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Original Article

    1. R Seasonally, Labor Scheduling, and Agricultural Intensification in the Nigerian Savanna
      1. Glenn Davis Stone
        Robert McC. Netting
        M. Priscilla Stone
    2. R Creating the Appearance of Consensus in Mende Political Discourse
      1. William P. Murphy
    3. R Ideological Language in the Transformation of Identity
      1. Peter G. Stromberg
    4. R Beyond Style and Function: A View from the Middle Paleolithic
      1. C. Michael Barton
    5. R Regional Comparison of the Shapes of Later Acheulean Handaxes
      1. Thomas Wynn
        Forrest Tierson
    6. R Maize and the Origin of Highland Chavín Civilization: An Isotopic Perspective
      1. Richard L. Burger
        Nikolaas J. Van der Merwe
    7. R Prehistoric Seasonality Studies in Coastal Southern New England
      1. David J. Bernstein
    8. R The Uses of "Inaccurate" Data: A Methodological Critique and Applications of Alaska Native Data
      1. Steven L. McNabb
    9. R Systems of Production and Social Discourse: The Skipper Effect Revisited
      1. Gísli Pálsson
        E. Paul Durrenberger
    10. R Friendship Patterns and Culture: The Control of Organizational Diversity
      1. David Krackhardt
        Martin Kilduff
    11. R Applying Cognitive Decision Theory to the Study of Regional Patterns of Illness Treatment Choice
      1. Holly F. Mathews
        Carole E. Hill

Research Reports

    1. R Cognitive and Contextual Variation in Hot-Cold Classification
      1. James S. Boster
        Susan C. Weller
    2. R Fertility, Mortality, and the Mean Age at Death: A Model of a Population under Stress
      1. Don E. Dumond
    3. R Sails in Aboriginal Mesoamerica: Reevaluating Thompson's Argument
      1. Jeremiah F. Epstein
    4. R Cultural Correlates with Cranial Capacity
      1. Courtland L. Smith
        Kenneth L. Beals


    1. R Eleanor Burke Leacock (1922–1987)
      1. Constance R. Sutton
        Richard Lee


    1. R Reservation Economic Development in the Era of Self-Determination
      1. Donald D. Stull
    2. R Reindeer Moon
      1. Henry S. Sharp

Book Reviews

    1. R Book Reviews
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    5. R Book Reviews
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    11. R Book Reviews
    12. R Archeology: Enhancing Agriculture in Africa: A Role for U.S. Development Assistance
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    38. R Book Reviews
    39. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Being Black: Aboriginal Cultures in "Settled" Australia. Ian Keen, ed
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    51. R Book Reviews
    52. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Familie, Staat und Gesellschaftsformation/Family, State and the Formation of Society: Basic Problems of Pre-Capitalist Epochs a Hundred Years after Frederick Engels' Work "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State."Joachim Herrmann and Jens Köhn, eds
      1. John R. Eidson
    53. R Book Reviews
      1. David Damas
    54. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Mental and the Material: Thought, Economy and Society. Maurice Godelier (Martin Thorn, trans.)
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    56. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: State Formation and Political Legitimacy. Ronald Cohen and Judith D. Toland, eds
      1. Philip Kohl

Film Reviews

    1. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Birth of Language. 1987. Produced and directed by Paul Jay
      1. Philip Lieberman
    2. R Film Reviews
    3. R Water Witching (Dowsing) in Middle America. 1987. A film by Philip Singer
      1. Frederick Errington
    4. R God's Country. 1985. A film by Louis Malle
      1. Charlotte Cerf
    5. R Film Reviews
    6. R Computers in Context: Designing Computers for Workplace Creativity. 1987
      1. David Hakken
    7. R From Sunup. 1987. A film by Flora M'mbugu
      1. Deborah R. Rubin
    8. R Zengbu after Mao. 1987. Produced by Thomas Luehrsen in collaboration with Jack Potter and Sulamith Potter
      1. Charlotte Ikels