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    1. R Distinguished Lecture in Archeology: In Defense of the Seventies—The Adolescence of New Archeology
      1. Charles L. Redman
    2. R Archeology as Long-Term Ethnography
      1. Michael A. Jochim
    3. R Explaining Differences in Repatriation Experiences: The Discovery of Coupled and Decoupled Systems
      1. Elizabeth K. Briody
        Marietta L. Baba
    4. R Wealth, Status, and Reproductive Success among the Mukogodo of Kenya
      1. Lee Cronk
    5. R Human Adaptive Strategies in Amazonian Blackwater Ecosystems
      1. Emilio F. Moran
    6. R Myth, Experiment, and the Reinvention of Polynesian Voyaging
      1. Ben Finney
    7. R Samoan Moral Discourse and the Loto
      1. Jeannette Marie Mageo


    1. R When Questions Are Answers: The Message of Anthropology, According to the People of Ambae
      1. William L. Rodman

Review Article

    1. R On Cultural Psychology
      1. Michael Cole


    1. R Caucasian Maoris: 16th-Century Spaniards in New Zealand
      1. Robert Langdon
    2. R Comment on Hanson's "The Making of the Maori"
      1. H. B. Levine
    3. R Cultural Invention and the Dilemma of Authenticity
      1. Jocelyn Linnekin
    4. R Reply to Langdon, Levine, and Linnekin
      1. Allan Hanson
    5. R Problems with the Late Preceramic of Peru
      1. Jeffrey Quilter
    6. R The Impact of Radiocarbon Dates on the Maritime Hypothesis: Response to Quilter
      1. Shelia Pozorski
        Thomas Pozorski

