Allen F. Roberts
    30. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Elements for an Anthropology of Technology. Pierre Lemonnier
      1. Michael Brian Schiffer
    31. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Ethnographer's Magic and Other Essays in the History of Anthropology. George W. Stocking, Jr.
      1. Daniel A. Segal
    32. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Ethnopsychiatiy: The Cultural Construction of Professional and Folk Psychiatries. Atwood D. Gaines
      1. Ellen Corin
    33. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Foreign Bodies: Performance, Art, and Symbolic Anthropology. A. David Napier
      1. Donald Pollock
    34. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Franz Boas: Ethnologe, Anthropologe, Sprachwissenschaftler. Ein Wegbereiter der modernen Wissenschaft vom Menschen. Michael Dürr, Erich Kasten, and Egon Renner
      1. Matti Bunzi
    35. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: In the Shadow of Antichrist: The Old Believers of Alberta. David Scheffel
      1. Kenelm Burridge
      1. James W. Wessman
    37. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Musical Repercussions of 1492: Encounters in Text and Performance. Carol E. Robertson
      1. Robert Witmer
    38. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Reproducing the Future: Essays on Anthropology, Kinship and the New Reproductive Technologies. Marilyn Strathern
      1. Donna Haraway
    39. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Tourism and the Less Developed Countries. David Harrison
      1. Marlene Dobkin Rios
    40. R GENERAL/THEORETICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Wealth and Rebellion: Elsie Clews Parsons, Anthropologist and Folklorist. Rosemary Levy Zumwalt
      1. Louise Lamphere
    41. R ARCHEOLOGY: Art, Ideology, and the City of Teotihuacan: A Symposium at Dumbarton Oaks, 8th and 9th October 1988. Janet Catherine Berlo
      1. David Grove
    42. R ARCHEOLOGY: Long-Term Subsistence Change in Prehistoric North America. Dale R. Croes, Rebecca A. Hawkins, and Barry Isaac
      1. Kenneth M. Ames
    43. R ARCHEOLOGY: Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology 3: Symposium Held April 27-May 1, 1992, San Francisco, CA. Pamela B. Vandiver, James R. Druzik, George Segan Wheeler, and Ian C. Free
      1. J. M. Adovasio
    44. R ARCHEOLOGY: Principles of Geoarchaeology: A North American Perspective. Michael R. Waters
      1. Reid Ferring
    45. R ARCHEOLOGY: Rivers of Change: Essays on Early Agriculture in Eastern North America. Bruce D. Smith
      1. Gary Crites

Film Review

    1. R Film Reviews
      1. Jay Ruby
    2. R Film Reviews
      1. Soheir A. Morsy
    3. R Männer im Ring. 1990. 75 minutes, color. A film by Erich Langjahr
      1. Patricia R. Gibson

Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Review

    1. R Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews
      1. Nkiru Nzegwu
    2. R Hall of Human Biology and Evolution. Ian Tattersall, curator. J. Willard Whitson, designer
      1. Jonathan Marks
    3. R Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews
      1. Florene Whitehorse-Taylor
    4. R Beyond the Java Sea: Art of Indonesia's Outer Islands. Paul Michael Taylor and Lorraine V. Aragon
      1. Toby Alice Volkman
    5. R Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews
      1. Ákos Östör