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Contemporary Issues Forum

    1. R Contested Pasts and the Practice of Anthropology
      1. Jonathan D. Hill
    2. R Archeology and the First Americans
      1. Randall H. McGuire
    3. R The Past in the Future: History and the Politics of Identity
      1. Jonathan Friedman

Original Article

    1. R The Ecology of Wealth-in-People: Agriculture, Settlement, and Society on the Perpetual Frontier
      1. A. Endre Nyerges
    2. R Beyond State Collapse: Rural History, Raised Fields, and Pastoralism in the South Andes
      1. Gray Graffam
    3. R Shading the Past: Models in Archeology
      1. Douglas K. Charles


    1. R Processes of Community Formation
      1. Pnina Werbner
    2. R Do Other Cultures Have "Art"?
      1. Richard L. Anderson
    3. R Sociobiology and Incest Avoidance: A Critical Look at a Critical Review
      1. Jim Moore
    4. R Sociobiology and Incest Avoidance: A Critical Look at a Critical Review Critique
      1. Gregory C. Leavitt
    5. R Tracing the Topography of Wealth in Lesotho: A Comment on Ferguson
      1. Robert Shanafelt
    6. R Reply to Shanafelt
      1. James Ferguson
    7. R Status and Power in Classic Maya Society: The View from Tikal
      1. William A. Haviland
    8. R Variation in Classic Maya Sociopolitical Organization
      1. Julia A. Hendon

