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    1. R The Mesoamerican Urban Tradition
      1. William T. Sanders
        David Webster
    2. R Kingship in the Late Preclassic Maya Lowlands: The Instruments and Places of Ritual Power
      1. David A. Freidel
        Linda Schele
    3. R Conceptualizing the Person: Hierarchical Society and Individual Autonomy in India
      1. Mattison Mines
    4. R The Organization of Craft Production at Vijayanagara, South India
      1. Carla M. Sinopoli
    5. R Socio-Spatial Organization and Decision-Making Processes: Observations from the Chipewyan
      1. Robert Jarvenpa
        Hetty Jo Brumbach
    6. R High-Altitude Occupations, Cultural Process, and High Plains Prehistory: Retrospect and Prospect
      1. Susan J. Bender
        Gary A. Wright
    7. R American Indians After A.D. 1492: A Case Study of Forced Culture Change
      1. Barbara A. Purdy
    8. R Margaret Mead and Samoa: Coming of Age in Fact and Fiction
      1. Richard Feinberg

Research Reports

    1. R Anthropomorphs in Cave Art: An Empirical Assessment
      1. Patricia C. Rice
        Ann L. Paterson

Research Report

    1. R Fetal Emergence Patterns in Evolutionary Perspective
      1. Wenda R. Trevathan


    1. R The Origin of Maiz de Ocho
      1. Walton C. Galinat
    2. R The Age and Evolutionary Significance of Southwestern Maiz de Ocho
      1. Steadman Upham
        Richard S. MacNeish
        Christopher M. Stevenson
    3. R Human Emotions: Some Problems of Wierzbicka's 'Simples'
      1. D. W. Murray
        Gregory Button
    4. R Semantic Primitives: A Rejoinder to Murray and Button
      1. Anna Wierzbicka
    5. R The Anonymous Community: Queries and Comments
      1. Robert Roy Reed
        Jay Szklut
    6. R Reply to Finkler's Review of The Shaman's Touch
      1. James Dow

