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    1. R Editorial
      1. H. Russell Bernard

Original Article

    1. R Orduighean: A Dominant Symbol in the Free Church of the Scottish Highlands
      1. Susan Parman
    2. R Women, Religion, and Modernization: Tradition and Transformation among Elderly Jews in Israel
      1. Susan Starr Sered
    3. R Caregiving as a Cultural System: Conceptions of Filial Obligation and Parental Dependency in Urban America
      1. Steven M. Albert
    4. R Separate People: Speaking of Creek Men and Women
      1. Amelia Rector Bell
    5. R Wording, Meaning, and Linguistic Ideology
      1. Alan Rumsey
    6. R Local Control of Aquatic Resources: Community and Ecology in Lake Titicaca, Peru
      1. Dominique P. Levieil
        Benjamin Orlove
    7. R Dental Health Diet and Social Status among Central African Foragers and Farmers
      1. Phillip L. Walker
        Barry S. Hewlett
    8. R The Mother of Invention: Evolutionary Theory, Territoriality, and the Origins of Agriculture
      1. Michael Rosenberg
    9. R Calculating the Cultural Significance of American Indian Plants: Paiute and Shoshone Ethnobotany at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
      1. Richard W. Stoffle
        David B. Halmo
        MichaelJ. Evans
        John E. Olmsted
    10. R Mistaken Gender: 5-Alpha Reductase Hermaphroditism and Biological Reductionism in Sexual Identity Reconsidered
      1. Gilbert Herdt

Research Reports

    1. R A Cross-Cultural Historical Analysis of Subsistence Change
      1. Candice Bradley
        Carmella C. Moore
        Michael L. Burton
        Douglas R. White
    2. R Occupational Status, Landownership, and Reproductive Behavior in 19th-century Sweden: Tuna Parish
      1. Bobbi S. Low
    3. R No Dialogue: Premises and Confrontations in Intercultural Encounter, Papua New Guinea
      1. Paula Brown
    4. R A Cross-Cultural Study of the Effects of Environmental Unpredictability on Aggression in Folktales
      1. Alex Cohen
    5. R Reexamining the Critical Preceramic/Ceramic Period Transition: New Data from Coastal Peru
      1. Shelia Pozorski
        Thomas Pozorski


    1. R Victor Barnouw (1915–1989)
      1. Robert Bates Graber
        James Silverberg


    1. R A Comment on "Revisionist Limitations"
      1. Marla N. Powers
    2. R Comment on the Politics of Orthography
      1. William K. Powers
    3. R Cinematography and Ethnography: How They Are Reconciled in Hail Mother Kali
      1. Stephanos Stephanides
    4. R The Classic Maya City: Reconsidering the "Mesoamerican Urban Tradition"
      1. Diane Z. Chase
        Arlen F. Chase
        William A. Haviland

