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Original Article

    1. R Origins of Specialized Pastoral Production in East Africa
      1. Fiona Marshall
    2. R Migration in Archeology: The Baby and the Bathwater
      1. David W. Anthony
    3. R The Organization of Refuse Disposal and Ceramic Production within Contemporary Mexican Houselots
      1. Philip J. Arnold
    4. R Human Ovarian Function and Reproductive Ecology: New Hypotheses
      1. Peter T. Ellison
    5. R Men and Women in Southern Spain: "Domestic Power" Revisited
      1. David D. Gilmore
    6. R Sociobiological Explanations of Incest Avoidance: A Critical Review of Evidential Claims
      1. Gregory C. Leavitt
    7. R Dowry as Female Competition
      1. Steven J. C. Gaulin
        James S. Boster


    1. R Hasmukh Dhirajlal Sankalia (1908–1989)
      1. Gregory L. Possehl
        Kenneth A. R. Kennedy


    1. R Archeology and the Ethno-Tyrannies
      1. Morgan D. Maclachlan
        William F. Keegan
    2. R Violence among Newly Sedentary Foragers
      1. Bruce M. Knauft
    3. R Kalahari Violence in Perspective
      1. Susan Kent
    4. R Leslie White's Materialism: A Comment on Barrett
      1. Elvin Hatch
    5. R The Unity of White's Anthropological Theory: A Response to Barrett
      1. Patrick J. Crowe
    6. R Interpreting Leslie White: Pessimism and Theory
      1. Richard A. Barrett
    7. R Social Honor and Systems of Meaning: A Comment Inspired by Hatch
      1. Edwin Zehner
    8. R Response to Zehner
      1. Elvin Hatch
    9. R A Response to Loeb
      1. Najwa Adra
    10. R Rejoinder to Adra
      1. Laurence D. Loeb
    11. R Torres Strait Tombstones: A Reply to Fitzpatrick
      1. Jeremy Beckett
    12. R A Response to a Review of Our Book, Tribe and Polity in Late Prehistoric Europe
      1. D. Blair Gibson
        Michael N. Geselowitz
    13. R Response to Melvin Konner's Review of Culture and Truth
      1. Renato Rosaldo

Book Reviews

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    5. R Book Reviews
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    10. R Book Reviews
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    12. R Book Reviews
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    19. R Book Reviews
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    53. R Book Reviews
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    62. R Book Reviews
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Film Reviews

    1. R After 200 Years: Photographic Essays of Aboriginal and Islander Australia Today. Edited by Penny Taylor for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    2. R White Fur Clouds. 1989. A video by Joyce Smith. 30 minutes, color
      1. Judith Schmidt
    3. R Film Reviews
    4. R Long Journey Home. 1987. Produced by Appalshop Films and directed by Elizabeth Barret and Herb E. Smith. 58 minutes, color
      1. Susan Abbott
    5. R Film Reviews
    6. R Manatic. 1988. Produced and directed by Frank Marlowe and Kevin Robinson. 53 minutes, color
      1. Mary Howard
    7. R "Chinaman's" Choice. 1987. A film by Lori Tsang. 27 minutes, b&w
      1. Fred Blake
    8. R Chen and China's Symphony. 1988. Produced by Jerry A. Schultz and directed by David M. Kendall. 59 minutes, color
      1. Fred Blake
    9. R Film Reviews
    10. R Film Reviews
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      1. Stefania Pandolfo
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      1. Patrick R. McNaughton
    13. R Cane Toads: An Unnatural History. 1988. Produced by Tristram Miall and directed by Mark Lewis. 46 minutes, color
      1. Michael Taussig