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Contemporary Issues Forum

    1. R A Current Controversy in Human Evolution. Overview
      1. Robert W. Sussman
    2. R Theories of Modern Human Origins: The Paleontological Test
      1. David W. Frayer
        Mieford H. Wolpoff
        Alan G. Thorne
        Fred H. Smith
        Geoffrey G. Pope
    3. R The "Eve" Hypotheses: A Genetic Critique and Reanalysis
      1. Alan R. Templeton
    4. R The Fossil Evidence for Modern Human Origins in Africa: A Revised View
      1. Leslie C. Aiello

Original Article

    1. R Emergent Properties of Balinese Water Temple Networks: Coadaptation on a Rugged Fitness Landscape
      1. J. Stephen Lansing
        James N. Kremer
    2. R Pre-Hispanic Political Change and the Role of Maize in the Central Andes of Peru
      1. Christine A. Hastorf
        Sissel Johannessen


    1. R Torture in the Archives: Mayans Meet Europeans
      1. Dennis Tedlock


    1. R The Net and the Bow in the Ituri
      1. Paul B. Roscoe
    2. R Reply to Roscoe
      1. Bryan Curran
        David S. Wilkie
    3. R Dowry: Who Competes for What?
      1. Alice Schlegel
    4. R Testing Explanatory Models of Dowry: A Reply to Schlegel
      1. Steven J. C. Gaulin
        James S. Boster
    5. R Dowry Disputes: A Reply to Schlegel
      1. Mildred Dickemann
    6. R Comment on Shaara and Strathern
      1. Erika Bourguignon
        Lenora Greenbaum Ucko
    7. R Book Reviews as Comic Opera: Reply to Bourguignon
      1. Susan Parman
    8. R Oigame! Oigame!: A Kindly Reply
      1. Tanya L. Coen
        Michael J. Higgins
        John Payne