Book Review

    1. R Archeology: Academic Freedom and Apartheid: The Story of the World Archaeological Congress. Peter Ucko.
      1. Larry J. Zimmerman
    2. R Archeology: African Civilizations: Precolonial Cities and States in Tropical Africa—An Archaeological Perspective. Graham Connah.
      1. Susan Keech McIntosh
    3. R Archeology: Ancient Chalcatzingo. David C. Grove, ed
      1. Stephen A. Kowalewski
    4. R Archeology: Archaeological Insights into the Custer Battle: An Assessment of the 1984 Field Season. Douglas D. Scott and Richard A
      1. Cindy L. Myers
    5. R Archeology: Archaeology of Aboriginal Culture Change in the Interior Southeast: Depopulation During the Early Historic Period. Marvin T. Smith.
      1. Stanley South
    6. R Archeology: The Archaeology of Animals. Simon J. M. Davis.
      1. Richard H. Meadow
    7. R Archeology: Artifacts of the Spanish Colonies of Florida and the Caribbean 1500–1800, Volume 1: Ceramics, Glassware, and Beads. Kathleen Deagan.
      1. Emlen Myers
    8. R Archeology: Excavations on Oronsay: Prehistoric Human Ecology on a Small Island. Paul Mellars, ed
      1. T. Douglas Price
    9. R Archeology: The Horner Site: The Type Site of the Cody Cultural Complex. George C. Frison and Lawrence C. Todd, eds
      1. Gary A. Wright
    10. R Archeology: The Origins and Development of the Andean State. Jonathan Haas, Shelia Pozorski, and Thomas Pozorski, eds
      1. Thomas C. Patterson
    11. R Archeology: The Pleistocene Old World: Regional Perspectives. Olga Soffer.
      1. Arthur J. Jelinek
    12. R The Polynesians: Prehistory of an Island People. Peter Bellwood.
      1. George J. Gumerman
    13. R Prehistory of Arid North Africa: Essays in Honor of Fred Wendorf. Angela E. Close, ed
      1. David Lubell
    14. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: American Indian Holocaust and Survival: A Population History Since 1492. Russell Thornton.
      1. Morris E. Opler
    15. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Tatl'ahwt'aenn Nenn': The Headwaters People's Country—Narratives of the Upper Ahtna Athabaskans. James Kari, transcr. and ed.: Shem Pete's Alaska: The Territory of the Upper Cook Inlet Dena'ina. James Kari and James A. Fall, eds
      1. Catharine McClellan
    16. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Peyote Religion: A History. Omer C. Stewart.
      1. Roland Wagner
    17. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Sioux Indian Religion: Tradition and Innovation. Raymond J. DeMallie and Douglas R. Parks, eds
      1. Loretta Fowler
    18. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The World of the Crow Indians: As Driftwood Lodges. Rodney Frey.
      1. Raymond J. DeMallie
    19. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Farm Work and Fieldwork: American Agriculture in Anthropological Perspective. Michael Chibnik, ed
      1. Seena B. Kohl
    20. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Black American Street Life: South Philadelphia, 1969–1971. Dan Rose.
      1. Melvin D. Williams
    21. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Puerto Rican Chicago. Felix M. Padilla.
      1. June Macklin
    22. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Myth of Ritual: A Native's Ethnography of Zapotec Life-Crisis Rituals. Fadwa El Guindi with Abel Hernández Jiménez.
      1. Anya Peterson Royce
    23. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Tobacco and Shamanism in South America. Johannes Wilbert.
      1. John Frechione
    24. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Healers of the Andes: Kallawaya Herbalists and Their Medicinal Plants. Joseph W. Bastien.
      1. Jeannine Coreil
    25. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Dynamics of Productive Relationships: African Share Contracts in Comparative Perspective. A. F. Robertson.
      1. Dan F. Bauer
    26. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Ethnomedical Systems in Africa: Patterns of Traditional Medicine in Rural and Urban Kenya. Charles M. Good.
      1. Sheila Cosminsky
    27. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: On the Edge of the Forest: Cultural Adaptation and Cognitive Development in Central Africa. J. W. Berry, J. M. H. van de Koppel, C. Sénéchal, R. C. Annis, S. Bahuchet, L. L. Cavalli-Sforza, and H. A. Witkin.
      1. Douglass Price-Williams
    28. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Spirit and the Drum: A Memoir of Africa. Edith Turner.
      1. Helen K. Henderson
    29. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: In Sorcery's Shadow: A Memoir of Apprenticeship Among the Songhay of Niger. Paul Stoller and Cheryl Olkes.
      1. John M. Chernoff
    30. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Muslim Hausa Women in Nigeria: Tradition and Change. Barbara J. Callaway.
      1. Carolyn Sargent
    31. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Kenyan Communities in the Age of Imperialism: The Central Region in the Late Nineteenth Century. Charles H. Ambler.
      1. Philip L. Kilbride
    32. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Rose and the Thorn: Semiotic Structures in Morocco. Roger Joseph and Terri Brint Joseph.
      1. Susan Schaefer Davis
    33. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Beyond the Text: A Holistic Approach to Liturgy. Lawrence A. Hoffman. Jewish Literature and Culture
      1. Howard Eilberg-Schwartz
    34. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Good Families of Barcelona: A Social History of Power in the Industrial Era. Gary Wray McDonogh.
      1. Claudio Esteva-Fabregat
    35. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Social Inequality in a Portuguese Hamlet: Land, Late Marriage, and Bastardy, 1870–1978. Brian Juan O'Neill.
      1. Jeffery W. Bentley
    36. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Socialists of Rural Andalusia: Unacknowledged Revolutionaries of the Second Republic. George A. Collier.
      1. David D. Gilmore
    37. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Redemptive Encounters: Three Modern Styles in the Hindu Tradition. Lawrence A. Babb.
      1. Agehananda Bharati
    38. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Invisible Resource: Women and Work in Rural Bangladesh. Ben J. Wallace, Rosie Mujid Ahsan, Shahnaz Huq Hussain, and Ekramul Ahsan.
      1. Shirley Lindenbaum
    39. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Rural Bangladesh: Competition for Scarce Resources. Eirik G. Jansen.
      1. John P. Thorp
    40. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: History and Magical Power in a Chinese Community. P. Steven Sangren.
      1. David K. Jordan
    41. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: A Cultural History of Postwar Japan: 1945–1980. Shunsuke Tsurumi.
      1. George DeVos
    42. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Health, Illness, and Medical Care in Japan: Cultural and Social Dimensions. Edward Norbeck and Margaret Lock, eds
      1. Yoshi Ota
    43. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Iban Shamanism: An Analysis of the Ethnographic Literature. Penelope Graham.
      1. Vinson H. Sutlive
    44. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Mamboru: History and Structure in a Domain of Northwestern Sumba. Rodney Needham.
      1. J. Patrick Gray
    45. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Spirits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline: Factory Women in Malaysia. Aihwa Ong.