Book Reviews

    1. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Women in North American Indian Music: Six Essays. Richard Keeling
      1. Marla N. Powers
    2. R On the Move: A Study of Migration and Ethnic Persistence among Mennonites from East Freeman, South Dakota. Marilyn Preheim Rose.
      1. John W. Bennett
    3. R Lake Erie Fishermen: Work, Identity, and Tradition. Timothy C. Lloyd and Patrick B. Mullen.
      1. James M. Acheson
    4. R "Getting Paid": Youth Crime and Work in the Inner City. Mercer L. Sullivan.
      1. Thomas Belmonte
    5. R The Aztec Kings: The Construction of Rulership in Mexica History. Susan D. Gillespie.
      1. Prudence M. Rice
    6. R Native Ethnography: A Mexican Indian Describes His Culture. H. Russell Bernard and Jesús Salinas Pedraza.
      1. Paul Friedrich
    7. R Struggling for Survival: Workers, Women, and Class on a Nicaraguan State Farm. Gary Ruchwarger.
      1. Florence E. Babb
    8. R Days from a Dream Almanac. Dennis Tedlock.
      1. Robin Ridington
    9. R Livelihood and Resistance: Peasants and the Politics of Land in Peru. Gavin Smith.
      1. Enrique Mayer
    10. R Between Field and Cooking Pot: The Political Economy of Marketwomen in Peru. Florence E. Babb.
      1. Linda J. Seligmann
    11. R Palestinian Lawyers and Israeli Rule: Law and Disorder in the West Bank. George Emile Bisharat.
      1. June Starr
    12. R Enchanted Maidens: Gender Relations in Spanish Folktales of Courtship and Marriage. James M. Taggart.
      1. David D. Gilmore
    13. R The Hidden Musicians: Music-Making in an English Town. Ruth Finnegan.
      1. Jane K. Cowan
    14. R Russian Folk Belief. Linda J. Ivanits.
      1. Richard A. Morris
    15. R The Soviet Empire: Its Nations Speak Out. The First Congress of People's Deputies, Moscow, 25 May to 10 June 1989. Oleg Glebov and John Crowfoot
      1. Richard A. Morris
    16. R Himalayan Dialogue: Tibetan Lamas and Gurung Shamans in Nepal. Stan Royal Mumford.
      1. Ernestine Mchugh
    17. R Understanding Peasant China: Case Studies in the Philosophy of Social Science. Daniel Little.
      1. P. Steven Sangren
    18. R Agents and Victims in South China: Accomplices in Rural Revolution. Helen F. Siu.
      1. Greg Guldin
    19. R Everyday Politics in the Philippines: Class and Status Relations in a Central Luzon Village. Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet.
      1. Mario D. Zamora
    20. R Where Are You/Spirits: Style and Theme in Berawan Prayer. Peter Metcalf.
      1. John R. Bowen
    21. R Central Borneo: Ethnic Identity and Social Life in a Stratified Society. Jérôme Rousseau.
      1. Robert Dentan
    22. R Circles of Kings: Political Dynamics in Early Continental Southeast Asia. Renée Ha-gesteijn.
      1. F. K. Lehman
    23. R Family and Gender in the Pacific: Domestic Contradictions and the Colonial Impact. Margaret Jolly and Martha Macintyre.
      1. Sharon W. Tiffany
    24. R Silent Voices Speak: Women and Prohibition in Truk. Mac Marshall and Leslie B. Marshall.
      1. Klaus Mäkelä
    25. R Public Health in Papua New Guinea: Medical Possibility and Social Constraint, 1884–1984. Donald Denoon with Kathleen Dugan and Leslie Marshall.
      1. James A. Boutilier
    26. R Death Rituals and Life in the Societies of the Kula Ring. Frederick H. Damon and Roy Wagner.
      1. Shirley Lindenbaum
    27. R Samoan Planters: Tradition and Economic Development in Polynesia. J. Tim O'Meara.
      1. Walter W. Tiffany
    28. R Biological Anthropology: Animal Lifestyles and Anatomies: The Case of the Prosimian Primates. Charles E. Oxnard, Robin H. Crompton, and Susan S. Lieberman.
      1. John G. Fleagle
    29. R Biosocial Aspects of Social Class. C. G. Nicholas Mascie-Taylor
      1. Alan Goodman
    30. R The Emergence of Modern Humans: Biocultural Adaptations in the Later Pleistocene. Erik Trinkaus
      1. Rebecca Storey
    31. R How Monkeys See the World: Inside the Mind of Another Species. Dorothy L. Cheney and Robert M. Seyfarth.
      1. Barbara J. King
    32. R Applied Anthropology: Charity Begins at Home: Generosity and Self-Interest among the Philanthropic Elite. Teresa Odendahl.
      1. Laura Nader
    33. R Conflict, Migration, and the Expression of Ethnicity. Nancie L. Gonzalez and Carolyn S. McCommon
      1. Luz Graciela Joly
    34. R Coping with Seasonal Constraints. Rebecca Huss-Ashmore with John J. Curry and Robert K. Hitchcock
      1. Elizabeth A. Cashdan
    35. R Fragile Lands of Latin America: Strategies for Sustainable Development. John O. Browder.
      1. Stephen G. Bunker
    36. R Peasant Politics in Modern Egypt: The Struggle against the State. Nathan J. Brown.
      1. Robert Fernea
    37. R Resource Management in Amazonia: Indigenous and Folk Strategies. D. A. Posey and W. Balée
      1. David B. Halmo
    38. R Social Science and Social Concern: Felicitation Volume in Honour of Professor B. K. Roy Burman. S. B. Chakrabarti
      1. M. Q. Zaman
    39. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Africanisms in American Culture. Joseph E. Holloway
      1. J. Lorand Matory
    40. R The Cultural Context of Aging: Worldwide Perspectives. Jay Sokolovsky
      1. Marcie Parker
    41. R Firewalking and Religious Healing: The Anastenaria of Greece and the American Firewalking Movement. Loring M. Danforth.
      1. Charles W. Nuckolls
    42. R Gender and Anthropology: Critical Reviews for Research and Teaching. Sandra Morgen
      1. Renato Rosaldo
    43. R History's Anthropology: The Death of William Gooch. Greg Dening.
      1. Richard Price
    44. R Magic, Science, Religion, and the Scope of Rationality. Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah.
      1. Robert A. Paul
    45. R The Meeting: Gatherings in Organizations and Communities. Helen B. Schwartzman.
      1. Don Brenneis
    46. R Models and Mirrors: Towards an Anthropology of Public Events. Don Handelman.
      1. Sally Falk Moore
    47. R Nationalist Ideologies and the Production of National Cultures. Richard G. Fox
      1. Robert J. Foster
    48. R Personality and the Cultural Construction of Society: Papers in Honour of Melford E. Spiro. David K. Jordan and Marc J. Swartz
      1. L. L. Langness
    49. R Prime-Time Society: An Anthropological Analysis of Television and Culture. Conrad Phillip Kottak.
      1. Leo A. Despres
    50. R The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex: Essays in Atlantic History. Philip D. Curtin.
      1. Mindie Lazarus-Black
    51. R Socio-anthropologie du religieux: Le cercle enchanté de la croyance. Roger Lapointe.
      1. Paul Stoller
    52. R Archeology: Animals into Art. Howard Morphy
      1. Paul Bahn
    53. R The Canonical Tradition in Ancient Egyptian Art. Whitney Davis.
      1. Kent R. Weeks
    54. R A History of Archaeological Thought. Bruce G. Trigger.
      1. Timothy Murray
    55. R Hunters of the Recent Past. Leslie B. Davis and Brian O. K. Reeves
      1. Gary Haynes
    56. R "Of the Hut I Builded": The Archaeology of Australia's History. Graham Connah
      1. Robert L. Schuyler
    57. R Pottery Technology: Ideas and Approaches. Gordon Bronitsky
      1. Nancy L. Benco
    58. R Regional Perspectives on the Olmec. Robert J. Sharer and David C. Grove
      1. Don S. Rice
    59. R Book Reviews
    60. R Edward Sapir: Linguist, Anthropologist, Humanist. Regna Darnell.
      1. Ward H. Goodenough
    61. R From Code-Switching to Borrowing: Foreign and Diglossic Mixing in Moroccan Arabic. Jeffrey Heath.
      1. Keith Walters
    62. R Pidgins and Creoles, Volume 2: Reference Survey. John Holm.
      1. Gillian Sankoff