Book Reviews

    1. R Biological Anthropology: Black Mesa Anasazi Health: Reconstructing Life from Patterns of Death and Disease. Debra L. Martin, Alan H. Goodman, George J. Armelagos, and Ann L. Magennis.
      1. Douglas H. Ubelaker
    2. R Biological Anthropology: The Egalitarians—Human and Chimpanzee: An Anthropological View of Social Organization. Margaret Power.
      1. Frances White
    3. R Biological Anthropology: Life and Death in the Ancient City of Teotihuacan: A Modern Paleodemographic Synthesis. Rebecca Storey.
      1. Alan Goodman
    4. R Biological Anthropology: Mammoths, Mastodonts, and Elephants: Biology, Behavior, and the Fossil Record. Gary Haynes.
      1. Anna K. Behrensmeyer
    5. R Biological Anthropology: The Monkeys of Arashiyama: Thirty-Five Years of Research in Japan and the West. Linda Marie Fedigan and Pamela J. Asquith
      1. Donald Stone Sade
    6. R Applied Anthropology: Children of the Cities. Jo Boyden (with Pat Holden)
      1. Judith Modell
    7. R Applied Anthropology: Japanese/American Technological Innovation: The Influence of Cultural Differences on Japanese and American Innovation in Advanced Materials. W. David Kingery
      1. Samuel K. Coleman
    8. R Applied Anthropology: Small-Scale Fishery Development: Sociocultural Perspectives. John J. Poggie and Richard B. Pollnac
      1. James R. McGoodwin
    9. R Applied Anthropology: Sociability and Intoxication: Alcohol and Drinking in Kenya, Africa, and the Modern World. Juha Partanen.
      1. Robert G. Carlson
    10. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Alterity, Identity, Image: Selves and Others in Society and Scholarship. Raymond Corbey and Joep Leerssen
      1. Catherine Besteman
    11. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Artificial Believers: The Ascription of Belief. Afzal Ballim and Yorick Wilks.
      1. F. K. Lehman
    12. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Beyond Metaphor: The Theory of Tropes in Anthropology. James W. Fernandez
      1. Ben G. Blount
    13. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Beyond the Family: The Social Organization of Human Reproduction. A. F. Robertson.
      1. Paul Bohannan
    14. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Blood Libel Legend: A Casebook in Anti-Semitic Folklore. Alan Dundes
      1. Haya Bar-Itzhak
    15. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Caring for Patients from Different Cultures: Case Studies from American Hospitals. Geri-Ann Galanti.
      1. Robert S. Weppner
    16. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Chiefdoms: Power, Economy, and Ideology. Timothy Earle
      1. Michael S. Nassaney
    17. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Coevolution: Genes, Culture, and Human Diversity. William H. Durham.
      1. J. N. Spuhler
    18. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Conflict Resolution: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Kevin Avruch, Peter W. Black, and Joseph A. Scimecca
      1. Keith F. Otterbein
    19. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Contexts of Accommodation: Developments in Applied Sociolinguistics. Howard Giles, Justine Coupland, and Nikolas Coupland
      1. Karen Adams
    20. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Dictionnaire de l'ethnologie et de l'anthropologie. Pierre Bonte and Michel Izard
      1. Mahir Şaul
    21. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Gender at the Crossroads of Knowledge: Feminist Anthropology in the Postmodern Era. Micaela di Leonardo
      1. A. Lynn Bolles
    22. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Comes From and Why. Ellen Dissanayake.
      1. Richard L. Anderson
    23. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Invention of Basic Colour Terms. Barbara Ann Christine Saunders.
      1. James Stanlaw
    24. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: L'idéologie allemande: France-Allemagne et retour. Louis Dumont.
      1. Hervé Varenne
    25. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Les complexités de l'alliance, Volume 1: Les systèmes semi-complexes. Françoise Héritier-Augé and Elisabeth Copet-Rougier
      1. Alma Gottlieb
    26. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Les complexités de l'alliance, Volume 2: Les systèmes complexes d'alliance matrimoniale. Françoise Héritier-Augé and Elisabeth Copet-Rougier
      1. Joëlle Bahloul
    27. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Nervous System. Michael Taussig.
      1. Richard Fox
    28. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Partial Connections. Marilyn Strathern.
      1. Debbora Battaglia
    29. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Psychoanalytic Study of Society, Volume 16: Essays in Honor of A. Irving Hallowell. L. Bryce Boyer and Ruth M. Boyer
      1. John M. Ingham
    30. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Social Science and the Self: Personal Essays on an Art Form. Susan Krieger.
      1. Marilyn Strathern
    31. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Tragedy of Evolution: The Human Animal Confronts Modern Society. Michio Kitahara.
      1. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy
    32. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Transitions et subordinations au capitalisme. Maurice Godelier
      1. Michel-Rolph Trouillot
    33. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Unthinking Social Science: The Limits of Nineteenth-Century Paradigms. Immanuel Wallerstein.
      1. Richard P. Chaney
    34. R Archeology: Ancient Road Networks and Settlement Hierarchies in the New World. Charles D. Trombold
      1. Michael E. Smith
    35. R Archeology: Cerro Palenque: Power and Identity on the Maya Periphery. Rosemary A. Joyce.
      1. Linnea Wren
    36. R Archeology: The Civilization of the Goddess: The World of Old Europe. Marija Gimbutas (Joan Marler, ed.)
      1. Ruth Tringham
    37. R Archeology: Cuello: An Early Maya Community in Belize. Norman Hammond
      1. David M. Pendergast
    38. R Archeology: Domestic Ceramic Production and Spatial Organization: A Mexican Case Study in Ethnoarchaeology. Philip J. Arnold III.
      1. Miriam T. Stark
    39. R Archeology: Early Antiquity. I. M. Diahonoff, volume ed. Philip L. Kohl
      1. Piotr Michalowski
    40. R Archeology: Feeding Cities: Specialized Animal Economy in the Ancient Near East. Melinda A. Zeder.
      1. Gil Stein
    41. R Archeology: Foragers in Context: Long-Term, Regional and Historical Perspectives in Hunter-Gatherer Studies. Preston T. Miracle, Lynn E. Fisher, and Jody Brown
      1. Steven R. Simms
    42. R Archeology: Ice Age Hunters of the Rockies. Dennis J. Stanford and Jane S. Day: Clovis: Origins and Adaptations. Robson Bonnichsen and Karen L. Turnmire
      1. Robert L. Kelly
    43. R Archeology: The Incas and Their Ancestors: The Archaeology of Peru. Michael E. Moseley.
      1. Helaine Silverman
    44. R Archeology: Lords of the Southeast: Social Inequality and the Native Elites of Southeastern North America. Alex W. Barker and Timothy R. Pauketat
      1. Sissel Schroeder
    45. R Archeology: The Origin and Development of the Pueblo Katsina Cult. E. Charles Adams.
      1. Michelle Hegmon
    46. R Archeology: The Origins of Southwestern Agriculture. R. G. Matson.
