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    1. R Editorial
      1. Janet Dixon Keller


    1. R Distinguished Lecture: Facing Power—Old Insights, New Questions
      1. Eric R. Wolf
    2. R Evolution of the Human Capacity for Beliefs
      1. WardH. Goodenough
    3. R The Razor's Edge: Symbolic-Structuralist Archeology and the Expansion of Archeological Inference
      1. Patty Jo Watson
        Michael Fotiadis
    4. R Archeological and Historical Approaches to Complex Societies: The Islamic States of Medieval Morocco
      1. James L. Boone
        J. Emlen Myers
        Charles L. Redman
    5. R Exchange, Time, and Person in Mayotte: The Structure and Destructuring of a Cultural System
      1. Michael Lambek
    6. R Co-Opting the Elders: The Political Economy of State Incorporation in Africa
      1. Jean Ensminger
    7. R Between Powhatan and Quirank: Reconstructing Monacan Culture and History in the Context of Jamestown
      1. Jeffrey L. Hantman
    8. R The Bow and Spreadnet: Ecological Origins of Hunting Technology
      1. Paul B. Roscoe
    9. R Issues in Bonobo (Pan paniscus) Sexual Behavior
      1. Ben G. Blount

Review Article

    1. R Whither Ethnographic Film?
      1. Ákos Östör


    1. R Culture and "Economic Development"
      1. Conrad Phillip Kottak

Research Report

    1. R The Politics of Research on Agricultural Development: An Instructive Example from the Sudan
      1. Victoria Bernal


    1. R Fredrick Patton Thieme (1914–1989)
      1. A. J. Kelso


    1. R Advocacy and Anthropology
      1. Robert Paine
    2. R Land Availability and the Oraibi Split: A Rejoinder to Levy
      1. Peter M. Whiteley
    3. R The Hopi, Navajo, Paiute, Zuni Land Disputes
      1. Richard W. Stoffle
    4. R Comment on Richard Stoffle's Commentary, "The Hopi, Navajo, Paiute, Zuni Land Disputes"
      1. Wilcomb E. Washburn
    5. R On the Possibility/Impossibility of Tropical Forest Hunting and Gathering
      1. Patricia K. Townsend
    6. R Exciting Opportunities in Tropical Rain Forests: A Reply to Townsend
      1. Robert C. Bailey
    7. R Anthropology as Anthropology: Reply to O'Meara
      1. Bradd Shore
    8. R Anthropology as Metaphysics: Reply to Shore
      1. Tim O'Meara