Book Review

    1. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Inujjuamiut Foraging Strategies: Evolutionary Ecology of an Arctic Hunting Economy. Eric Alden Smith. Foundations of Human Behavior
      1. Ernest S. Burch
    2. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Animal Rights, Human Rights: Ecology, Economy and Ideology in the Canadian Arctic. George Wenzel.
      1. Joel Savishinsky
    3. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Alcohol in Human Violence. Kai Pernanen. Guilford Substance Abuse Series
      1. Mac Marshall
    4. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Mashpee Indians: Tribe on Trial. Jack Campisi. The Iroquois and Their Neighbors
      1. Kathleen Bragdon
    5. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Cherokees: A Population History. Russell Thornton with C. Matthew Snipp and Nancy Breen. Indians of the Southeast
      1. Duane H. King
    6. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Shades of Black: Diversity in African-American Identity. William E. Cross, Jr.
      1. Lawrence A. Hirschfeld
    7. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Families We Choose: Lesbians, Gays, Kinship. Kath Weston. Between Men, Between Women
      1. Anne Bolin
    8. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Educated in Romance: Women, Achievement, and College Culture. Dorothy C. Holland and Margaret A. Eisenhart.
      1. Faye Ginsburg
    9. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Expected Miracles: Surgeons at Work. Joan Cassell.
      1. Thomas W. Maretzki
    10. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: In Search of Human Nature: The Decline and Revival of Darwinism in American Social Thought. Carl N. Degler.
      1. Bobbi S. Low
    11. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Harmony Ideology: Justice and Control in a Zapotec Mountain Village. Laura Nader.
      1. Carol Greenhouse
    12. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Textile Traditions of Mesoamerica and the Andes: An Anthology. Margot Blum Schevill, Janet Catherine Berlo, and Edward B. Dwyer, eds. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol. 1393. Studies in Ethnic Art, Vol. 2
      1. Patricia Anawalt
    13. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Nation-States and Indians in Latin America. Greg Urban and Joel Sherzer, eds. Symposia on Latin America Series, Institute of Latin American Studies
      1. Norman E. Whitten
    14. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Peasants on the Edge: Crop, Cult, and Crisis in the Andes. William P. Mitchell.
      1. Michael Chibnik
    15. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: From the Fat of Our Souls: Social Change, Political Process, and Medical Pluralism in Bolivia. Libbet Crandon-Malamud. Comparative Studies of Health Systems and Medical Care
      1. Dwight B. Heath
    16. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Carnivals, Rogues, and Heroes: An Interpretation of the Brazilian Dilemma. Roberto DaMatta (John Drury, trans.). First English edition
      1. Daniel T. Linger
    17. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Sugarball: The American Game, The Dominican Dream. Alan M. Klein.
      1. James Loucky
    18. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Between Two Islands: Dominican International Migration. Sherri Grasmuck and Patricia R. Pessar.
      1. Jorge Duany
    19. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: African Stars: Studies in Black South African Performance. Veit Erlmann. Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology
      1. Wolfgang Bender
    20. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Of Revelation and Revolution: Christianity, Colonialism, and Consciousness in South Africa, Volume I. Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff.
      1. Sally Falk Moore
    21. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Gender in Crisis: Women and the Palestinian Resistance Movement. Julie M. Peteet.
      1. Sondra Hale
    22. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Coastal Economies, Cultural Accounts: Human Ecology and Icelandic Discourse. Gísli Pálsson. Themes in Social Anthropology
      1. Myrdene Anderson
    23. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Formations of Violence: The Narrative of the Body and Political Terror in Northern Ireland. Allen Feldman.
      1. Thomas M. Wilson
    24. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Child Sexual Abuse. Jean La Fontaine.
      1. Jill E. Korbin
    25. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Le musée d'ethnographie du Trocadéro (1878–1908): Anthropologic et muséologie en France. Nélia Dias.
      1. Joan Leopold
    26. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: One Hundred Towers: An Italian Odyssey of Cultural Survival. Lola Romanucci-Ross.
      1. Hugo G. Nutini
    27. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Politics and the Sciences of Culture in Germany, 1840–1920. Woodruff D. Smith.
      1. Michael Heinrich
    28. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Ethnofilm: Katalog, Beiträge, Interviews. Daniel Dall'Agnolo, Barbara Etterich, and Marc-Olivier Gonseth, eds. Ethnologica Helvetica, 15
      1. Karl G. Heider
    29. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: National Ideology under Socialism: Identity and Cultural Politics in Ceauşescu's Romania. Katherine Verdery. Societies and Culture in East-Central Europe
      1. Richard Handler
    30. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: High Religion: A Cultural and Political History of Sherpa Buddhism. Sherry B. Ortner.
      1. N. J. Allen
    31. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Mesocosm: Hinduism and the Organization of a Traditional Newar City in Nepal. Robert I. Levy (with Kedar Raj Rajopadhyaya)
      1. Todd Lewis
    32. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Muslim Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People's Republic. Dru C. Gladney. Harvard East Asian Monographs, 149
      1. Norma Diamond
    33. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: American Enterprise in Japan. Tomoko Hamada. SUNY Series in the Anthropology of Work
      1. Justin D. Niehoff
    34. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Political Economy in Vietnam. Kathleen Gough. Sunderlal Series in Humanistic Social Sciences, 2 (Ved Prakash Vatuk, general ed.)
      1. Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet
    35. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Sumatran Politics and Poetics: Gayo History, 1900–1989. John R. Bowen.
      1. Donald E. Brown
    36. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Managing Turbulent Hearts: A Balinese Formula for Living. Unni Wikan.
      1. Margaret Wiener
    37. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Gender, Genre, and Power in South Asian Expressive Traditions. Arjun Appadurai, Frank J. Korom, and Margaret A. Mills. South Asia Seminar Series
      1. Mary Hancock
    38. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Fiji: Race and Politics in an Island State. Michael C. Howard.
      1. Robert Norton
    39. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: A History of Medicine in Papua New Guinea: Vignettes of an Earlier Period. Burton G. Burton-Bradley, ed
      1. Shirley Lindenbaum
    40. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Like People You See in a Dream: First Contact in Six Papuan Societies. Edward L. Schieffelin and Robert Crittenden.
      1. Peter W. Van Arsdale
    41. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Twisted Histories, Altered Contexts: Representing the Chambri in a World System. Deborah Gewertz and Frederick Errington.
      1. Donald F. Tuzin