      1. Suzanne K. Fish
    47. R Archeology: Perspectives on the Past: Theoretical Biases in Mediterranean Hunter-Gatherer Research. Geoffrey A. Clark
      1. Michael Chazan
    48. R Archeology: Pre-Columbian Art: Investigations and Insights. Hildegard Delgado Pang.
      1. Janet C. Berlo
    49. R Archeology: Processual and Postprocessual Archaeologies: Multiple Ways of Knowing the Past. Robert W. Preucel
      1. Christopher Chippindale
    50. R Archeology: Yesterday's River: The Archaeology of 10,000 Years along the Tennessee-Tombighee Waterway. David S. Brose.
      1. Christopher S. Peebles
    51. R Linguistic Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Pragmatics: The Semantics of Human Interaction. Anna Wierzbicka.
      1. Jeff Connor-Linton
    52. R Linguistic Anthropology: Endangered Languages. Robert H. Robins and Eugenis M. Uhlenbeck
      1. Bruce L. Pearson
    53. R Linguistic Anthropology: Itzá Maya Texts, with a Grammatical Overview. Charles Andrew Hofling.
      1. Laura Martin
    54. R Linguistic Anthropology: Language and Symbolic Power. Pierre Bourdieu (John B. Thompson, ed.; Gino Raymond and Matthew Adamson, trans.)
      1. John Heritage
    55. R Linguistic Anthropology: Power in Family Discourse. Richard J. Watts.
      1. Sam Vuchinich
    56. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Women of the Apache Nation: Voices of Truth. H. Henrietta Stockel.
      1. Claire R. Farrer
    57. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Les enfants de la lune: L'albinisme chez les Amérindiens. Pascale Jeambrun and Bernard Sergent.
      1. Rik Pinxten
    58. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Pobladores: Hispanic Americans of the Ute Frontier. Frances Leon Quintana.
      1. Richard O. Clemmer
    59. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Shadowed Lives: Undocumented Immigrants in American Society. Leo R. Chavez.
      1. Allan F. Burns
    60. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Crossing Cultural Borders: Education for Immigrant Families in America. Concha Delgado-Gaitan and Henry Trueba.
      1. Erica McClure
    61. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Caribbean New York: Black Immigrants and the Politics of Race. Philip Kasinitz.
      1. Robert Lawless
    62. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Deconstructing America: Representations of the Other. Peter Mason.
      1. Crisca Bierwert
    63. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Engineering Culture: Control and Commitment in a High-Tech Corporation. Gideon Kunda.
      1. David Hakken
    64. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Gay Culture in America: Essays from the Field. Gilbert Herdt
      1. Walter L. Williams
    65. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Histoire de Lynx. Claude Lévi-Strauss.
      1. Donald Pollock
    66. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: La mitad del mundo: Cuerpo y cosmos en los rituales Otomíes. Jacques Galinier.
      1. William L. Merrill
    67. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Ignacio: The Diary of a Maya Indian of Guatemala. James D. Sexton
      1. Victor D. Montejo
    68. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Huarochirí Manuscript: A Testament of Ancient and Colonial Andean Religion. Frank Salomon and George L. Urioste
      1. Gary Urton
    69. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Of Mixed Blood: Kinship and History in Peruvian Amazonia. Peter Gow.
      1. Peter Wade
    70. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: War of Shadows: The Struggle for Utopia in the Peruvian Amazon. Michael F. Brown and Eduardo Fernández.
      1. Beth A. Conklin
    71. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: African Polyphony and Poly rhythm: Musical Structure and Methodology. Simha Arom (Martin Thorn, Barbara Tuckett, and Raymond Boyd, trans.)
      1. Bokoor African Popular Music Archives Foundation
    72. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Africa and Africans in the Making of the Atlantic World, 1400–1680. John Thornton.
      1. Arlene Torres
    73. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Behavioral Ecology of Efe Pygmy Men in the Ituri Forest, Zaire. Robert C. Bailey.
      1. P. Bion Griffin
    74. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Zimbabwe's Guerrilla War: Peasant Voices. Norma J. Kriger.
      1. Leroy Vail
    75. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Verbal Arts in Madagascar: Performance in Historical Perspective. Lee Haring.
      1. Robert K. Herbert
    76. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Sacred Void: Spatial Images of Work and Ritual among the Giriama of Kenya. David Parkin.
      1. Brad Weiss
    77. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Comforts of Home: Prostitution in Colonial Nairobi. Luise White.
      1. Nici Nelson
    78. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Politics of Harmony: Land Dispute Strategies in Swaziland. Laurel L. Rose.
      1. James Ferguson
    79. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Poetics of Military Occupation: Mzeina Allegories of Bedouin Identity under Israeli and Egyptian Rule. Smadar Lavie.
      1. Robert Paine
    80. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Arab Voices: The Human Rights Debate in the Middle East. Kevin Dwyer.
      1. Julie Peteet
    81. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Meat: A Natural Symbol. Nick Fiddes.
      1. Thomas Johnston-O'Neill
    82. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Beyond the Glass Case: The Past, the Heritage and the Public in Britain. Nick Merriman.
      1. Eric Gable
    83. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Polish Jews in Paris: The Ethnography of Memory. Jonathan Boyarin.
      1. Kenneth Brown
    84. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Tribal Thought and Culture: Essays in Honour of Surajit Chandra Sinha. Baidyanath Saraswati
      1. Charles W. Nuckolls
    85. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Imperial Metaphor: Popular Religion in China. Stephan Feuchtwang.
      1. John R. Shepherd
    86. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: An Old State in New Settings: Studies in the Social Anthropology of China in Memory of Maurice Freedman. Hugh D. R. Baker and Stephan Feuchtwang
      1. P. Steven Sangren
    87. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Chosen Women in Korean Politics: An Anthropological Study. Chung-Hee Soh.
      1. Nancy Abelmann
    88. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Identity through History: Living Stories in a Solomon Islands Society. Geoffrey M. White.
      1. Virginia R. Dominguez
    89. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Mundugumor: From the Field Notes of Margaret Mead and Reo Fortune. Nancy McDowell.
      1. Nancy C. Lutkehaus
    90. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Two Worlds: First Meetings between Maori and Europeans, 1642–1772. Anne Salmond.
      1. Ivan Brady
    91. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Music and Dance of Aboriginal Australia and the South Pacific: The Effects of Documentation on the Living Tradition. Alice Marshall Moyle
      1. Jacob Wainwright Love