      1. Lynn Thomas
    46. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Cosmologies in the Making: A Generative Approach to Cultural Variation in Inner New Guinea. Fredrik Barth.
      1. Donald Tuzin
    47. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Cultural Alternatives and a Feminist Anthropology: An Analysis of Culturally Constructed Gender Interests in Papua New Guinea. Frederick Errington and Deborah Gewertz.
      1. Nancy Lutkehaus
    48. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Sacred Remains: Myth, History, and Polity in Belau. Richard J. Parmentier.
      1. Sherwood Lingenfelter
    49. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Making History: Pukapukan and Anthropological Constructions of Knowledge. Robert Borofsky.
      1. Ivan Brady
    50. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Two Laws: Managing Disputes in a Contemporary Aboriginal Community. Nancy M. Williams.
      1. George D. Westermark
    51. R Biological Anthropology: Comparative Primate Biology, Volume 1: Systematics, Evolution, and Anatomy. Daris R. Swindler and J. Erwin, eds.: Comparative Primate Biology, Volume 2, Part A: Behavior, Conservation, and Ecology. G. Mitchell and J. Erwin, eds.: Comparative Primate Biology, Volume 3: Reproduction and Development. W. Richard Dukelow and J. Erwin, eds
      1. Brian T. Shea
    52. R Biological Anthropology: Exploratory Human Craniometry of Recent Eskaleutian Regional Groups from the Western Arctic and Subarctic of North America: A New Approach to Population Historical Reconstruction. Gary M. Heathcote.
      1. Lyle Konigsberg
    53. R Biological Anthropology: Variation, Culture and Evolution in African Populations: Papers in Honour of Dr. Hertha de Villiers. Ronald Singer and John K. Lundy, eds
      1. Richard L. Jantz
    54. R Linguistic Anthropology: Blessings of Babel: Bilingualism and Language Planning. Einar Haugen.
      1. Robbins Burling
    55. R Linguistic Anthropology: Discourse Markers. Deborah Schiffrin.
      1. Kathryn Woolard
    56. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Emergence of Prose: An Essay in Prosaics. Wlad Godzich and Jeffrey Kittay.
      1. William J. Frawley
    57. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Language of Balinese Shadow Theater. Mary Sabina Zurbuchen.
      1. Ward Keeler
    58. R Linguistic Anthropology: Language Socialization Across Cultures. Bambi B. Schieffelin and Elinor Ochs, eds
      1. Ben Blount
    59. R Linguistic Anthropology: Native American Discourse: Poetics and Rhetoric. Joel Sherzer and Anthony C. Woodbury, eds
      1. Paul V. Kroskrity
    60. R Linguistic Anthropology: Proto-Indo-European: The Archaeology of a Linguistic Problem, Studies in Honor of Marija Gimbutas. Susan Nacev Skomal and Edgar C. Polomé, eds
      1. Ward H. Goodenough
    61. R Linguistic Anthropology: Relevance: Communication and Cognition. Dan Sperber and Deirdre Wilson.
      1. Eve E. Sweetser
    62. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Social History of Language. Peter Burke and Roy Porter, eds
      1. Susan Gal
    63. R Linguistic Anthropology: Twice As Less: Black English and the Performance of Black Students in Mathematics and Science. Eleanor Wilson Orr.
      1. James F. Hamill
    64. R Applied Anthropology: Agrarian Transformation in Egypt. Nicholas S. Hopkins
      1. Barbara K. Larson
    65. R Applied Anthropology: Becoming a Practicing Anthropologist: A Guide to Careers and Training Programs in Applied Anthropology. John van Willigen.
      1. Michael K. Orbach
    66. R Applied Anthropology: Cities of the United States: Studies in Urban Anthropology. Leith Mullings, ed
      1. Leonard Plotnicov
    67. R Applied Anthropology: Coping with Poverty: Adaptive Strategies in a Caribbean Village. Hymie Rubenstein.
      1. C. Gaye Burpee
    68. R Applied Anthropology: Good Farmers: Traditional Agricultural Resource Management in Mexico and Central America. Gene C. Wilken.: Potatoes: Production, Marketing, and Programs for Developing Countries. Douglas Horton.
      1. C. Gaye Burpee
    69. R Applied Anthropology: A Health Practitioner's Guide to the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Michael V. Angrosino.
      1. Robert F. Kraus
    70. R Applied Anthropology: Lands at Risk in the Third World: Local-Level Perspectives. Peter D. Little and Michael M Horowitz, eds., with A. Endre Nyerges.
      1. Douglas A. Henderson
    71. R Applied Anthropology: Peasants, Entrepreneurs, and Social Change: Frontier Development in Lowland Bolivia. Lesley Gill.
      1. Jim Weil
    72. R Applied Anthropology: Refugees of a Hidden War: The Aftermath of Counterinsurgency in Guatemala. Beatriz Manz.
      1. Allan F. Burns
    73. R Applied Anthropology: Social Change and Family Processes: Arab Communities in Shefar-A'm. Majid Al-Haj.
      1. Abe W. Ata
    74. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Angels Fear: Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred. Gregory Bateson and Mary Catherine Bateson.
      1. George E. Marcus
    75. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Beyond the New Economic Anthropology. John Clammer, ed
      1. Mahir Saul
    76. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Biology of Moral Systems. Richard D. Alexander.
      1. Christopher Boehm
    77. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Body Silent. Robert F. Murphy.
      1. L. Daniel Myers
    78. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The City and the Sign: An Introduction to Urban Semiotics. M. Gottdiener and Alexandros Ph. Lagopoulos, eds
      1. Michael Herzfeld
    79. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Constructive Drinking: Perspectives on Drink from Anthropology. Mary Douglas, ed
      1. James M. Schaefer
    80. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Des Animaux et des Hommes. Jacques Hainard and Roland Kaehr, eds
      1. Elizabeth A. Lawrence
    81. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Dimensions of Social Life: Essays in Honor of David G. Mandelbaum. Paul Hockings, ed
      1. Susan Seymour
    82. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Ethnological Essays. Leslie A. White (Beth Dillingham and Robert L. Cameiro, eds.)
      1. Elman Service
    83. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Mothers and Their Adopted Children: The Bonding Process. Dorothy W. Smith and Laurie N. Sherwen.
      1. Mary Elaine Jones
    84. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Qualitative Analysis for Social Scientists. Anselm L. Strauss.
      1. Malcolm M. Dow
    85. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Reclaimed Powers: Toward a New Psychology of Men and Women in Later Life. David Gutmann.
      1. Virginia Kerns
    86. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: To Take Place: Toward Theory in Ritual. Jonathan Z. Smith.
      1. C. Scott Littleton
    87. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Visibility and Power: Essays on Women in Society and Development. Leela Dube, Eleanor Leacock, and Shirley Ardener, eds
      1. Regina Smith Oboler
    88. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Widows, Volume 1: The Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific. Helena Znaniecka Lopata, ed
      1. Rubie S. Watson
    89. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Woman in the Body: A Cultural Analysis of Reproduction. Emily Martin.
      1. Linda C. Garro