Book Reviews

    1. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Cauldron of Ethnicity in the Modern World. Manning Nosh
      1. Sue Gena Lurie
    2. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Enterprising Women: Ethnicity, Economy, and Gender Relations. Sallie Westwood and Parminder Bhachu, eds
      1. Nancy Foner
    3. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Family Violence in Cross-Cultural Perspective. David Levinson
      1. Barbara Ayres
    4. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Famine. G. A. Harrison, ed
      1. Lawrence P. Greksa
    5. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Les idées de l'anthropologie. Philippe Descola, Gérard Lenclud, Carlo Severi, and Anne-Christine Taylor
      1. Michel Verdon
    6. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Marriage and Inequality in Classless Societies. Jane Fishburne Collier
      1. Karen Brodkin Sacks
    7. R Book Reviews
    8. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Plough, Sword and Book: The Structure of Human History. Ernest Gellner
      1. F. G. Bailey
    9. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Sibling Interaction across Cultures: Theoretical and Methodological Issues. Patricia Goldring Zukow, ed
      1. Gilda Morelli
    10. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Woman to Mother: A Transformation. Vangie Bergum
      1. Ruthbeth Flnerman
    11. R Linguistic Anthropology: Approaches to Traditional Chinese Medical Literature: Proceedings of an International Symposium on Translation Methodologies and Terminologies. Paul U. Unschuld, ed
      1. Daniel Bensky
    12. R Linguistic Anthropology: Codeswitching: Anthropological and Sociolinguistic Perspectives. Monica Heller, ed
      1. Miwa Nishimura
    13. R Linguistic Anthropology: An Ojibwe Text Anthology. John D. Nichols, ed
      1. J. Randolph Valentine
    14. R Linguistic Anthropology: On Language: The Diversity of Human Language-Structure and Its Influence on the Mental Development of Mankind. Wilhelm von Humboldt (Peter Heath, trans.)
      1. Johannes Fabian
    15. R Linguistic Anthropology: Spokane Dictionary. Barry F. Carlson and Pauline Fielt, compls
      1. M. Dale Kinkade
    16. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Curtain Within: Haida Social and Mythical Discourse. Marianne Boelscher
      1. Paula Rubel
    17. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Chosen Voices: The Story of the American Cantorate. Mark Slobin
      1. Simon D. Messing
    18. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Prayer and Community: The Havurah in American Judaism. Riv-Ellen Prell
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      1. Juan-Vicente Palerm
    20. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Drinkers, Drummers, and Decent Folk: Ethnographic Narratives of Village Trinidad. John O. Stewart
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    21. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: "Von seiner Heimat kann man nicht lassen": Migration in einer Dorfgemeinde in Ecuador. Carola Lentz
      1. Hans Buechler
    22. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Upland Communities: Environment, Population, and Social Structure in the Alps since the 16th Century. Pier Paolo Viazzo
      1. Robert McC. Netting
    23. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Nomads of Eurasia. Vladimir N. Basilov (Mary Fleming Zinn, trans.)
      1. John W. Olsen
    24. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Mother Russia: The Feminine Myth in Russian Culture. Joanna Hubbs
      1. Richard Morris
    25. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Molodezh' v obriadovoi zhizni russkoi obshchiny XIX—nachala XX veka: Polovozrastnoi aspekt traditsionnoi kul'tury (Juveniles and Adolescents in the Ritual Life of the Russian Peasant Commune in die 19th and Early 20th Century: The Age and Gender Aspect of Traditional Culture). Tat'iana Aleksandrovna Bernshtam
      1. Jovan E. Howe
    26. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Contemporary Indian Tradition: Voices on Culture, Nature, and the Challenge of Change. Carla M. Borden, ed
      1. Pauline Kolenda
    27. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Chinese Women in a Century of Revolution, 1850–1950. Ono Kazuko (Joshua A. Fogel, ed.)
      1. Elisabeth Croll
    28. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Daughters of the Canton Delta: Marriage Patterns and Economic Strategies in South China, 1860–1930. Janice E. Stockard
      1. Norma Diamond
    29. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Neighborhood Tokyo. Theodore C. Bestor
      1. Roger Goodman
    30. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Lia: Das grosse Ritual auf den Mentawai-Inseln (Indonesien). Reimar Schefold
      1. Leopold Pospisil
    31. R Applied Anthropology: Approaches That Work in Rural Development: Emerging Trends, Participatory Methods and Local Initiatives. 1st edition. John Burbidge, ed
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    32. R Development Economics on Trial: The Anthropological Case for a Prosecution. Polly Hill
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    35. R Development Economics on Trial: The Social Implications of Agrarian Change in Northern and Eastern Finland. Tim Ingold, ed
      1. Timothy J. Finan
    36. R Development Economics on Trial: Swidden-Fallow Agroforestry in the Peruvian Amazon. William M. Denevan and Christine Padoch, eds
      1. Anthony W. Stocks
    37. R Development Economics on Trial: The Urbanization of the Third World. Josef Gugler, ed
      1. DeWight Middleton
    38. R Book Reviews
    39. R Archeology: The Preceramic Excavations at the Huaca Prieta Chicama Valley, Peru. Junius B. Bird, John Hyslop, and Milico Dimitrijevic Skinner
      1. John W. Rick
    40. R Archeology: Protohistoric Yamato: Archaeology of the First Japanese State. Gina L. Barnes
      1. C. Melvin Aikens
    41. R Archeology: Stylistic Boundaries among Mobile Hunter-Foragers. C. Garth Sampson
      1. Steven Brandt
    42. R Archeology: The Tombigbee Watershed in Southeastern Prehistory. Ned J. Jenkins and Richard A. Krause
      1. Tristram R. Kidder
    43. R Archeology: Villes, Villages et Campagnes de l'Europe Celtique. Francoise Audouze and Olivier Buchsenschutz
      1. Carole L. Crumley
    44. R Biological Anthropology: Beauty and the Brain: Biological Aspects of Aesthetics. Ingo Rentschier, Barbara Herzberger, and David Epstein, eds
      1. J. Patrick Gray
    45. R Biological Anthropology: Human Mating Patterns. C. G. N. Mascie-Taylor and A. J. Boyce, eds
      1. John Relethford
    46. R Biological Anthropology: Life-Styles for Long Life: Longevity in Bulgaria. Argir Kirkov Hadjihristev (Gari Lesnoff-Caravaglia, trans.)
      1. Lois Carolyn Nickens

Film Reviews

    1. R Film Reviews
    2. R American Tongues. 1987. A videotape by Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker
      1. Jane H. Hill
    3. R Blue Collar and Buddha. 1987. Produced by Kati Johnston and Taggart Siegel
      1. Winnie Lambrecht
    4. R Vlach Gypsies. 1988. Produced and directed by John Blake
      1. William G. Lockwood
    5. R Memories in Black and White. 1987. A film by Ara Sahiner
      1. Joanna C. Scherer
    6. R Maids and Madams. 1985. A film by Mira Hamermesh
      1. George E. Marcus
    7. R Film Reviews
      1. Ellen Messer
    8. R Margaret Mead and Samoa. 1988. A video by Frank Heimans
      1. Terence E. Hays