Film Reviews

    1. R Cakchiquel Maya of San Antonio Palapo. 1991. A film by Bruce MacDonald
      1. R. Jon McGee
    2. R Djungguwan at Gurka'wuy. 1989. A film by Ian Dunlop
      1. Fred R. Myers
    3. R Legacy. 1991. A series of six videos by Peter Spry-Leverton.
      1. Robert Wenke
    4. R Quiet Passages: The Japanese-American War Bride Experience. 1990. A film by Jerry Schultz.: Moving Mountains: The Story of the Yiu Mien. 1990. A film by Elaine Velazquez.: Rebuilding the Temple: Cambodians in America. 1991. A film by Claudia Levin and Lawrence Hott.: Samsara. 1990. A film by Ellen Bruno.
      1. Malcolm Collier
    5. R Releasing the Spirits: A Village Cremation in Bali. 1991. A film by Patsy Asch, Linda Connor, and Tim Asch.
      1. Susan Rodgers
    6. R Weavers in Ahuiran. 1990. A film by Beate Engelbrecht and Ulrike Keyser.
      1. Stacy B. Schaefer

Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews

    1. R Ju/Wasi: Bushmen of the Kalahari. Irven DeVore, Barbara Isaac, Allan L. Marea, John Yellen, Susan A. M. Shumaker, and Kathleen K. Skelly
      1. Sally McBrearty
    2. R 12,000 Years in Maine: An Archaeological Exhibition. Bruce Bourque
      1. Parker B. Potter
    3. R As We Tell Our Stories: Living Traditions and the Algonkian Peoples of Indian New England. Lynne Williamson
      1. James C. Faris
    4. R People of the Southwest. Wirt H. Wills III
      1. Stephen H. Lekson
    5. R Eyewitness at Wounded Knee. Richard E. Jensen, R. Eli Paul, and John E. Carter.
      1. Raymond J. DeMallie