Film Reviews

    1. R American History? It's Beneath Your Feet. 1990. A film by Robert Starbird and Daniel Rainey.
      1. Stanley South
    2. R The Kayapo. 1987. 58 minutes, color. The Kayapo: Out of the Forest. 1989. 52 minutes, color. Two films by Michael Beckham
      1. William H. Crocker
    3. R Made by Hand. 1989. A film by Juan A. Ramirez.
      1. William A. Longacre
    4. R Morocco, Body and Soul. 1987 (released in U.S. 1990). A film series by Izza Genini
      1. M. Elaine Combs-Schilling
    5. R The Return of Dr. Fritz: Healing by the Spirits in Brazil. 1988. 62 minutes, color. Jose Carlos and His Spirits: The Ritual Initiation of Zelador Dos Orixas in a Brazilian Umbanda Center. 1989. 85 minutes, color. Two videos by Sidney M. Greenfield.
      1. Michael Winkelman
    6. R Film Reviews
    7. R Spirits of Defiance: The Mangbetu People of Zaire. 1989. Produced and directed by Jeremy Marre
      1. Ivan Karp
    8. R Treasured Islands: Robert Louis Stevenson in the Pacific. 1990. A video by Lowell D. Holmes.
      1. George W. Stocking

Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews

    1. R Museum Exhibit and Photographic Book Reviews
    2. R Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries. An exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
      1. Michael D. Coe
    3. R Mesoamerica's Ancient Cities: Aerial Views of Precolumbian Ruins in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. William M. Ferguson and Arthur H. Rohn
      1. Susan D. Gillespie
    4. R Out of the North: The Subarctic Collection of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology. Barbara A. Hail and Kate C. Duncan.
      1. William E. Simeone