    42. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Tikopia Songs: Poetic and Musical Art of a Polynesian People of the Solomon Islands. Raymond Firth with Mervyn McLean.
      1. Allan Thomas
    43. R Biological Anthropology: Anthropometric Assessment of Nutritional Status. John H. Himes, ed
      1. Anne K. Fleuret
    44. R Biological Anthropology: The Capped Langur in Bangladesh: Behavioral Ecology and Reproductive Tactics. Craig B. Stanford. Contributions to Primatology, Vol. 26 (F. S. Szalay, series ed.)
      1. Thomas Struhsaker
    45. R Biological Anthropology: An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Anatomy. Leslie Aiello and Christopher Dean.
      1. Richard J. Smith
    46. R Biological Anthropology: Modelling Biological Populations in Space and Time. Eric Renshaw.
      1. James Wood
    47. R Applied Anthropology: Anthropology and Food Policy: Human Dimensions of Food Policy in Africa and Latin America. Della E. McMillan, ed., with Jeanne Harlow. Southern Anthropological Proceedings, No. 24 (Mary W. Helms, series ed.)
      1. Antoinette Brown
    48. R Applied Anthropology: Herders, Warriors, and Traders: Pastoralism in Africa. John G. Galaty and Pierre Bonte, eds. African Modernization and Development Series
      1. Elliot Fratkin
    49. R Book Reviews
      1. Scott E. Guggenheim
    50. R Applied Anthropology: Seasonality and Agriculture in the Developing World: A Problem of the Poor and Powerless. Gerard J. Gill.
      1. Jane Collins
    51. R Applied Anthropology: Structural Adjustment and African Women Farmers. Christina H. Gladwin, ed
      1. Elizabeth Colson
    52. R Applied Anthropology: Three Deltas: Accumulation and Poverty in Rural Burma, Bengal and South India. Willem van Schendel. Indo-Dutch Studies on Development Alternatives, 8
      1. M. Q. Zaman
    53. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Alter und Status: Ein ethnologischer Beitrage zur modernen sozialwissenschaftlichen Altersforschung. Hiltrud Marzi. Arbeiten aus dem Mainzer Institut für Ethnologie und Afrika-Studien, Vol. 4
      1. Simon D. Messing
    54. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Comparative Musicology and Anthropology of Music: Essays on the History of Ethnomusicology. Bruno Nettl and Philip V. Bohlman, eds. Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology
      1. Harriet Ottenheimer
    55. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Contesting the Sacred: The Anthropology of Christian Pilgrimage. John Eade and Michael J. Sallnow, eds
      1. Richard C. Trexler
    56. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Cultural Knowledge in Organizations: Exploring the Collective Mind. Sonja A. Sackmann.
      1. Ann T. Jordan
    57. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Diet and Domestic Life in Society. Anne Sharman, Janet Theophano, Karen Curtis, and Ellen Messer, eds
      1. Kathleen Musante DeWalt
    58. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Fieldwork: The Correspondence of Robert Redfield and Sol Tax. Robert A. Rubinstein, ed
      1. William L. Partridge
    59. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: How Does Social Science Work? Reflections on Practice. Paul Diesing. Pitt Series in Policy and Institutional Studies
      1. Robert A. Rubinstein
    60. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Humanistic Anthropology. Stan Wilk.
      1. Bruce T. Grindal
    61. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Politics of Culture. Brett Williams, ed. Anthropological Society of Washington Series
      1. Richard A. Sattler
    62. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Prevalence of Deceit. F. G. Bailey.
      1. Peter Just
    63. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Reading Ethnography. David Jacobson.
      1. Roger Sanjek
    64. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Voices of the Mind: A Sociocultural Approach to Mediated Action. James V. Wertsch.
      1. Yrjö Engeström
    65. R Archeology: Approaches to Archaeological Ceramics. Carta M. Sinopoli.
      1. Miriam T. Stark
    66. R Archeology: Archaeological Method and Theory, Volume 3. Michael B. Schiffer, ed.
      1. Michelle Hegmon
    67. R Archeology: The Archaeology of Inequality. Randall H. McGuire and Robert Paynter, eds. Social Archaeology.
      1. Elizabeth M. Brumfiel
    68. R Archeology: Ceramic Ethnoarchaeology. William A. Longacre, ed.
      1. Michael Deal
    69. R Archeology: Chaco and Hohokam: Prehistoric Regional Systems in the American Southwest. Patricia L. Crown and W. James Judge, eds. School of American Research Advanced Seminar Series
      1. Christian E. Downum
    70. R Archeology: Engendering Archaeology: Women and Prehistory. Joan M. Gero and Margaret W. Conkey, eds. Social Archaeology
      1. Barbara Voorhies
    71. R Archeology: Ethnoarchaeological Approaches to Mobile Campsites: Hunter-Gatherer and Pastoralist Case Studies. C. S. Gamble and W. A. Boismier, eds. Ethnoarchaeological Series, 1
      1. Claudia Chang
    72. R Archeology: Fantastic Archaeology: The Wild Side of North American Prehistory. Stephen Williams.
      1. Julia C. Lowell
    73. R Archeology: The First Millennium A.D. in Europe and the Mediterranean: An Archaeological Essay. Klavs Randsborg.
      1. Bettina Arnold
    74. R Archeology: Historical Archaeology in Global Perspective. Lisa Falk, ed.
      1. Nan A. Rothschild
    75. R Archeology: Human Predators and Prey Mortality. Mary C. Stiner, ed. Westview Special Studies in Archaeological Research
      1. Kathryn Cruz-Uribe
    76. R Archeology: Hunter-Gatherers: Archaeological and Evolutionary Theory. Robert L. Bettinger. Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology
      1. Paul Graves
    77. R Archeology: The Interpretation of Archaeological Spatial Patterning. Ellen M. Kroll and T. Douglas Price, eds. Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology
      1. James I. Ebert
    78. R Archeology: Landscape, Monuments and Society: The Prehistory of Cranborne Chase. John C. Barrett, Richard Bradley, and Martin Green.
      1. Carole L. Crumley
    79. R Archeology: Nomads in Archaeology. Roger Cribb. New Studies in Archaeology
      1. Frank Hole
    80. R Archeology: Scribes, Warriors and Kings: The City of Copán and the Ancient Maya. William L. Fash. New Aspects of Antiquity (Colin Renfrew, general ed.)
      1. Wendy Ashmore
    81. R Linguistic Anthropology: American Indian Languages, Volume 2. Victor Golla, ed. Collected Works of Edward Sapir, 6
      1. Regna Darnell
    82. R Linguistic Anthropology: Dialogue at the Margins: Whorf, Bakhtin, and Linguistic Relativity. Emily A. Schultz.
      1. Karen Larson
    83. R Linguistic Anthropology: A Discourse-Centered Approach to Culture: Native South American Myths and Rituals. Greg Urban. Texas Linguistics Series
      1. Donald Pollock
    84. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Indo-Aryan Languages. Colin P. Masica. Cambridge Language Surveys
      1. Harold F. Schiffman
    85. R Linguistic Anthropology: Languages in Contact and Contrast: Essays in Contact Linguistics. Vladimir Ivir and Damir Kalogjera, eds. Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs, 54
      1. Carol Myers-Scotton
    86. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Sense of Change: Language as History. Michael Shapiro. Advances in Semiotics (Thomas A. Sebeok, general ed.)
      1. Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk
    87. R Linguistic Anthropology: Sprung from Some Common Source: Investigations into the Prehistory of Languages. Sydney M. Lamb and E. Douglas Mitchell, eds.
      1. Lyle Campbell
    88. R Linguistic Anthropology: Verbal Art in San Bias: Kuna Culture through Its Discourse. Joel Sherzer. Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture, 21
      1. Christopher Loether