Film Reviews

    1. R Myth, Race and Power: South Africans Imaged on Film and TV. Keyan Tomaselli, Alan Williams, Lynette Steenveld, and Ruth Tomaselli.
      1. Bernard Magubane

Book Review

    1. R Abnaki: The Native People of Maine. 1982. A film by Jay Kent and the Tribal Governors, Inc.: Our Sacred Land. 1984. Produced by Chris Spotted Eagle.: Incident at Restigouche. 1984. A film by Alanis Obomsawin.: Nations Within a Nation: Sovereignty and Native American Communities. 1986. Produced by Donald N. Brown and Mark Ringwald.: Home of the Brave. 1985. A film by Helena Solberg-Ladd.: Contrary Warriors—A Film of the Crow Tribe. 1986. A film by Connie Poten, Pamela Roberts, and Beth Ferris.
      1. Harald Prins
    2. R Songs in Minto Life. 1986. Produced by Curt Madison for the Alaska Native Heritage Film Project
      1. Gregory Button
        David W. Murray
    3. R The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People: The Discovery of a Prehistoric North American Sea Culture. 1987. Produced and directed by Ted Timreck. Co-produced and written by Will Goetzmann.
      1. David Sanger
    4. R Popol Vuh: The Creation Myth of the Maya. 1986. A film by Patricia Amlin.
      1. Christopher Jones
    5. R Romeria: Day of the Virgin. 1986. A film by Jerome Mintz.: Carnaval de Pueblo (Town Carnival). 1987. A film by Jerome Mintz.
      1. Jill Dubisch
    6. R Sophia's People—Eventful Lives. 1985. A videotape by Peter Loizos.
      1. Peter S. Allen
    7. R Lord of the Dance, Destroyer of Illusion. 1986. Produced by Franz-Christoph Giercke and directed by Richard Kohn.
      1. Margaret Goldberg