Book Reviews

    1. R Linguistic Anthropology: Double Talk: Bilingualism and the Politics of Ethnicity in Catalonia. Kathryn A. Woolard
      1. Carol Trosset
    2. R Linguistic Anthropology: A Grammar of Boumaa Fijian. R. M. W. Dixon
      1. Jeff Siegel
    3. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Interface between the Written and the Oral. Jack Goody.: The Future of Literacy in a Changing World. Daniel A. Wagner, ed
      1. Niko Besnier
    4. R Linguistic Anthropology: Native Writings in Massachusett. Ives Goddard and Kathleen J. Bragdon
      1. Richard A. Rhodes
    5. R Linguistic Anthropology: Talking American: Cultural Discourses on Donahue. Donal Carbaugh
      1. Naomi Quinn
    6. R Linguistic Anthropology: Social/Cultural Anthropology: Music of Afghanistan: Professional Musicians in the City of Herat. John Baily.: Blackfoot Musical Thought: Comparative Perspectives. Bruno Nettl
      1. David L. Shaul
    7. R Linguistic Anthropology: Nunivak Island Eskimo (Yuit) Technology and Material Culture. James W. VanStone. Fieldiana
      1. Susan A. Kaplan
    8. R Linguistic Anthropology: Inuit Youth: Growth and Change in the Canadian Arctic. Richard G. Condon
      1. Shepard Krech
    9. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Plains Cree: Trade, Diplomacy and War, 1790 to 1870. John S. Milloy
      1. Benjamin R. Kracht
    10. R Linguistic Anthropology: Symbol, Myth, and Rhetoric: The Politics of Culture in an Armenian-American Population. Jenny Phillips
      1. Lawrence A. Palinkas
    11. R Linguistic Anthropology: Spider Woman's Granddaughters: Traditional Tales and Contemporary Writing by Native American Women. Paula Gunn Allen, ed
      1. Jennie R. Joe
    12. R Linguistic Anthropology: Native American Architecture. Peter Nabokov and Robert Easton
      1. David R. Miller
    13. R Linguistic Anthropology: Ancestral Voice: Conversations with N. Scott Momaday. Charles L. Woodard
      1. Benjamin R. Kracht
    14. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Script of Life in Modern Society: Entry into Adulthood in a Changing World. Marlis Buchmann
      1. Sharon Kaufman
    15. R Linguistic Anthropology: Contested Lives: The Abortion Debate in an American Community. Faye D. Ginsburg
      1. C. H. Browner
    16. R Linguistic Anthropology: Central American Refugees and U.S. High Schools: A Psychosocial Study of Motivation and Achievement. Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco
      1. Charles Harrington
    17. R Linguistic Anthropology: Two Hundred Years of American Communes. Yaacov Oved
      1. Donald B. Kraybill
    18. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Past Is Another Country: Representation, Historical Consciousness, and Resistance in the Blue Ridge. Stephen William Foster
      1. Thomas G. Harding
    19. R Linguistic Anthropology: Women in the South: An Anthropological Perspective. Holly F. Mathews, ed
      1. Patricia Beaver
    20. R Linguistic Anthropology: People of Pascua. Edward H. Spicer
      1. N. Ross Crumrine
    21. R Linguistic Anthropology: Assimilation, Colonialism and the Mexican American People. Edward Murguía
      1. Ramon Guerra
    22. R Linguistic Anthropology: Apaches at War and Peace: The Janos Presidio, 1750–1858. William B. Griffen
      1. Benjamin R. Kracht
    23. R Linguistic Anthropology: Rarámuri Souls: Knowledge and Social Process in Northern Mexico. William L. Merrill
      1. N. Ross Crumrine
    24. R Linguistic Anthropology: Man-Gods in the Mexican Highlands: Indian Power and Colonial Society, 1520–1800. Serge Gruzinski (Eileen Corrigan, trans.)
      1. John K. Chance
    25. R Linguistic Anthropology: State, Capital, and Rural Society: Anthropological Perspectives on Political Economy in Mexico and the Andes. Benjamin S. Orlove, Michael W. Foley, and Thomas F. Love, eds
      1. David Guillet
    26. R Linguistic Anthropology: Hispanic Lands and Peoples: Selected Writings of James J. Parsons. William M. Denevan, ed
      1. Miles Richardson
    27. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Great Father and The Danger: Religious Cults, Material Forces, and Collective Fantasies in the World of the Surinamese Maroons. H. U. E. Thoden van Velzen and W. van Wetering
      1. DirkH. Elst
    28. R Linguistic Anthropology: Sayings of the Ancestors: The Spiritual Life of the Sibundoy Indians. John Holmes McDowell
      1. Joseph Bastien
    29. R Linguistic Anthropology: Voodoo and Politics in Haiti. Michel S. La-guerre
      1. Robert I. Rotberg
    30. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Missionary as a Cultural Interpreter. Jonna Lynn K. Mandelbaum
      1. Geoffrey Burkhart
    31. R Linguistic Anthropology: Pastoralists of the West African Savanna: Selected Studies Presented and Discussed at the 15th International African Seminar. Mahdi Adamu and A. H. M. Kirk-Greene, eds
      1. Emanuel Marx
    32. R Linguistic Anthropology: Arabs and Nubians in New Haifa: A Study of Settlement and Irrigation. Muneera Salem-Murdock
      1. A. F. Robertson
    33. R Linguistic Anthropology: Kibbutz Goshen: An Israeli Commune. Alison M. Bowes
      1. Walter P. Zenner
    34. R Linguistic Anthropology: A Pakistani Community in Britain. Alison Shaw
      1. Arthur Helweg
    35. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Wedding of the Dead: Ritual, Poetics, and Popular Culture in Transylvania. Gail Kligman
      1. Andrew Lass
    36. R Linguistic Anthropology: Left Hand Left Behind: The Changing Gender System of a Barrio in Valencia, Spain. Britt-Marie Thurén
      1. María Cátedra
    37. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Hare Krishnas in India. Charles R. Brooks.: Gods on Earth: The Management of Religious Experience and Identity in a North Indian Pilgrimage Centre. Peter van der Veer
      1. Steven Kemper
    38. R Linguistic Anthropology: Social Change in Village India. Sachchidananda
      1. John Willigen
    39. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Origins and Development of Classical Hinduism. A. L. Basham (Kenneth G. Zysk, ed.)
      1. Agehananda Bharati
    40. R Linguistic Anthropology: Hindu Women and the Power of Ideology. Vanaja Dhruvarajan
      1. Sylvia J. Vatuk
    41. R Linguistic Anthropology: Social Change and Social Research: An Indian Perspective. R. S. Mann
      1. John Willigen
    42. R Linguistic Anthropology: Chinese Patterns of Behavior: A Source-book of Psychological and Psychiatric Studies. David Yau-Fai Ho, John A. Spinks, and Cecilia Siu-Hing Teung, eds
      1. Thomas M. Johnson
    43. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Road through Miyama. Leila Philip
      1. Anne Allison
    44. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Japanese Trajectory: Modernization and Beyond. Gavan McCormack and Yoshio Sugimoto