Film Reviews

    1. R Becoming a Woman in Okrika. 1990. A video by Judith Gleason and Elisa Mereghetti. 27 minutes, color
      1. Pamela A. R. Blakely
        Thomas D. Blakely
    2. R Black Athena. 1991. Produced by Tariq Ali and directed by Christopher Spencer for the Bandung File, Channel 4 (Great Britain). 52 minutes, color
      1. Peter S. Allen
    3. R Black Harvest. 1991. A film by Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly. 90 minutes, color
      1. Deborah Gewertz
        Frederick Errington
    4. R The Mursi: The Land Is Bad. 1991.51 minutes, color. The Mursi: Nitha. 1991. 51 minutes, color. Two films by Leslie Woodhead (David Turton, consulting anthropologist) produced for the Disappearing World series
      1. Jon Abbink
    5. R Nuba Wrestling. 1991. A video by Rolf Husmann. 43 minutes, color. Arabic, with English subtitles
      1. James C. Faris
    6. R Photo Wallahs. 1991. A film by David MacDougall and Judith MacDougall. 60 minutes, color
      1. Joanna Cohan Scherer

Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews

    1. R Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews
    2. R Darkened Waters: Portrait of an Oil Spill. Mike O'Meara, curator. Gordon Chun Design, exhibition design. An exhibition developed by the Pratt Museum, Homer, AK, Betsy Pitzman, director
      1. Gregory Button
    3. R Textiles of Southeast Asia: Tradition, Trade and Transformation. Robyn Maxwell.
      1. Janet Hoskins