      1. Marilyn Ivy
    45. R Linguistic Anthropology: Gender, Power, and the Construction of the Moral Order: Studies from the Thai Periphery. Nancy Eberhardt, ed
      1. Marjorie A. Muecke
    46. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Penis Inserts of Southeast Asia: An Annotated Bibliography with an Overview and Comparative Perspectives. Donald E. Brown, James W. Edwards, and Ruth P. Moore
      1. Ben J. Wallace
    47. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Pacific Islands. Douglas L. Oliver
      1. Richard Scaglion
    48. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Heart of the Pearl Shell: The Mythological Dimension of Foi Sociality. James F. Weiner
      1. Debbora Battaglia
    49. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and Problems with Society in Melanesia. Marilyn Strathern
      1. Deborah Gewertz
    50. R Biological Anthropology: Bones, Bodies, Behavior: Essays on Biological Anthropology. George W. Stocking, Jr., ed
      1. Rosalind Ribnick
    51. R Biological Anthropology: Comparative Primate Biology, Volume 2, Part B: Behavior, Cognition, and Motivation. G. Mitchell and J. Erwin, eds
      1. Paul A. Garber
    52. R Biological Anthropology: Peacemaking among Primates. Frans de Waal
      1. James J. Mc Kenna
    53. R Applied Anthropology: Applied Anthropology in America. Elizabeth M. Eddy
      1. Roy Roper
    54. R Applying Anthropology: An Introductory Reader. Aaron Podolefsky and Peter J. Brown
      1. Elizabeth Eddy
    55. R Applied Anthropology: Development and Change in Highland Yemen. Charles F. Swagman
      1. Nicholas S. Hopkins
    56. R Applied Anthropology: Health Care and Cultural Change: The Indian Experience in the Central Subarctic. T. Kue Young
      1. Shepard Krech
    57. R Applied Anthropology: Housing, Culture, and Design: A Comparative Perspective. Setha M. Low and Erve Chambers, eds
      1. Denise Lawrence
    58. R Applied Anthropology: Involuntary Resettlement in Development Projects: Policy Guidelines in World Bank-Financed Projects. Michael M. Cernea
      1. Susan Hamilton
    59. R Applied Anthropology: Searching for Safety. Aaron Wildavsky
      1. Steve Rayner
    60. R Applied Anthropology: The Farmers of Yurimaguas: Land Use and Cropping Strategies in the Peruvian Jungle. Robert E. Rhoades and Pedro Bidegaray
      1. Christine Padoch
    61. R Applied Anthropology: The Professionalisation of African Medicine. Murray Last and G. L. Chavunduka, eds
      1. Nina L. Etkin
    62. R Warehousing Violence. Mark S. Fleisher
      1. John M. Coggeshall
    63. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Aging in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Africa and the Americas. Enid Gort, ed
      1. Barbara Anderson
    64. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Anthropology of War and Peace: Perspectives on the Nuclear Age. Paul R. Turner, David Pitt: The Social Dynamics of Peace and Conflict: Culture in International Security. Robert A. Rubinstein and Mary LeCron Foster, eds
      1. James M. Wallace
    65. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Beyond Anthropology: Society and the Other. Bernard McGrane
      1. Sydney R. Story
    66. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Ethnic Psychology: Research and Practice with Immigrants, Refugees, Native Peoples, Ethnic Groups and Sojourners. J. W. Berry and R. C. Annis, eds
      1. Anthony L. La Ruffa
    67. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Feminism and Anthropology. Henrietta L. Moore
      1. Louise Lamphere
    68. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Gypsy Folktales. Diane Tong.:
      1. Anne Sutherland
    69. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Hosts and Guests: The Anthropology of Tourism. Valene L. Smith, ed
      1. Robert V. Kemper
    70. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Indigenous Voice: Visions and Realities. Volume 1. Roger Moody, ed.: The Indigenous Voice: Visions and Realities. Volume 2. Roger Moody, ed
      1. John James Bodine
    71. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Knowledgeable Women: Structuralism and the Reproduction of Elites. Sara Delamont
      1. Susan Montague
    72. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Modern World-System III: The Second Era of Great Expansion of the Capitalist World-Economy, 1730-1840s. Immanuel Wallerstein
      1. William Roseberry
    73. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Morality and Imagination: Paradoxes of Progress. Yi-Fu Tuan.: Nature and Culture in Western Discourses. Stephen Horigan
      1. Elvin Hatch
    74. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Population and Resources in Western Intellectual Traditions. Michael S. Teitelbaum and Jay M. Winter, eds
      1. W. Penn Handwerker
    75. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Predicament of Culture: Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art. James Clifford
      1. James Fernandez
    76. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Research Methods in Social Network Analysis. Linton C. Freeman, Douglas R. White, and A. Kimball Romney, eds
      1. Alvin Wolfe
    77. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Vernacular Christianity: Essays in the Social Anthropology of Religion. Wendy James and Douglas H. Johnson, eds
      1. Richard W. Cogley
    78. R Archeology: Archaeology of the Lapita Cultural Complex: A Critical Review. Patrick V. Kirch and Terry L. Hunt, eds
      1. John Terrell
    79. R Archeology: Early Prehistoric Agriculture in the American Southwest. W. H. Wills
      1. M. Steven Shackley
    80. R Archeology: Franchthi Cave and Paralia: Maps, Plans, and Sections. T. W. Jacobsen and W. R. Farrand: Landscape and People of the Franchthi Region. Tjeerd H. van Andel and Susan B. Sutton with contributions by Julie M. Hansen and Charles J. Vitaliano.: Les industries lithiques taillées de Franchthi, Volume 1: Présentation générale et industries paléolithiques. Catherine Periès
      1. Alan H. Simmons
    81. R Archeology: From Foraging to Agriculture: The Levant at the End of the Ice Age. Donald O. Henry
      1. Deborah I. Olszewski
    82. R Archeology: Landscape and Culture: Geographical and Archaeological Perspectives. J. M. Wagstaff, ed
      1. William R. Farrand
    83. R Archeology: Lubbock Lake: Late Quarternary Studies in the Southern High Plains. Eileen Johnson, ed
      1. R. E. Taylor
    84. R Archeology: Prehistoric New Mexico: Background for Survey. David E. Stuart, Rory P. Gauthier, and Thomas W. Merlan
      1. Patricia A. Gilman
    85. R Archeology: Tula of the Toltecs: Excavations and Survey. Dan M. Healan, ed
      1. Michael E. Smith

Film Reviews

    1. R Documenting America, 1935–1943. Carl Fleischhauer and Beverly W. Brannan, eds
      1. Katherine S. Newman
    2. R Dorothy Molter: Living in the Boundary Waters. 1986. Produced and directed by Judith Hadel and Wade Black.: The Best Time of My Life. 1987. Produced by Margaret Pettigrew for the National Film Board of Canada.: Acting Our Age. 1987. Produced and directed by Michal Aviad
      1. Mary Beth Haralovich
        Denise Kervin
    3. R Man Oh Man—Growing Up Male in America. 1987. Produced and directed by J. Clements
      1. Ralph Bolton
    4. R Miss ... or Myth? 1987. Produced by Mark Schwartz, Geoffrey Dunn, and Claire Rubach and directed by Mark Schwartz and Geoffrey Dunn
      1. Mary Beth Haralovich
        Denise Kervin
    5. R Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years. 1986. Executive producer, Henry Hampton
      1. Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban
    6. R Promises to Keep. 1988. Produced and directed by Ginny Durrin
      1. Michael O. Robertson
    7. R Rights and Reactions. 1987. A film by Phil Zwickler and Jane Lippman
      1. Ralph Bolton
    8. R Asian Heart. 1987. Produced by Kaerne Film
      1. Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban
    9. R Cuyagua. 1987. A film in two parts by Paul Henley. Part 1: Devil Dancers
      1. Daniel Segal
    10. R Talking to the Enemy: Voices of Sorrow and Rage. 1987. A film by Mira Hamermesh.: Shoot and Cry. 1988. Directed by Helen Klodawsky and Miguel Merkin. Produced by Mark Zannis, Jean-Roch Marcotte, and Barrie Howells for the National Film Board of Canada.: Daughters of Abraham: A Fight to Survive? 1988. Directed by Beata Lipman and produced by Richard Traylor-Smith
      1. Herbert L. Bodman
    11. R Kathputli: The Art of Rajasthani Puppeteers. 1989. Produced by the Smithsonian Institution's Office of Folklife Programs
      1. Larry Reed
    12. R Depending on Heaven: The Desert. 1989. A film by Peter Entell
      1. William Jankowiak
    13. R Joe Leahy's Neighbours. 1988. A film by Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson
      1. Frederick Errington
        Deborah Gewertz
    14. R "Psychic Surgery": A Case History of Shamanic Sleight-of-Hand. 1988. Produced by Philip Singer and Tom Peterson
      1. Marilyn Jean Schlitz
    15. R Magical Curing. 1989. A video by William E. Mitchell.: The Bamboo Fire. William E. Mitchell
      1. Marilyn Jean Schlitz
    16. R Guellala: A Potter's Village in Tunisia. 1989. A video by Sophie Ferchiou
      1. Gloria London